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Congrats DLJr! Back to the drawing board for myself and Mimo...
DLJr, how is the NOMOS world time on the wrist? I have never tried it on, but it definitely appeals to me. Ben at Hodinkee always rocks it well.
Frankly, I think Bell and Ross, at least their common aviator instrument models, would not be considered dress watches by many die-hard watch enthusiasts.
Mr. Moo, you should definitely get in the mix. NMWA is my go to shop and you can't go wrong with a pair of Rotas, an Inglese popover, or a Cantarelli. All top notch and the best customer service in the game. You won't regret it.
Fair enough - happy to go flat welt.
I would be open to storm welt to differentiate from my other Dovers. But not wedded to the idea.
Yea, I am definitely in.
Agreed the mahogany CC looks great. It would be great to get that Dover makeup off the ground.
I'd love folks to vote for me in the dress watch contest because any title amongst this estimable watch community would mean a lot to me. Dino and and Stitchy and Frills and many others have taught me a lot and I hope I represented the community here well with my choices. If I don't win, then I hope Mimo pulls it out. I always love his contributions. Good man, that Mimo. On an unrelated note, I think I recall that some of Dino's friends have had less than stellar...
Mike, any update on the limited edition MTO Chambray Doyle? If I recall correctly, should be arriving sometime soon. Would love to have it for an upcoming trip to Europe at the end of June.
New Posts  All Forums: