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I have to disagree here: Carmina's have never triggered TSA screening here in the USA even in pre-check where I no longer have to take off my shoes.My Alden's however always set off the alarm with their metal shank, which has now made me stop traveling with them.That holds true for the U.S. YMMV in Europe and elsewhere.
Thanks to everyone who responded re: my question for their preferred last on the Dover. Mink Suede Dover on 606, here I come!!
Really absolutely no clue. Bizarre.
Any reason for the preference?
Yep not gonna happen. I am in on a Ravello preorder that is 2 years and counting. And a whiskey boot preorder that is similar. A Ravello Brixton order from Epaulet is pushing 3 1/2 years.
I am trying to decide on the last for a MTO pair of Dovers - any strong opinions of 202 vs 606? Much appreciated!
Agreed completely. What would that one watch be though?
My vote is 270 and yes on the pull tab.
I am in too and would prefer brass eyelets and pull tab (if that is the consensus). Everything else looks stellar.
Waiting at the gate for my flight to New Orleans for my bachelor party. Hopefully both the watch and myself make it back in one piece.
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