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Nice...I look forward to checking them out. If others are interested, it would be awesome if we could modify that boot a touch and get rid of the perforations on the captoe and go with chestnut calf with complementary scothgrain calf upper and antique brass eyelets and dainite sole. I think that would be a pretty awesome winter boot that can be dressed up and down pretty easily. Maybe on a slimmer last.
Mike, does Carmina happen to make any style of boot similar to the EG Galway?
Dino, thanks very much for your insight on the 15400. Really helpful to get your thoughts.
The past week or so has seen very helpful discussion of the RO 15202 and I, for one, have been following the discussion with great interest as I am debating going with the 15400 vs. the 15202. I agree that the 15202 is iconic, but I do think that the updated 15400 in 41mm merits strong consideration for daily wear. I think there are advantages to the larger 41MM size (being 6'3, I think it transitions from dressy to casual a bit better), as well as a personal preference...
Definitely in with Commando sole! Great idea.
Ruby.....Hmmmm, let me see.UMM, YES!!
Sounds about right...My only quibble is that I would prefer blond suede monks with brass buckles instead of milkshake. Great ideas as always, Mike.
The shirt looks phenomenal...Still thinking that we will be allowed to tweak sleeve length? I am 6'4 and 190 lbs so think the slimness will be perfect, but concerned about sleeve length.
This is obscenely nice, but out of my price range for the time being. Very Brunello Cucinelli-esque -- well played, Mike! http://www.epauletshop.com/servlet/the-1792/Veneto-Double-dsh-Breasted-Quilted-Technical/Detail
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