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Super nice of you to post - just kopped an awesome Eidos Parka for around 50% off. Thanks!!!
I love that Tudor. Waiting on my AD to get one in stock - hopefully a Christmas/New Years' present to myself!!!
@Epaulet, any update re: timing for the single pleat pants? Would love to rock them at holiday parties if they arrive in time. I had thought we were looking at pre-Thanksgiving. Thanks!
British racing green would look spectacular with a Deep Sea Alarm I am wearing today. Keep us posted.
Sounds really good...Thanks, Greg.
Greg or Kyle, quick question: the 'sea urchin' donegal yarn for the Inis MTO -- essentially a cream/light reddish melange mix? I am thinking this a great subtle pop of color for a spring/summer choice, but just wanted to confirm your thoughts having seen them in person. Thanks as always!
Thanks, Greg!! Ordering the Green one now. I appreciate it.
@gdl203, what size do you wear on Minotaur? Sizing seems very small, which may make sense from a Japanese sizing perspective. Looking in particular at the cable waxed jacket. Thanks!
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