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Super helpful...Thanks so much for the advice. I know Aldens don't seem to be in favor on this thread, but I wear a 10.5D on Alden's Plaza/Hampton/Leydon lasts and have found a 10D in Barrie lasted shoes somewhat unwearable because of the wide bulbous nature of that last and the wide heel cup. So would that translate to either 43.5 or 43? Would either the U or F lasts work better on either of the two pairs of shoes I initially posted?I would say I have regular width...
Looking to purchase my first pair of MTO Vass after reading through this amazing thread. I am really liking one of the following two styles: or Any thoughts from the experts here? Also, what would you guys recommend re: last and sizing? I am TTS 10.5D US. Most importantly, how do I figure out what my calf/suede or even shell color options might be? Are there any other options (no matter how small) that more knowledgeable folks than I would recommend to make this...
Price drop
Styleforum Custom Trickers makeup -- Beautiful Burnished Coffee Captoe Boot in Size 9UK, 5 Fitting on the 4444 last Specifications: Brown Dainite Sole with Barbour Welt in Natural Finish; Brass eyelets and dark brown pull tabs. Famous Trickers quality with a unique Styleforum exclusive makeup unavailable anywhere else. Worn twice as evidenced by Dainite sole and in like new condition with matching shoe bags and shoebox. The 4444 last runs large, so if you are a TTS...
Stunning light chestnut Barker Barker Wolfe loafers in US size 10D. Retail for $745. Perfect summer loafer. Irreverent, yet subtle, skull and crossbones motif that sets Barker Black apart, with unmatched quality. Worn four times briefly and in like new condition with matching shoe bags. Run slightly large, so if you are a TTS 10.5D, these may work. Please know your Barker Black sizing before bidding. $425 --->$400---> $375 --> $350 plus shipping and handling
Make this a saddle oxford in #8 on Leydon and I am in as well.
RKD, tell me about it. None too happy. But you are right, someone else is going to luck out and I'd rather it be an Alden aficionado than some random Ebayer.
Sorry for the PSA, but have slowly come to the realization that Barrie lasted shoes don't work for my feet. I have the long since sold out #4/Black saddle bluchers in size 10D from Leathersoul that I am parting with. Worn exactly 3 times to the office, they are in pristine shape. Looking to get $500 or best offer and can circulate pics. PM me if interested. http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2011/01/13/alden-shoes-4black-saddle-blucher-lsw/
I would generally describe the shoe as substantial but definitely refined. I could easily wear them with a khaki summer suit and then jeans in the fall. Carmina lasts strike me as really versatile and could easily be dressed up or down.And you are right, I sized down from a 10.5D US (Alden Plaza, TTS, etc) to 9.5 in the Carminas. But it may differ for you depending on your feet.
Cross post from Epaulet thread... Rocking Carmina navy suede plain toes for the first time today with my Cramerton's. Obviously this combo is an easy match. These Carmina's are ridiculously nice -- don't sleep on them. Everyone should have navy suede in their arsenal. Well played, Mike.
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