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This is why we should listen to Fok when he drops knowledge. I failed to last time and now I gotta do some legwork to drum up support for the bison boot redux.
My two (measly) orders were as follows: Thorpe MH71 Burgundy highland grain upper with hand finished pin grain shaft to match burgundy Brass eyelets Double dainite Galway on 202 last Chestnut Utah with tobacco suede shaft Brass eyelets Flat welt Dainite I can't wait until next fall to wear these boots.
Let's get some love for the Hall of Fame bison boot - Fok came up with this awesome makeup originally and there is very limited Bison leather left. For those of us that missed the OG version, this will be our last opportunity for it.
I would preorder in 50 as well.
Fok,Maybe I missed it but I don't see the Hall of Fame Tan Bison Scout boots on the list of boots we can vote on. Just a friendly reminder in hopes we can use the remainder of this awesome leather. Thanks.
@LA Guy, for a reorder Hall of Fame boot like the Bison hunter boot, would it go through this same voting process or did you have something else in mind?
Hall of Fame Re-order Bison Sleek Hunter Model: Scout boot Last: 2030 Leather: tan bison grain side Leather (tongue): tan bison roughout Eyelets: 7 eyelet, brass Sole: Vibram beige ripple sole MISC: Pull Tab Comments: plain toe, unstructured
Constantly refreshing in hopes of a size 10 Bison overrun!
The hunting jacket looks awesome!! What were the fabrics picked up?
I would propose re-running the scout boot in tan bison that we just did for those that missed out as it would make it super easy on Viberg and Fok. And maybe it wouldn't count as a wholly new boot, so folks could still do three entirely new styles.Also, that was Fok's ideal makeup for the bison so considering how badass it came out, I would defer to the expert.
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