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If I am not mistaken, I think those were a very limited run by Jcrew.
Marcello Navy Lambswool Donegal Tweed in 44...Done and done. Put it in the book.
Hahaha...Mens blog tumblr attacks.
Deposit placed...with matching lasted shoe trees.
+1 on the blackwatch...Blackwatch Marcello would be sick.
Thanks for confirming. About to place my preorder for the Benson.Just wanted to confirm that the edge trim will be light antique with a crimping detail. I have seen cognac with the light antique versus dark edgetrim and it makes a world of difference in my opinion.Thanks for putting this together and giving us the opportunity to purchase a Handgrade model that is beautiful at an Exclusive pricepoint. Hopefully, we can get enough people together to make this happen.
Final thought, I promise. Any options as to the medallion on the toe? This seems like a particularly stellar choice:
Light antique and crimped edge sounds perfect.Would we be able to do a different color than cream if people who buy in agree? Cream is fine though if it is the only option.
Quick question re: the AS Benson monkstrap in dark cognac shell. I may have missed it but what color sole edge and welt was decided on? I think a light antique would be a stellar contrast if that hasn't been decided.Also, any agreement as to leather interior liner? In maybe a dark burgundy or navy? Might be a nice further unique differentiating feature.
Teleio!!! Vibram Camp Boot se 10, parakalo. Efxaristo!
New Posts  All Forums: