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You are 100% right and your point is well taken. Which is why I have my green casentino field jacket from last season and the brown boiled hunting jacket from this year to hold me over. Never even had the opportunity to snag the orange and not sure which stockists even carried it.
Greg, I would imagine if you stocked 2 in each size in a blaze orange casentino hunting jacket, you would sell out within 48 hours. I would put my money where my mouth is for a size 52.But seriously, you are the expert and your design eye is on point - but here I think you may be wrong. A pop of color in the dead of winter is the best!
Greg, is a single monk in suede coming? I thought you sneak peeked that one?
You mean blaze. orange casentino? If NMWA still has your size available in the boiled wool hunting jacket, I would jump on it - it really is an awesome piece and the fabric is amazingly soft and comfortable. Great texture and hue.
This is a dream collection - wow!
Please say the sleeves are too short so Greg doesn't think it's just me.
Greg, any chance you can let us know if blaze orange casentino is an option for the hunting jacket speculative GMTO? If yes, then I definitely think we could wrangle a bunch more folks.
Damn, this is going to be sick.Any hints as to what the stock fabrics will be in Nov.?
Agreed completely. Perhaps leave this as is for the first run and make necessary tweaks (if any) after you have actual real world feedback. I am 100% stoked on this new pattern.
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