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Doesn't make a lot of sense considering they already have a boot like this at Alden DC on the Grant last. We should try and put something together that we can't get our hands on in the regular course.
My understanding from Mike at Epaulet (after a visit to the Alden factory) is that ravello is non-existent at this point and the wait might be up to two years. We have a MTO order in the mix for a ravello "Obscura" boot that we might not see until 2014. So it may make sense to stick with #4 and cigar if that is something Kathy thinks she can more readily get a hold of.
I would definitely be down for this #4 wingtip boot on either grant or plaza last.How about the following:Cigar Tanker Boot on Grant LastGrant LastAntique Edge trimAll eyelet360 flat weltcommando or waterlock sole
+3, I am relieved to hear this. I was about to put myself on a diet, because I was shocked by how tight they were. My size 33s are on their way back to Mike as we speak.
Mike, any chance you would be willing to run the Austerity brogue in navy shell on the Alcudia last? I tried these amazing cognac cordovan captoe oxfords on the Alcudia in Carmina's Paris outpost that were allegedly an exclusive (although out of stock in my size) and I thought that last was amazing. Think it would make a fantastic fit with the austerity brogues.
Mike mentioned a bit earlier that the pricing would be between calf and shell. So pretty reasonable for python, I would think.
My strong preference would be the navy shell in the austerity brogue as I recently got a pair of AS double monk captoes in midnight calf.
Payment sent this past weekend; just was wondering what our timeframe was for production? No rush, more just curious.
Or a spectacular Benson single monk strap...As seen here. 2 slots left, so get them while its hot.http://www.afinepairofshoes.co.uk/products/alfred-sargent-exclusive-benson-monk-in-cognac-cordovan-mto
^ I tend to agree but I still think the 99 last is on the wide side which makes it comparable to Barrie in how it fits (at least for me).
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