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Just popped in as well. They are spectacular - so unexpected to see them chillin' on the shelf like that. Folks will be delighted.
Further price drop!!!
I really want to get the new Twill and Tweed briefcase and was wondering if Filson ever offers any discounts over the holidays? Even 15% would be awesome. Thought I might ask the experts. Thanks.
+1 And not on the site currently. Great get though.
I think the color 4 and black saddle is actually from Leather Soul.And the Black Alpine Grain and whiskey saddle is from Blackbird.
Pretty disappointing news from Shoemart...they either never had or sold the pair of #4 captoes from underneath me even though I ordered them 2 mins after Beeb's ever so helpful PSA. Oh well, more money for other people's Xmas presents. Hope someone on the thread who is 10D snagged the #4s. Enjoy!
Price Drop from $175 to $150. Come and get it.
Beebs, you are the best!! I had my order canceled as well and I just jumped on it. Let's see if it works out. Might be an early Xmas present. Ha.
Come on fellas...Stop discriminating against tall people (and I am only 6'3). When it comes to sleeve length its much better to err on the long side as opposed to shorter sleeves, which make a shirt unwearable unless you roll the sleeves up. And you can always make shirt sleeves shorter, you can't lengthen. The Ashland would be the perfect off the rack shirt if the sleeves were only an inch longer.Its a real shame that the Navy Label has such a short sleeve length --...
New Posts  All Forums: