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Let's get those payments in for the HOF Bison Boot...we use the remaining leather and these become more of a collector's item than they already are.
Yea, the mini-ripple is a big selling point for me and was Fok's vision well - I was a doubting Thomas on the first run, so want to make sure I get on it this time.
We definitely need to use up the rest of the Bison before it permanently disappears. Fok, do you know how many boots-worth is left so we can get them committed? If it's less than 10, then we can probably get firm commits and get it done. I don't want to circumvent the process at all, but if there isn't much left, I don't want to prevent another great boot also getting made if it's super limited.
Good man - lets get the votes out for the HOF Bison boot!!Also, I would vote for 7 eyelets on #23.
Crap picture but it is what I am wearing today - wedding gift from my little sister. The Mark XVII gets some criticism (deserving or not) but I love this watch.
In for the #2 HOF Bison and #23. Let's get another round of acclaim for the Bison boot - we should tap Viberg out on that leather.
I thought the bison HOF boot got some good support as well.
I like it!! Sounds like we have 5 or so that are enthusiastic so far. I think 10 or so is a good minimum number so we are halfway there.Let's vote early and often!!
Totally understandable as this was my initial sentiment during the first go-around and I feared that it would be too aggressive for my typical aesthetic.However, the mini-ripple is actually pretty discreet in real life and looks awesome IMHO. Anywhere I would wear commando or dainite in a casual setting the ripple would look even better and more visually interesting. It works so well with the bison and I really hope we can use the remaining leather. Come on fellas - let's...
This is why we should listen to Fok when he drops knowledge. I failed to last time and now I gotta do some legwork to drum up support for the bison boot redux.
New Posts  All Forums: