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My loss is your gain -- this is a stunning Carmina MTO that I put together, but unfortunately I needed to size down another 1/2 for the UETAM last, as the loafer is too large for me. Details: Tassel loafer with hidden strings & punched toe medallion Last: Uetam Leather: Grey suede with navy calf tassels Sole: Single Leather, Brown Edge Lining: Purple Size 9.5 UK Price is $425. Just looking to recoup as much of my cost as possible, although I am taking a hit. Shipping...
These are my MTO and they came out absolutely amazing...Sadly, I should have sized down 1/2 on the UETAM last as others have done, as these are too big for me. So I am going to throw them up on B&S unless anyone here is interested. If so, PM me. They are grey suede with navy tassels in size 9.5 on the Uetam last.
They are carrying the Dover?! Didn't see that online. Is that in-store only? If so, would you happen to know what leather/last?
Exactly right - which is why this seems implausible. Unless they established a limit of only a few pairs per person.
This "wholesale" project beggars belief, but I am in for Westminsters, Sandringham, and definitely Dovers, as well as likely a couple more if it actually happens.
I have a problem if I am on all three pre-orders, right?
I think Beatlegeuse may be waiting on the same model I am, Epaulet's Ravello Brixton. I hoped with the late winter Ravello runs at other retailers, we might have seen the same at Epaulet but nada.
Agreed -- these prices are absurdly low, but realistic when you realize the standard 3x retail markup. If somehow, we can get EGs at these prices, it would be amazing. But like everything in life, when something looks too good to be true...
This would be spectacular if we can make it work (and if true). 6 isn't that many even if you had to order 6 in the same size/style. Size 10E - let's get some Dovers and westminsters in the mix.
Here are some additional photos.
New Posts  All Forums: