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15202 in a heartbeat. I am wearing mine today - and I know Dino is going to chime in with his love for the 15202. The Royal Oak is on another level from the other two watches. All the owners of the 15202 I know rave about it and says it dominates their wrist time, even with other impressive watches standing by.
I am in as well. I will plan on visiting on Friday after work.
This is much better. The other version remains unbalanced
That's my experience as well - for linen and cotton, I go 52 and take in the waist and for wools, 50 is perfect right away - just throw a 2 inch cuff on there and roll.
Rota Navy donegal tweed in a size 50 on the way. Get 'em while they are hot!
Same here as well - I would be in for the bison boot if it goes the mini ripple route.
I would be in...keep the amazing group buys coming!
Hublot is everything that is wrong with the watch industry - it is the one watch brand that is so derivative that it upsets me. DEEPLY.
@clee1982, I wear a medium in both Inis and SNS. I hope that helps.
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