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I organized an order for a Plaza Whiskey Wingtip boot with Mike at Epaulet earlier this year. But unfortunately that is long since closed.
Most likely, 8.5D. But it all depends on your foot.
This sounds sick. I would definitely be down.
Mike, sounds like you have big things in store for us.I am actually a big fan of the subtle split toe, so I would be most interested in a suede style in navy or grey actually. They both sound great though and would definitely be something different.
Any chance we could do this in saddle shell? I have the almost identical version in Alden's tan suede and its my fave summer shoe. In saddle shell, this could be my go to fall/spring shoe.
If anyone is a 12D, this might be a good get: http://blackbirdballard.com/Alden_Black_Short_Wing_Blucher_Oxford_21128.html
Mike, not sure if it is just me, but when I try to order the suede/calf bal boot, the checkout screen shows a total payment due of $500. But the deposit is only $350. Maybe there is a mistake on the back end. Just wanted to give you a heads up.
Mike, what is the inseam on the Walt shorts?Edit...nvm, figured it out. 9 inch inseam. Time to go home and measure to see if those are long enough. Not trying to show too much man-thigh.
Grey Herringbone Windowpane and Blue Linen Herringbone kopped right quick...I need to step away from the internet before I buy more. These are sweet.
Fair enough...She is a Borgia, so perhaps she is even more of a persona non grata for the Southerners.
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