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My Bonafes are en route as well. Fully fur lined so going to have to wait for winter before they get worn.
Le Chateaubriand is spectacular. Unpretentious but very clever execution of French classics.Frenchie is also not to be missed if you can sneak in.
20th year Anniversary Edition!! These are spectacular.
Extremely easy for a tailor to add buttons for braces if that is all that is stopping you. Side tabs would be a more difficult proposition I would think.
I would be in as well if we did double waterlock sole.
Ditto - was trying to figure out the difference in hue between the three. Would prefer something in the dark burgundy family rather than something straight red. thanks.
That looks really awesome - I can also see that looking awesome on the Sandringham as well. The broguing would be more subtle with the shagginess but not a bad thing.
Mike, I think you mentioned you have the Ashland fit on file with Individualized - can we order the Ashland fit during the Ends for Friends promo?
Thanks fellas - I live downtown but have a car, so not a problem to visit Zoltan. I appreciate the recommendation.
I just moved to SF from NYC and if any of the NMWA regulars have a great tailor recommendation in SF, I would really appreciate it. Just received my Eidos brown raw silk sportscoat and it fits perfectly except I need to lengthen the sleeves and add working buttonholes. Would love to get this in rotation ASAP. Thanks in advance.
New Posts  All Forums: