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Sort of random PSA, but I have had a Journe Chronometre Bleu on order with a 50% deposit for quite some time from an AD and it's finally come in. However, in the midst of house buying, so don't think it's prudent watch koppage time. I got a really good deal so would be willing to facilitate someone else's purchase at my discounted price. Feel free to PM if you have any interest. (Mimo, forgive me, as I not trying to infringe on your pernicious enabler title
Ditto - that is a really significant looking crease.
An update would be appreciated!
It's perpetual fall here in San Francisco so I would be happy to have the sweaters as early as possible.
+1000 I need to start hunting in the same waters. It's definitely a challenge.Congrats! Absolutely stunning. No comparison to the blinged out monstrosity seen earlier. Wear in the best of times.
I wasn't privy to that AS discussion, but in light of Leffot's price differential, I wouldn't be surprised if they were the culprit. EG isn't stocked by many retailers who move much volume. It definitely won't make me look kindly on the culprit.Out of curiosity, who was the AS culprit?
I wouldI would guess Leffot, speaking of ridiculously inflated margins.
Awesome news!! Thanks very much for the quick update.
@NickPollica, any chance you could give those of us waiting on the NMWA field coat group order a status update? It would be very much appreciated.
Here are the specs as ordered;Last: 74945Shaft of boot: dark forest green suedeBottom portion of the austerity boot: SCOZIA 6120chained norvegeseFULLY Fur lined insole AND Fur lined shaftExposed Brass eyelets and speedhooksSole: Dark Brown DainiteEdge-trim and welt: LIGHT brown antiqued edgetrim and weltPull Tabs in the Scozia 6120 leather
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