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Zippy, best reason ever. But might as well make it an even half dozen, right?
Agreed; quite surprised that we haven't been able to generate more interest in the Benson. Seems spectacular and why I pre-ordered first. I really hope it happens.I would be curious to hear what people's hesitation is (besides price which may be understandable).
I am inclined to wait because at least for me I am in on non-Barrie ravello custom makeups that I won't be able to get elsewhere. Giving Epaulet an interest free loan of $325 per makeup is not the end of the world.That being said, there is some discussion about switching to Whiskey which may result in the boot coming sooner. Don't see why Ravello and Whiskey wouldn't be in the same boat, scarcity-wise.
Fair enough. I would be happy with either then with a light antique edge trim/welt color; whatever others want is good by me.
I would be happy with either, but my preference actually is combo York sole with flat welt in a light antique brown.
I would be down for switching to Whiskey, but also happy to wait it out with Ravello.
Mike, sounds like tons of amazing stuff in the works with Carmina. We discussed previously a calf/suede balmoral option similar to the following: Are you still interested in putting something like that together? I would be all over that. Also, Sinclair two-tone makeup in chestnut and #8 sounds fantastic. Definitely would be interested in that. And I can vouch for the Thompson plain toe, which I have in navy suede. My go-to shoe on my recent trip to Paris. ...
Agreed; thanks for the details, Mike. It's always useful to have more info. I, for one, am happy to wait and stay on the Ravello Obscura preorder. Happy to wait for as long as needed, considering how stellar this boot is going to be. And Beatlegeuse is spot on; who knows when I could get my hands on Ravello again. Worth the wait.
KG, my bad in not adding you to the impressive photographers list. You pummel any photo I could consider taking. Apologies, buddy.
No competition with the photo experts (SVB, NYR, WJ4) on this thread, but here is my humble entry... Rockin' Epaulet with my girl, Aphrodite de Milo (aka Venus de Milo) at the Louvre. Need to repatriate her to the homeland (HA!). Epaulet Ashland Shirt Plum rivet chinos (not shown) Navy Suede plain toe Epaulet Carmina shoes (not shown)
New Posts  All Forums: