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In stitches, much much better. Really appreciate it. I have ordered a custom brown gator strap from Camille Fournet for it and have been waiting 6 months for it. But the Fagliano strap is really nice but I imagine more casual looking.
shaunw, my experience exactly. Well said - it definitely feels like playing roulette.
I just wanted to thank Dino, Frills, and In Stitches (and others) for always dropping knowledge and beautiful aspirational photos in this thread. Truly exemplary. Just a meager contribution of my Reverso at the end of a deposition I just defended - I would say it brought me luck as the CEO didn't submarine our case. (Please excuse the iphobe pic)
Sorry fellas, I purportedly got the #8 Indys and V-tips. Received my email confirmation, so fingers crossed that they ship and are in good shape. Pretty excited.I have a pair of tan suede v-tips that I absolutely love, which is why I excited about these #8s.
Unfortunately, I asked Unipair if they had any whiskey in my size and they said no.
Whiskey v-tip is spectacular and a super rare find. Wish there was a 10D available. I have the v-tip in tan suede from LS amd i love it. If you get a restock in 2015 let me know.
My preference would be analogous to Ravello, so something that sits in between Carmina's saddle and cognac Horween shell.
Also, KUDOS to GCB for a creative and proactive idea.
GCB, I would be in for either ruby or cognac, but cognac with light antique edgetrim and leather cordovan pull tab would be my preference. Stellar.
Agreed completely. Mr. Yoo's customer service deserves to be commended.
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