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Rookie mistake, Fok. Learnto have faith in your leader. Ha.Any chance if we get a critical mass of 8 to 10 folks, we could put in a mini-order of these tan bison boots?
I would be down for this.
I agree - stupid move on my part. For those without Instagram:Maybe Fok will give us a second chance. Anyone with a 10 who isn't happy, let me know.
I have B. Nelson do it to most of my shoes/boots. Runs around $40 which isn't too bad as it seriously extends the life of my footwear because of my gait.
Really sorry but this is the most asinine thing I have ever read.
This is a great question as I have noticed the same with my Citi transfers.Is there a currency broker you would recommend?I was thinking when the euro reaches parity in the coming six months to park some funds in a euro denominated account to fund future purchases. I am still researching how to do this as it sounds like it should be really simple - but haven't found that to be the case.
Ok cool - seems like blind eyelets is the consensus. Definitely no on speedhooks.
@Ironist, @etostano, @NAMOR, @RogerP, preference to go with matching exposed eyelets or antiqued brass for a bit of contrast?
@Leaves, I realized we never discussed eyelets - any chance we can do either matching or antiqued brass eyelets? Hidden on suede always look off somehow to me. Anyone else?
So unfortunately we had a couple folks drop out of the Burgundy Highland Grain GMTO that I am trying to organize through Skoak. We are back down to 3 people confirmed right now on the E width - any additional interest out there? Unfortunately I think the Arran Highland Grain might be siphoning our interest. But I am still holding out hope. Just a reminder for the specs: Burgundy Highland Grain Exposed antiqued brass eyelets (all eyelets) Double Dainite with storm...
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