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Yahoo's new interface is much improved - I find ESPN super wonky. And Yahoo's auction draft is great. Definitely - running six teams this fall but they are going to be in the tank as I will be at trial in SF for the next 4 weeks. Good times! I think Wall is going to take the leap this year - should be a playoff team here in the District.
I say let's go all out fine with leather sole.But would go with consensus, because the leather is the key.
Great idea, Namor. As I said before, I am definitely in.
Agreed that the combo of French calf and reddish brown color is what appeals.
Any chance you could point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
Namor, I'd be down for fantasy bball. Auction is the way to go if you haven't tried it. Checkers v. Chess.
I am in for StevenT's makeup as an alternative - I am mostly interested in a burgundy/red-brown French calf of some sort.
Fok, besides the black French calf, any chance for other French calf colors? Maybe burgundy or a reddish brown? It would look pretty great on a scout boot or service boot on a wedge sole or single oiled leather of some sort.
So my proposed makeup for the next round and for the raffle purposes is as follows: Style: Service Boot Leather: Burgundy French calf Last: 2030 Toe cap: brogued Sole: double leather Hardware: 7 antiqued brass eyelets Tongue: burgundy suede Stitching: tonal matched stitching Thanks Fok, for putting this together. happy Labor Day.
I placed an order for the cinnamon roughout boot and have already emailed Fok that I am fine with the brown tongue. Either way works for me. Let's get those last minute orders rolling in.
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