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To be fair to Epaulet, although there is pricing uncertainty, in many ways, you are getting a better 'deal' from Epaulet when doing a preorder such as this. Considering Alden just raised their prices and they have been consistently going up 5% every year, you are only really likely to see one price hike from Alden while we wait for this preorder to come in. So on a $700 pair of boots, you may see an increase of $35 in the 12 - 18 months before these boots come in, i.e....
Epaulet is doing a preorder for an Obscura-inspired boot in ravello, so no need to fly to Hong Kong...They also are long gone by now.http://www.epauletshop.com/servlet/the-1373/Alden-Ravello-Shell-Semi-dsh-Brogue/Detail
I would be down the same thing. Mike previously mentioned he loved this combo and would be a preorder in April for early fall delivery. I have already put it on my calendar to coordinate with him mid-March, so don't worry, it will happen. PM if I forget or fall off the face of the earth for any reason. Ha. I love that boot.
The specs are still tied in certain instances, so just letting the votes play out...Will post an update on the Alden MTO thread soon.
Beatlegeuse, it sounds like me and you have similar width issues with Barrie/Trubalance, where I just tie my Barrie boots up nice and tight and they work. I went up a half size on Plaza and stayed in the same D width and they definitely aren't too long. Nice and slim and no width issues and I can tie them normally. I would recommend you go 12.5D. I am fairly confident those will work for you. I don't think they would be too long for you. I am moving so all my shoes...
Thought lots of folks on this thread would be interested in this amazing Ravello preorder that Mike is doing. Epaulet is killing it with the special makeups. http://www.epauletshop.com/servlet/the-1373/Alden-Ravello-Shell-Semi-dsh-Brogue/Detail
Mike, thanks for putting this version up with the quickness. Going to be sick although 2 years from now. HAHAHA.Options and voting still up on the dressier version on the Grant and Double Waterloc Oiled Flex Sole. Cigar and ravello are in a tight race, with Cigar in the lead 5 to 4. And the vote for the last is 6 to 3, Grant over Plaza. You can vote here.
I am happy to put it up to another vote...But all we do is get in a circular never-ending situation. By the way, you are the only one who expressed an interest in speedhooks in the voting form.FYI, looks like the dressier version may be a cigar version. The vote is 5 to 4, Cigar on the dressier version. Ravello on the more casual one. Voting form updated here.
I would be happy to have the flat 360 welt on the more casual version. I have no problem with that. I would prefer it, but was attempting to create a differentiation for folks. Otherwise, not sure it is really worth going to the effort of having two different makeups where the difference is only last and sole (albeit the two most significant things). Let's keep things as is right now and see how the voting turns out.No one wanted speedhooks on the original makeup, so...
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