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In stitches, much much better. Really appreciate it. I have ordered a custom brown gator strap from Camille Fournet for it and have been waiting 6 months for it. But the Fagliano strap is really nice but I imagine more casual looking.
shaunw, my experience exactly. Well said - it definitely feels like playing roulette.
I just wanted to thank Dino, Frills, and In Stitches (and others) for always dropping knowledge and beautiful aspirational photos in this thread. Truly exemplary. Just a meager contribution of my Reverso at the end of a deposition I just defended - I would say it brought me luck as the CEO didn't submarine our case. (Please excuse the iphobe pic)
Sorry fellas, I purportedly got the #8 Indys and V-tips. Received my email confirmation, so fingers crossed that they ship and are in good shape. Pretty excited.I have a pair of tan suede v-tips that I absolutely love, which is why I excited about these #8s.
Unfortunately, I asked Unipair if they had any whiskey in my size and they said no.
Whiskey v-tip is spectacular and a super rare find. Wish there was a 10D available. I have the v-tip in tan suede from LS amd i love it. If you get a restock in 2015 let me know.
My preference would be analogous to Ravello, so something that sits in between Carmina's saddle and cognac Horween shell.
Also, KUDOS to GCB for a creative and proactive idea.
GCB, I would be in for either ruby or cognac, but cognac with light antique edgetrim and leather cordovan pull tab would be my preference. Stellar.
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