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My votes - Greg did a brilliant job culling down what must have been a very expansive set of fabrics.
Don't. Feed. The. Troll.
I saw this in person and it was sick. I would definitely be in for this.
Definitely interested as well - particularly if we could go regular fill as well. It is absolutely frigid where I am at, so would love to maximize the warmth.Olive tweed or whatever fabric is in the first photo would be sick.
I am so glad to hear you like them. Enjoy!!! They do look stunning.I just put in a re-order for myself with the antique welt and edgetrim - super excited for them.Thanks again for a smooth transaction.
I would definitely be interested - BUT don't hold your breath. I helped set up 3 Group MTOs for unique Alden makeups through Epaulet and we are still waiting going on 3 years.But more power to you if you can get it done.
Mimo, I actually just compared a pair on the F last that I own and I would say the P2 last is a 1-2 mm shorter than the F last in length, but wider in the forefoot and the toe box. P2 is a more classic rounded last. I hope that helps. PM if you think it will work for you. They are an awesome pair of shoes and I already put a re-order in with Reszo, as I imagine they will find a happy new home soon.
Ding, ding, ding, exactly right, Namor. Who knows when the Alden's would be restocked, so I wanted a superior Vass alternative.What do you think? Any modifications beside the welt and edgetrim color that I should be making? I thought they turned out very well.
So I recently ordered a pair of awesome Alt Weins on the New Peter last. I had wanted burgundy shell with antique welt and edgetrim, but unfortunately they were made up with the dark brown welt and trim. Reszo was great and offered me a discount to keep them and I thought I would be fine with it. I should have known myself better and these recent photos of antique edgetrim pushed me over the edge. My current pair are still unworn, so I wanted to pass along my...
Sofio's Custom Tailors in Tyson's also does amazing work. And he is a great guy to work with.
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