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Mike, do you think there is any chance you will be doing a round of Samuelsohn factory finds in the near future?
Pelagos and Batman would be my choices. Batman can be worn with a suit even though it's not a dress watch and the Pelagos is a great diver while saving you some money. If you wanted a two Rollie household, you could go Batman and new Seadweller. I am wavering on getting the Batman or saving up for quite a while longer for the Journe Chronometre bleu. I am so weak.
I committed to both the Delfino and Drapers wool/linen/silk combo. The hand on Greg's jacket is something else.Let's double up together!!!!! Ummm, that sounded weird. Nevermind.
Drapers had a ton of votes in both rounds and can't get any love. I saw Greg's jacket in person and it's sick - anyone on the fence that I can help enable?
Agreed - I would be interested in putting down a deposit as well if they visit NYC.
Come on boys -- jump on those Drapers and Delfino fabrics. I like that I have sick examples of both of the fabrics I have committed to made up in blazers. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that we get 8.
I am in on this - emailing Greg on this and the burgundy silk/linen check as well. Gonna be great.
@gdl203, Greg, you may already know this, but it looks like the site is down - has been like that for the past 45 mins (at least for me). Just wanted to give you a heads up.
I voted for that W. Bill fabric. I would be in.
My humble contribution to what should prove a very educational thread (photos collected from around the web). My goal here was to choose watches that could compete and coexist side-by-side with much more expensive watches in the same collection. Something unique that you would reach for even if you would more expensive watches in your stable. Also, I like something with a bit of whimsy or a pop of color even in the context of a dress watch - hopefully, when you are...
New Posts  All Forums: