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Out of curiosity, why is it your least favorite?
I have that exact problem and I am trying to figure out how to remedy it. I have tried a tongue pad but doesn't help. The laces are almost overlapping because there is too much room in the upper ankle area. Made for someone with cankles. Any suggestions for fixes would be appreciated.
Nubuck Pitt boot in 10.5C gone and the 10.5 chocolate suede plaza semi-brogue also sold. Unlucky that of the 8 pair you actually sold, my two wants were gone. I would have helped your ratio - 1 email, 2 pairs gone.
Price Drop!!
NYI, looking good! What's the width of the ties going to be? I love the Hermes 7cm size but they have very limited fabrics.
Mike, any thought re: Ruby Jumper boot?
Just wanted to resurface my question if any of the resident forum experts have thoughts. Thanks in advance.
JoeGat, at least 6 of us have recently placed an order through a Styleforum affiliate for a Galway MTO similar to Namor's. So I gladly accept your challenge and will keep you posted on the results in a few months when we receive the boots. I hope we don't experience any problems but will keep you posted. This is my first pair of EGs and I am excited to wear them when they arrive.
So I have decided I want to be on the hunt for a Daytona produced during the year I was born 1979 - anyone have any suggestions for where the best places to track one down would be? There is no rush and am happy to just monitor the various watch boards but thought the knowledgeable folks here might have even better leads. Feel free to PM as I don't want to waste others' time on the board. Also if anyone has thoughts on what would be fair for me to expect to pay I would...
Those sound spectacular. Definitely would be interested in seeing some photos.
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