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Teleio!!! Vibram Camp Boot se 10, parakalo. Efxaristo!
Further Price Drop!!!!
No, those pre-orders have long since closed.
Do you recall if these were on Trubalance or another last? Fingers crossed on non-Trubalance.
The other thing is that you could pay attention to the Alden MTO thread and get in on a preorder. I personally have put together three group orders for people through Epaulet for a ravello captoe boot, a whiskey wingtip boot and a mixed media boot. We have a long wait ahead of us, but you could have ordered any size you pleased. It requires a little bit of planning and legwork but you can actually get what you want. Just a helpful suggestion.
Should clarify that those specs are my choices. Not meant to replicate the shoe exactly. Just my spin on the style.
So in trying to come up with my makeup for my first pair of Vass', I have come up with the following specifications for this model (whose name I still don't know): Antique cognac leather (with Italian polish - if possible) Medium brown suede (open to other suggestions of a better complementary color - haven't seen all the available suede colors) F last (seems like I would be a 43.5) antique sole edge and welt Double sole with sunken metal toe and heel taps Medallion...
Thanks; please do let me know how you find the U last. However, I thought you said to size down 1/2 in your original post. Would I be taking the same size in U and F lasts?Thanks for the suggestion. I have a pair of whole cut Ferragamo Tramezzas that fit beautifully, so I can take measurements in those and see what Vass suggests.
Super helpful...Thanks so much for the advice. I know Aldens don't seem to be in favor on this thread, but I wear a 10.5D on Alden's Plaza/Hampton/Leydon lasts and have found a 10D in Barrie lasted shoes somewhat unwearable because of the wide bulbous nature of that last and the wide heel cup. So would that translate to either 43.5 or 43? Would either the U or F lasts work better on either of the two pairs of shoes I initially posted?I would say I have regular width...
Looking to purchase my first pair of MTO Vass after reading through this amazing thread. I am really liking one of the following two styles: or Any thoughts from the experts here? Also, what would you guys recommend re: last and sizing? I am TTS 10.5D US. Most importantly, how do I figure out what my calf/suede or even shell color options might be? Are there any other options (no matter how small) that more knowledgeable folks than I would recommend to make this...
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