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NYR, I agree that this would be a great makeup. My inclination is that we should get something uber unique and rare even if the wait is excessive. We could go with ravello, cigar or #4 and I just think we would have more people excited about the makeup. Upcharge is really not that significant, considering the shell and its not really luck of the draw; with Mike's pull, we definitely can get the shell, it just takes some time. I think your details are spot on. What are...
Honestly, I am fine with either calf or shell. Would be a good way to cut the cost considerably if people are interested. We would have to determine what color calf we could go with -- I think there are lots more color options in calf than shell.
Mike, you shattered my dream. HA. I guess I will have to live. How about a mixed media wingtip boot using this color pallette?
No preorder that I know of, but keep an eye out on the Epaulet site. Just a regular run like the rest of Mike's brilliant Brixton boot line.
To my understanding, it was expected over the holidays, but Alden is taking forever with special shell colors, as we all know, so I think it could be another month or so, if not more. No real way to tell.
True, but only 'special' customers can get their hands on Leather Soul's signature makeup because of their nonsensical policies.I much prefer to give my hard-earned money to Epaulet and Leffot, who take a more even-handed approach. Who would have thought Manhattan shops would be more egalitarian? The NYC, best city in the world.
Besides the commando sole, you are basically talking about Epaulet's Brixton boot which is coming out in cigar in the near future. That is an option if you are interested.By the way, where are you seeing a proliferation of plaza-lasted wingtip boots in cigar?
NYR, yea, usually I am anti-Barrie, but agree on a Tanker boot, the clunkier Barrie last can still look cool. 4 votes...I like where this is headed.
Do you have a photo of a semi-brogue style? I was unsuccessful, even with some deep-Googling. HA.How about a burgundy or navy leather liner? I agree we might as well be unique with that as well.
It seems like if we can generate enough interest for both a Tanker (or v-tip if such a style exists) boot in #8 scotch grain and a mixed media wingtip boot, then we cover all our bases. Those will be bad ass (and complementary) makeups.
New Posts  All Forums: