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Agree totally with above posts - I always tailor my Walts down to a 7 3/4 inch leg opening and the rise is perfect. So a smaller leg opening would be great. The rivet chino's lower rise is the deal breaker for me personally.
Come on, stitchy...All 3, fo sho.Valstar down parka, 4 ties, Rota trousers. And I am now turning off my wireless router. No mas!!
Patrick, super helpful. I really appreciate it. Sounds like 50 would work well for me. Hope it's on sale and I wake up early enough tomorrow to take advantage. Appreciate the insight.
You wouldn't recommend sizing down if you wanted a slim look, would you? Sorry to be annoying, just wanted to clarify.
Quick sizing question before the madness starts tomorrow - sizing of Valstar down filled parka (if it even is on sale)? Take your normal suit size or size down? I am 6'2, 180 and wear a size 40 suit. I was thinking the 50 would work for me but just wanted to check. I won't be wearing over a suit or blazer and would want a slimmer look, so happy to size down if needed. Luckily both are available in the navy for the time being.
I think a bunch of us are on a plaza whiskey shortwing boot (but with commando sole) pre-order that I put together with Epaulet. It is my dream boot as well but we are pushing 3 years and there is no end in sight. So I wouldn't hold your breath.
Agreed - fleece pants would be killer.
100% agree regarding the looser neck on the crew neck - would be preferable for layering over an oxford. Regardless, Mike this looks absolutely great.
Definitely agree re: the rise. Happier if it was .5 inch higher than Rivet. But slimmer from the knee down sounds great.
Having a lovely Italian dinner meetup with a watch friend...Genta cousins side by side.
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