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NAFTA should apply, meaning you won't be hit with customs from Canada. Shop away!
Any chance we can get a third last for folks who are not in love with Barrie or trubalance? Either grant or leydon would be stellar.
You better invent a time machine then. Ordering the austerity brogues as we speak. Sick.
Voted...Up to 87. This seems tailor made for Epaulet with an excellent in-house collection. Good luck!
#232 Good luck!!
I just returned a size 33 in the grey oxford cloth, so that should be popping up too.
Here are some photos of a Leathersoul makeup. Pretty spectacular, I would say.http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2010/11/22/alden-shoes-4x4-ptb-lsw/
Good call, totally forgot about that. They would look killer; that's what happens when you make blanket statements.
Just helping out waterbouys with putting together a Google Docs voting form. Sorry to have everyone re-submit, but please use the following voting form for the Alden DC x Styleforum exclusive #4 boot, which will be more straightforward and easier to tabulate results. If you have any problems with the form, let me know.Thanks and let's get this ball rolling...Alden DC #4 Boot
I find that the speedhooks get caught on trousers pretty frequently, hence my preference for all eyelets. Clearly, it takes (slightly) longer in the morning, but that is minor compared to how annoyed I am when a hem gets snagged.Depending on the suit, commando soles can work fine. They are pretty low profile anyway and if you wearing a flannel or tweed suit, it looks perfectly acceptable in my opinion. It wouldn't work for a seersucker suit, but you shouldn't be wearing...
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