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Greg, any chance you can let us know if blaze orange casentino is an option for the hunting jacket speculative GMTO? If yes, then I definitely think we could wrangle a bunch more folks.
Damn, this is going to be sick.Any hints as to what the stock fabrics will be in Nov.?
Agreed completely. Perhaps leave this as is for the first run and make necessary tweaks (if any) after you have actual real world feedback. I am 100% stoked on this new pattern.
Any further updates on the status of our last set of GMTOs? Waiting patiently on my bison boots.
Love it!! Haha.Perhaps I will get lucky on a return - oos notification activated.Also heavyweight rota look great - just ordered both the green and tan.
Dagger!! Gingham button down already sold out in 41. Foiled by work once again.
Dammmmmnnnn...gonna be in San Diego for a Frank Turner concert. Terrible luck. Any chance orange casentino Eidos MTO hunting jacket will be available?
Ditto here. A tall option would be awesome.
Ditto. Epaulet seems to get the short end of the stick from Alden considering the lengthy delays in our pre-orders. Makes zero sense.
I am in the Bay Area as well and the Apple Watch is a scourge. I agree I will never wear one - wrist real estate too precious.
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