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I'd be in. Edit: to be clear, what is the analogue calf color to mahogany CC? Would that be burgundy?
I officially signed over this weeks paycheck to Greg - the wifey is unlikely to be pleased. But I will be looking sharp hopefully.
Thanks, Fok. No rush!!! Just didn't want to miss it.
Come on, Newc, don't hate on my dream.Order seemed to go through - fingers crossed though. Maybe 52 long isn't the key demographic for NMWA customers - which is good for me.
If I can get the internet to work, I am going navy Fresco and grey sharkskin. I really want the solaro but feel the other two are more versatile for me.
Which Formosa, boss?
And site flooded...I am glad that NMWA has such a loyal following though.
Were the various lists put up for a vote? Just curious if I missed it. Hope we all successfully enabled a few purchases. Enjoy the start of your weeks!
Amex prepared...Greg, take my money.
Great news - is there another thread that I should be checking? Didn't see a post here but want to make sure I don't miss it. Thanks!
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