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If you ask for light antique edgetrim, it will be much less opaque. It is in fact very, very light and would look great with this penny loafer.
Fair enough...I can still wait impatiently. Not bitching, just asking around to pass the time.
In a similar boat, as I ordered my gray bball jacket on May 3rd. Not so patiently waiting. Anybody receive their gray bball jacket yet and if so, when did you order?
I received a similar pair on the F last recently and can try and post up pics tonight if you are interested. They are an antique cognac pair and I absolutely love them. Haven't worn them yet though.
Or in shell?
You can always mail it to B. Nelson; I even think there might even be a pre-paid mailing slip option on the B. Nelson site.
Oh shit!!! Venus de Milo must be my lucky charm. NICE! Rare company to have the same shirt as SVB and KG. I consider myself honored although I will have to wait and see their fit pics -- I am at an utter loss as to how I can fit a liberty mash-up into my rotation. Mike, thanks for putting together a bad-ass contest and putting out even better product. Kudos!
Namor, you bastard!!! I saw those same shoes in Paris and wanted them badly, but they were out of my size. I don't think it is a stock model, however; they told me it was a special edition only for the Paris store and they weren't planning on a restock any time soon.
I saw the Alcudia last in person in Carmina's Paris shop and absolutely loved it as well. I would be all over that in any Ruby makeup we could consider. Would look spectacular in the makeup you posted earlier, Namor.
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