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@gdl203, were there any modifications to the pattern on the Port Flannel shirts this season? Last year, we discussed that the shirts were amazing, but the sleeves were a bit T-Rexy. Any chance they were lengthened at all, more in line with the perfect G. Inglese fits? Just hoping so I could get in on the fun.
Make it happen in SF!!!
Any update on when our pre-order might be coming in?
One looks like it has a flat welt, while the other seems to have a storm welt. Bizarre?!
Mike, out of curiosity, why do you say that? I know Alden isn't very adventurous but they have done similar things with other make ups and it isn't such an out there suggestion.
What are the defects that you are complaining about? They weren't that noticeable and they will end up much worse after a half dozen wears. They are shoes, not Picassos.
A little premature, but for future rounds I think we could have fun with this new (at least to me) style.
Is there Ring Jacket x Epauler MTO in our future?
Sort of random PSA, but I have had a Journe Chronometre Bleu on order with a 50% deposit for quite some time from an AD and it's finally come in. However, in the midst of house buying, so don't think it's prudent watch koppage time. I got a really good deal so would be willing to facilitate someone else's purchase at my discounted price. Feel free to PM if you have any interest. (Mimo, forgive me, as I not trying to infringe on your pernicious enabler title
Ditto - that is a really significant looking crease.
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