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Fok, the mini-ripple wasn't getting it done, so Fok, can you swap to full sand ripple? F it, maybe we can make a miracle happen and get the boot made. Get your vote on!!!
I have been pushing these Bison boots, so I am happy to go full sand ripple if that will get these made. Can I get a show of hands for those who would put their money where their mouth is if we make the switch? The mini-ripple was sadly not getting it done.
Fellas, let's not sleep on the HOF Bison boots - best makeup of the last round. Don't sleep on them. Behold... Come on let's vote early and often!!!
If anyone missed out on the bison boots, I am trying to get another run made of these HOF boots on the other thread - for some godforsaken reason these bison boots are languishing in last place. If you missed out, get your vote in!!!
If the Bison boot doesn't work for anyone in a size 10, please PM me. I tried to get it re-run this go around, but it seemed to be a non-starter. Sucks.
The ripple sole pairs perfectly with the leather.Going the Dainite route makes the boot much more basic.Gotta stay true to Fok's inspiration.
Teleportation for the win!!!Fok, any chance you could take some photos of your boots just to tempt some more folks? I would love to get these remade before the leather disappears forever.
Come on fellas, there was some good support for the HOF Bison boot when we started. Let's get our votes on - the Instagram pic of the new shipment looks stellar!
Let's get those payments in for the HOF Bison Boot...we use the remaining leather and these become more of a collector's item than they already are.
Yea, the mini-ripple is a big selling point for me and was Fok's vision well - I was a doubting Thomas on the first run, so want to make sure I get on it this time.
New Posts  All Forums: