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That's pretty awesome in its own right but not the one I had previously seen. A bit less dark if I remember correctly. I will try and track it down.
NMWA, giving the people what they want!! There was an amazing Fox mid-blue herringbone tweed that I saw at a tailor last year that would make up beautifully in Formosa. Rather unique but really versatile. I want to track it down for you because it rocked.
So with the Inis MTO wrapping up today, I wanted to get in a last minute birdseye crewneck order. Wanted to crowd source my decision - what do folks think - #32 navy/grey or #39 steel grey blue/merlot? Love to hear any thoughts. Thx. Also, what was the timeframe for delivery? A couple months?
[quote name="j ingevaldsson" url="/t/130044/the-ultimate-vass-porn-thread/10440#post_ According to Rezso they are returning to Ilcea now when they are back in business, and the first new deliveries from them is due to the end of May/beginning of June. Much easier to work with just one tannery for the museum calf I guess, instead of three different ones as it's been this winter.[/quote] Super helpful information - thanks much. I will wait to place my order in June-ish so...
Question for @Notch (or anyone else who has recently seen Vass' gold museum calf) -- there was some talk up-thread regarding Ilcea getting back in the game and I am familiar with their museum calf. I am considering ordering a pair of Vass gold museum calf double monks and I like the quite mottled museum calf that I have seen from John Lobb when they used Ilcea. Some of the recent pics of Vass museum calf seems more subdued and less mottled than I would like. I was...
Shell is now $425 -- first price increase I have seen in 4 years. Makes sense now that even #8 can go over $700, when only a couple years ago it was in the high 500's.
10D has a #8 PTB and Natural CXL Wingtip for those who are interested. And 10.5D has #8PTB with natural edgetrim and Natural CXL longwing. Have it them, fellow aficionados.
Done and dusted...Ordered the green. Super excited and well played, Greg.
What a great start for Tudor and a really nice opening salvo for Basel. I will say I prefer the patina'ed markers and burgundy bezel of the Heritage Black Bay currently on the market, but this is a really clean and smart alternative. Really excited to see what else Tudor and Rolex have in store for us tomorrow.I know this watch received some criticism when our venerable Frilly previewed it for us earlier this week, but I have to say, I really, really love the looks of...
Ditto - any deets available for the bag MTO for those who can't make it to the city for the trunk show this weekend?
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