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Yes sir!
+1 info on the shoe rack would be appreciated. It's one of the nicer ones I have seen.
Caramel calf is brilliant. I think they offer a natural or light antique that is quite light and would offer a great contrast. Should be a stunning combo. I am in.
Me too in navy with contrasting brown (or another color) calf tassels.
Thanks for the interest. The p2p measurement is 21 inches.
Hmmm, interesting. That makes sense. Hopefully they still look good whenever they arrive.
Why is that? On our MTO Galways through Leaves I requested a fully lined shaft and EG refused.
I see it the same way on my iPhone 5 as well. I PM'ed Mike about it but haven't heard anything. He is on these types of bugs, so hopefully it gets fixed soon.
Mike, any chance we could do a luxe gator or lizard or Carmina belt?
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