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Mike ([@Epaulet), brass eyelets and antique edgetrim would be spectacular!!!!
Dino, I am actually rocking my Jumbo right now! Loving it as you told me I would. So glad I went with my gut (and your advice) and traded in went with this over the 15400.Also, Dino, I just moved back to NYC for a new job, which I may be commemorating with a non-Dino approved watch. Even though it doesn't get your stamp of approval, I am excited by the prospect and if all goes well, I should pull the trigger by the end of the month. I will definitely share if it happens...
Frills, super excited about the prospect!! I like the enthusiasm. I would be in as well - would love to meet Dino and buy him a beer to thank him for all the great advice.
Reasonably confident that is Eidos...still slick though.
Kopped in 10.5. I find I reach for navy shell pretty often, so why not suede?! They look awesome and at a killer price. Wear this with tan or khaki of any hue and light grey. Super easy and gives a pop of color!
Yea, I tried it on in the boutique and really liked the way it looked and felt on my wrist. And yea, that price is for brand new from an AD, I have a good relationship with.Dino, you are totally right re: the vintage route - unfortunately, I just don't think I am a vintage guy. Too neurotic (and uneducated) to truly be confident about provenance, originality, etc. I am drawn to the vintage designs, however, which is why I like these faithful, yet modernized, tributes.
Mr. Moo, for one of the few sane people on this thread (myself excluded) who actually wants to keep their watch collection in check, I would recommend the DJII. If you end up keeping the Speedy, your DJII fills the dressier gap much better than the Ingeniur and I think it's always special to have a Rolex in the collection. And that Datejust looks great on your wrist.I think you mentioned wanting to check out the Milgauss as well and I would strongly recommend doing that -...
I just wanted to get folks thoughts on Omega's newish Mark II chrono - we always talk about the traditional Speedmaster, but I just tried on the Mark II at the boutique in NYC and it looked great on the wrist. To me, it looked like a really fun watch for the weekends and was so evocative of the 70s in a good way. I can get my hands on it for a great discount (~4k) and am seriously considering it. Wanted to do a sanity check re: others thoughts before I did something rash.
Not trying to crowdsource, but trying to figure out a willow calf MTO model that would fill a niche in my rotation. Dover is the obvious choice, but I already have 2 with a 3 country calf version on the way. Any obvious downsides I am missing to either an oundle or westminster in brown willow? Anyone wants to voice a strong preference and sway me?
Kudos, neutrino, kudos. A steal.
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