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First time being worn...Really fell in love when I first came across this version. Reverso Tribute 1931 on Casa Fagliano strap.
Ditto...Ruby Punched Captoe on the Alcudia last would be choice.
Brilliant idea!!! I would definitely be into that.
That happened to my Natural Chromexcel Wingtip Boots and Mike of Epaulet helped me send them back to Alden, where they resoled for free. Apparently, Alden must have considered them a defect. It happened to mine after 5 months of ownership. Probably 10 - 15 wears.
I am doing some fall closet cleaning and hopefully these very gently worn items will find a good home. I am pretty meticulous with my clothes (as I imagine most of you are as well), so all of the items I am selling are in like new condition from a smoke-free environment. Prices are as listed. Shipping to anywhere in the U.S. is a flat $5 fee; happy to ship internationally and we can discuss cost. If you buy 2 items, you get a 5% discount; 3 items is a 10% discount; and...
No, they are shoes. Its fine. You can never underestimate the stupidity of the TSA agents though.Don't worry about it and enjoy your vacation.
I misremembered...3 styles, but they were supposed to drop today. Stop teasing us, Mike.
Mike, I may have missed it, but what's the deal with the 4 new styles of Carmina x Styleforum exclusives that you mentioned releasing today?
I imagine this in Ruby would be ridiculously amazing but perhaps too aggressive. Not sure.
For the Ruby shell, how about a punched captoe oxford or split toe derby? Either sounds great to me. Mike, intrigued by the mixed media idea, but what did you have in mind? Struggling to think of a good complementary leather for mixed media. Does Carmina do any type of saddle pattern? That might be cool in Ruby shell.
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