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Great news - is there another thread that I should be checking? Didn't see a post here but want to make sure I don't miss it. Thanks!
Any update regarding potential NYC visit? Thanks for the efforts to set up a foreign trip.
@LA Guy, I understand your point regarding community decorum and keeping things civil - I have attempted to keep my posts as clear and factual as possible on the Passaggio Cravatte thread and have even come to Gianni's defense when things became personal from other members. You are stuck in an unenviable position and it is a very difficult balancing act.However, I am one of the few current customers that are caught in limbo between payment and delivery of ties when this...
Dino, speaking truth as always. I have always found Hublots to be derivative and over-priced. No appeal for me whatsoever - I wouldn't wear it even if given to me for free. But to each his own. And definitely the Sub. No competition whatsoever.
Well said - if the watch is gonna seal the deal, those aren't the girls I am targeting.
Mike, do you think there is any chance you will be doing a round of Samuelsohn factory finds in the near future?
Pelagos and Batman would be my choices. Batman can be worn with a suit even though it's not a dress watch and the Pelagos is a great diver while saving you some money. If you wanted a two Rollie household, you could go Batman and new Seadweller. I am wavering on getting the Batman or saving up for quite a while longer for the Journe Chronometre bleu. I am so weak.
I committed to both the Delfino and Drapers wool/linen/silk combo. The hand on Greg's jacket is something else.Let's double up together!!!!! Ummm, that sounded weird. Nevermind.
Drapers had a ton of votes in both rounds and can't get any love. I saw Greg's jacket in person and it's sick - anyone on the fence that I can help enable?
Agreed - I would be interested in putting down a deposit as well if they visit NYC.
New Posts  All Forums: