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Come on email. No whammy no whammy no whammy!!!!
Fok, What was/is our time frame for delivery of our initial round of boots? Just want to appropriately temper my expectations. Thanks.
That's a great deal. If you aren't taking all 12 and wouldn't mind, I would be interested. Please PM me.
I am fine with the way it is. This money through waivers thing sounds too complicated by half.
Awesome looking new suede NSTs dropped at LS by the looks of their Instagram feed. Considering the navy ones... http://instagram.com/p/eam_QzMr1j/
Money sent. 4 spots left.
It runs automatically via yahoo. There isn't anything to do.
That was exactly my experience with EoM as well. I canceled a MTO Oundle and Shannons a week ago but at least they refunded me ASAP. I was more frustrated by the lack of communication than anything else - it's 2013, don't give me excuses that you didn't get my email.If you promise delivery in June, a courtesy email at the end of June or July would be nice. I shouldn't have to chase you when I have fully paid.
The standard auction set up for waivers is via a budget. You get $100 a year and you can spend it as you wish for players on waivers. Blow your wad on the hot commodity at the start of the season and you might be out the waiver wire game early and can only pick up free agents. It's usually not an issue in bball like it is in football - although Lin went for 55 in one of my leagues two years ago so it can happen.
Agreed - the 8 eyelets sounds preferable to me.
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