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It is my understanding that the suede we will be using is slightly lighter. Which in fact may work better for a summer loafer.
Just a public service announcement: I am putting together a Carmina MTO suede tassel order through a fellow member, steveyoo1983, who is opening up what looks to be a great store shortly; info available here, http://gentlemensfootwear.tumblr.com/. The details for these tassel loafers are below. But definitely PM if you have any questions. Happy to answer them. Once we have six together, I will place the order. We should definitely have these shoes ready in time for...
What is up with all the sudden hate against Leffot and Epaulet? I have had some not stellar interactions with Leffot, but Mike and Epaulet have always been fantastic and very customer-service oriented.
Fellow Carmina enthusiasts, I am tentatively doing a MTO tassel loafer for the summer from a new shoe store opening up in L.A. and wanted to see if anyone else was interested. If we can rally at least 6, this shop is willing to throw in Carmina shoe trees and an Abbeyhorn shoe horn for supporting their new efforts. Tentative specs are as follows (awaiting confirmation from Carmina): Model: Tassel loafer with hidden strings and punched toe medallion (styled like the...
Drew, if you only had one leather jacket and it was going to be the A-2 bomber, would you go with brown goat or lamb?
My fellow TOJ aficionados, I am trying to decide between brown lamb or goat (glazed or unglazed) for an A2 Bomber. Any thoughts/advice re: leather choice? I did some research and Drew has previously mentioned that "lamb is soft, almost oily sometimes, with a 'cool' hand feel that is meaty - and then goat has a very cold (probably one of the coldest of them all) handfeel due to the pebble grain and it feels more lacquered and slick. Also, a bit tougher feeling, but when...
Anybody interested in a MTO mist suede tassel loafer with navy calf tassels? I can rally the troops if folks are interested. We would only need 6. PM if interested.
Mike, best news ever! Adele will be hearing from me shortly.
Mike, is there are any chance we could do longer sleeve lengths on any of these, like we do longer inseams on the factory finds?That would empty my wallet out with the quickness.Long shot, but can't hurt to ask.
This looks perfect to me and how I would like mine to fit (waiting to gear from Drew if that burgundy leather he posted can be used). What do you not like about it?
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