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We discussed the boot below as the perfect fall balmoral earlier in the thread and I think Mike was all about this. Might make sense to get this order going again in time for delivery in the fall.
Out of curiosity, what are the other two?And Marcello jackets are on the horizon, as well as a regiment twill restock and new colors. Lock away the women and children, its gonna get cray!!
Teger, $400. Also a Kudu Indy on heavy lug sole and standard 405 (both 299).
Ravello chukkas on Barrie in 10.5 on the seconds list if anyone interested.
Ashland summer oxford already gone in Medium. Not good times.
Is it weird to be giddy about a pair of shoes coming in?
To be honest, I think Jcrew has surprisingly good service. Ask them to just replace them on the spot; I am pretty confident they will. Don't even bother with the repair route.
True to size in my experience...I bought them in my Barrie size and had to return them because they were much too narrow. And I have a narrow to regular size foot.That was a super disappointing day as Leffot didn't have a 10.5 for me to exchange it with.
I had to size up from 33 to 34 on the new Rivet chinos because of an appreciably tighter fit in the top block. Obviously it will vary depending on your body.
I have an unworn pair of these Washed Red Walts in size 33 for anyone that missed out for that same price...Like wj4 I gained a bit too much weight recently, so trying to recoup the cost. PM me if there is any interest.
New Posts  All Forums: