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Dino and Frilly should get emeritus status even if they somehow get upset in the contest. And it goes without saying, this is a brilliant idea. I am in. I assume the pricing buckets will be based on retail? Discounts are too variable to be helpful guideposts, I would think.
Up for sale is a rare Styleforum x Viberg special makeup that may never be made again -- Cinnamon Roughout Service boots on the 2030 last made to Viberg's exacting standards. These are boots that will last ages and will age beautifully. They have been worn twice as you can see from the soles and are pristine. These are size 10 and fit a half-size large, so they work for a 10.5D US. If you wear a 10D on Alden's Barrie last, these will work perfectly. Retailed for $710...
Yea, I was hoping for a captoe of some sort. So maybe they haven't decided. But likely in for plain toe regardless.
I forgot how the pre-order system worked last time - did they have a discrete number of size 10s for example or was it more open, say we have 15 boots, have at it, irrespective of size distribution?
Specs, specs, specs please!!! I need to create a countdown app with teaser shots of potential brandy shell boot makeups. Nothing to see here...carry on.
That's pretty awesome in its own right but not the one I had previously seen. A bit less dark if I remember correctly. I will try and track it down.
NMWA, giving the people what they want!! There was an amazing Fox mid-blue herringbone tweed that I saw at a tailor last year that would make up beautifully in Formosa. Rather unique but really versatile. I want to track it down for you because it rocked.
So with the Inis MTO wrapping up today, I wanted to get in a last minute birdseye crewneck order. Wanted to crowd source my decision - what do folks think - #32 navy/grey or #39 steel grey blue/merlot? Love to hear any thoughts. Thx. Also, what was the timeframe for delivery? A couple months?
[quote name="j ingevaldsson" url="/t/130044/the-ultimate-vass-porn-thread/10440#post_ According to Rezso they are returning to Ilcea now when they are back in business, and the first new deliveries from them is due to the end of May/beginning of June. Much easier to work with just one tannery for the museum calf I guess, instead of three different ones as it's been this winter.[/quote] Super helpful information - thanks much. I will wait to place my order in June-ish so...
Question for @Notch (or anyone else who has recently seen Vass' gold museum calf) -- there was some talk up-thread regarding Ilcea getting back in the game and I am familiar with their museum calf. I am considering ordering a pair of Vass gold museum calf double monks and I like the quite mottled museum calf that I have seen from John Lobb when they used Ilcea. Some of the recent pics of Vass museum calf seems more subdued and less mottled than I would like. I was...
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