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This looks perfect to me and how I would like mine to fit (waiting to gear from Drew if that burgundy leather he posted can be used). What do you not like about it?
Thanks so much.
Link? A google search didn't bring it up.
Ordering from Edwards of Manchester to take advantage of their sale that just ended. They have been absolutely great to work with (but I can definitely tell they are swamped -- probs lots of SF orders).I think I may now be swayed to go the no speedhooks route...
7foldtieguy, appreciate the advice. I vacillated back and forth on the speedhooks and may switch back actually. I was just worried that the Shannon is a high boot and that eyelets might make it difficult to take on and off. But I agree with the sentiment generally.I wanted something sleeker than the 202, which is why I went with the 82. Seems like a happy medium.
My fellow EG aficionados, I am ordering a couple of EG MTOs and have finally after much agonizing come up with the following specs. Any thoughts re: changes that might work a little better would be welcome: 1) Oundle 82 last Burnt Pine Antique Calf Single leather sole Light Antique Edge trim Complementary antiqued buckle Forest Green leather liner 2) Shannon with no cap toe and brogued trim along the upper. Incorporation of toe medallion instead of captoe. It should...
+1 I sent Drew and Charly a PM and waiting to hear back.
I would be interested as well.
Brass eyelets sound good to me. Maybe a lighter edge trim as well.
I would be interested.
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