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I think you're right about the great fit of everything, and perhaps that's what's really catching my eye.
I have collar stays, but they don't give that very sharp crisp line on the anterior aspect of the collar, they just keep it pointed and from curling. All I'm saying is my Brooks dress shirt doesn't fucking look of this quality. Now I know Steve Martin is wearing an expensive ass shirt. But surely someone on here recognizes what I'm getting at.
I mean, look at the fat kid in the center. Perfect example. His collar is kinda jacked looking, while Martin's is crisp.
HA! I knew I'd get this response. I don't know, I guess the really sharp collar with the non-transparent-ish fabric. As I said, I have Brooks Brother's dress shirts, and they all have this wispy fabric. And even the spread collars are floopy. This shirt just lloks more "solid." I'm an idiot. Just tell me a good place to get Bond-like dress shirts.
I don't know man. I have Brooks Brothers dress shirts, and I just don't think they look like this.
Ganked this off Reddit. I'm really digging Steve Martin's shirt here. I can never find a dress shirt that looks this smooth at my local retailers. Where could I find something like this without spending $500.
Being in shape helps in this regard. If you have a gut, shirt tuckage is little short of a nightmare.
Alright, I'll be does something like suit trousers which are always near your asshole get away with not getting washed after each use?
B) How does one keep a suit clean, wrinkle-free, and smell-free if it can't be laundered more than once or twice a year?
I'm going to be wearing a suit about 6 days a week for work and was wondering how one goes about that. My original intention was to have 6 suits and dry clean them all once a week until I realized that dry cleaning suits more than once or twice a year is a big no-no. So with that, what in the hell are you supposed to do? A) How many suits should I own to pull this off? B) How does one keep a suit clean, wrinkle-free, and smell-free if it can't be laundered more than once...
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