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I am in on this - emailing Greg on this and the burgundy silk/linen check as well. Gonna be great.
@gdl203, Greg, you may already know this, but it looks like the site is down - has been like that for the past 45 mins (at least for me). Just wanted to give you a heads up.
I voted for that W. Bill fabric. I would be in.
My humble contribution to what should prove a very educational thread (photos collected from around the web). My goal here was to choose watches that could compete and coexist side-by-side with much more expensive watches in the same collection. Something unique that you would reach for even if you would more expensive watches in your stable. Also, I like something with a bit of whimsy or a pop of color even in the context of a dress watch - hopefully, when you are...
+1000Thank god, you said it so eloquently. I am looking at all these wonderful fabrics and thinking 'navy hopsack'? Really?!?But as always, Greg saves the day. And for being smart, unsurprisingly, re: having multiple fabrics but requiring minimum 8 commitments. Probably better pricing for us and more economical for Greg and Formasa as well. Brilliant project all around.
My votes - Greg did a brilliant job culling down what must have been a very expansive set of fabrics.
Don't. Feed. The. Troll.
I saw this in person and it was sick. I would definitely be in for this.
Definitely interested as well - particularly if we could go regular fill as well. It is absolutely frigid where I am at, so would love to maximize the warmth.Olive tweed or whatever fabric is in the first photo would be sick.
I am so glad to hear you like them. Enjoy!!! They do look stunning.I just put in a re-order for myself with the antique welt and edgetrim - super excited for them.Thanks again for a smooth transaction.
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