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I would be in...keep the amazing group buys coming!
Hublot is everything that is wrong with the watch industry - it is the one watch brand that is so derivative that it upsets me. DEEPLY.
@clee1982, I wear a medium in both Inis and SNS. I hope that helps.
Come on, DpprDr, snitches get stitches!!!On second read, it seemed too disparaging to my Aldens. Hopefully, I haven't angered the shell Gods. But that Thorpe is ridiculously nice and was sad to miss out on it - I much prefer it to the Nevis.
Keep us posted on sleeve length shrinkage, please. That would be the one area I would be concerned with.
Shoot, Thorpe boot already sold out in either of my potential sizes. @Leaves, any chance there might be another mid-winter restock or is this it?? That is a great winter boot for those of us that missed out on the Zugglets. Or is it possible to do a single boot re-order for a stock item like EG? I am wearing a tweed suit today here in the NYC and these Thorpes would look much better than the Cigar Shell captoe Alden boots I am wearing.
I know, Greg, I know...I just love the Inglese shirts so much and I want them to work badly. The sleeves were too short when I tried them on the very first season, but I am definitely going to try them on again when I come by to pick up my Camoshita duffel. It just doesn't help to be tall sometimes. Also I am surprised they work for you.And sorry to whine - there is so much win at NMWA; I just can't speak more highly about the construction of Inglese. If they work for...
Shortening the sleeves?! Come on - that is going the wrong way. If you have T-Rex arms you can take them to a tailor. Nothing you can do if you are 6'2 and above. Brutal. 😡
Wow, I have never seen that before...Absolutely stunning. Completely bonkers.(although on a detailed look, I prefer the guilloche pattern (barleycorn??) on the NYC version to the more radial version on the Tokyo edition.)Tokyo is one of my favorite cities and I highly recommend, so RFX, maybe a trip is in order?
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