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Agreed completely. Perhaps leave this as is for the first run and make necessary tweaks (if any) after you have actual real world feedback. I am 100% stoked on this new pattern.
Any further updates on the status of our last set of GMTOs? Waiting patiently on my bison boots.
Love it!! Haha.Perhaps I will get lucky on a return - oos notification activated.Also heavyweight rota look great - just ordered both the green and tan.
Dagger!! Gingham button down already sold out in 41. Foiled by work once again.
Dammmmmnnnn...gonna be in San Diego for a Frank Turner concert. Terrible luck. Any chance orange casentino Eidos MTO hunting jacket will be available?
Ditto here. A tall option would be awesome.
Ditto. Epaulet seems to get the short end of the stick from Alden considering the lengthy delays in our pre-orders. Makes zero sense.
I am in the Bay Area as well and the Apple Watch is a scourge. I agree I will never wear one - wrist real estate too precious.
Ditto. You have 3 sales already. Haha
I would also be 100% interested in the blaze orange version.
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