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I find that the speedhooks get caught on trousers pretty frequently, hence my preference for all eyelets. Clearly, it takes (slightly) longer in the morning, but that is minor compared to how annoyed I am when a hem gets snagged.Depending on the suit, commando soles can work fine. They are pretty low profile anyway and if you wearing a flannel or tweed suit, it looks perfectly acceptable in my opinion. It wouldn't work for a seersucker suit, but you shouldn't be wearing...
Wingtip boot 360 degree flat welt antique edgetrim commando preferred (but double waterlock is fine)
By my unscientific count, it seems to be 6 votes for wingtip and 5 for the captoe version in #4. With a host of others happy with either style in #4.
CTYGG, great post and great ideas. In addition to the #4 wingtip boot, maybe a second makeup in cigar could be put together as well. I am confident we could get enough people for a 2nd makeup if Kathy was interested -- I think the Cigar tanker boot or cigar nassau PTB with brass eyelets and antique edgetrim would both be spectacular. 0waterbouys, just a suggestion (as I have gone the MTO route with Epaulet and a couple other retailers), it will be easier for you to get...
I agree with this...Looking at the posts so far, it seems the consensus is the #4 wingtip boot on Grant last with antique edgetrim. We should agree on welt and sole options as well.
I did the same. Good luck, Tom!
Doesn't make a lot of sense considering they already have a boot like this at Alden DC on the Grant last. We should try and put something together that we can't get our hands on in the regular course.
My understanding from Mike at Epaulet (after a visit to the Alden factory) is that ravello is non-existent at this point and the wait might be up to two years. We have a MTO order in the mix for a ravello "Obscura" boot that we might not see until 2014. So it may make sense to stick with #4 and cigar if that is something Kathy thinks she can more readily get a hold of.
I would definitely be down for this #4 wingtip boot on either grant or plaza last.How about the following:Cigar Tanker Boot on Grant LastGrant LastAntique Edge trimAll eyelet360 flat weltcommando or waterlock sole
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