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There never was a snuff suede boot for sale by Epaulet (yet)...Those pics were just examples of lasts. What is on right now is a snuff suede austerity brogue.
Reedo and stevent, thanks so much for your advice. Much appreciated.
Re: the Unionmade sale, anyone know how the Hamilton 1883 shirts fit? Trying to decide between a Medium or large in the camo print. I wear a Thom Browne size 3 and Band of outsiders XL. Any help would be appreciated.
All, I just recently came to the realization that barrie-lasted shoes don't really work for me because of the heel is too wide; so I am going to have to part ways with some of my Aldens shoes. Before I go to the trouble of making an ebay listing, I wanted to see if anyone on this thread would be interested in a pair of black alpine grain/whiskey shell saddles from Blackbird that I have worn literally 3 times. They are size 10D on the Barrie last. Sold out in that size,...
That is correct; Whiskey wingtip boot on Plaza with a commando sole and antique edgetrim that I helped coordinate and put together. Mike and I discussed it last week and he mentioned that he will be putting up a preorder on his site in the next couple weeks. Keep your eyes peeled and be prepared to wait 9 - 12 months at minimum.
I wear a 10.5D in Plaza and I ordered a 9.5. And I have the double monks in 9.5UK and they work great. I think you should be fine.
Likewise, waiting for it in a medium.
Sorry to be impolite, but how much did those run you? I would really like to do the same thing to my pair of Brixtons.
Looking sharp, Mike. Well played!
Wingtip or cap toe boot in #8 or Cigar. And preferably not on Barrie. Grant or Plaza would be ideal.
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