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Constantly refreshing in hopes of a size 10 Bison overrun!
The hunting jacket looks awesome!! What were the fabrics picked up?
I would propose re-running the scout boot in tan bison that we just did for those that missed out as it would make it super easy on Viberg and Fok. And maybe it wouldn't count as a wholly new boot, so folks could still do three entirely new styles.Also, that was Fok's ideal makeup for the bison so considering how badass it came out, I would defer to the expert.
Fok, reasonable decision about not re-running boots, but the Hall of Fame needs to happen. And Bison boot needs to be a first ballot entry. That is a sick makeup that I stupidly missed out on.
Definitely size up one. It's an awesome piece but runs small. 52L in both Formosa and Cantarelli for me and I bought the 54 which works well.
#1 for me. Sick.
Seems like the True navy is gone. That's what I was trying to snag.
I am an E width as well.
Nope I am in. Just a suggestion.
Just trying to get buckets. Hahaha. I was waiting to see if someone would call me out.For a rugged makeup like the mailman shoe, I think they would work. But no one else has jumped on them yet. Would be a great makeup pre-price increase.You are in, right, Namor?
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