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9 votes currently. I would hope we can get a handful more votes this afternoon to solidify our place in the final group. Fok, how we looking?Only 7 hours left...Let's keep voting with our wallets for the Hall of Fame Bison boots!
[[SPOILER]] If they were anything besides a black tongue, I would vote for these. Not a fan of the black tongue. Roughout in a dark brown would have been pretty cool and preferred at least by me.
They will all be made as large sand ripple, unless Fok says otherwise. They haven't gone into production and we agreed amongst ourselves to change that single spec. So we are good. Now just cross your fingers that we have the votes.
Definitely my sentiment - that is why I wasn't bothered switching from mini-ripple to full sand if that is what it would take to make this happen. Wear hard for 2 years and send back to Viberg for a sole of my choosing.
F yeah fellas!!! Keep the votes coming...@LA Guy, doing much better now aren't we?
Good man! We are up to 6 now. Tell your friends!
Come on, boss!! Completely different aesthetic and it will be glower at the Galways and Thorpes in your stable. Would be an awesome boot to have in the mix when you want to throw down!
Good attitude to have buddy...I understand the sentiment, but seems rather negative.I for one learned not to doubt Fok's inspiration.But it would be nice if it gets made so everyone can be happy.
So in the interest of trying to get the dopest Hall of Fame Bison Boots made in FULL SAND RIPPLE mode, we need to get AT LEAST 9 confirmed "money" votes by this evening. WE ARE NOW UP TO 10!!!! Let's get this count higher, just to ensure that there aren't any other hard-charging makeups that knock us out. Votes in and counted: @Akeem @CHRK33 @westie187 @benjaminroy @hornstab @jayce030 @meatplant @aiur @penny century @hermano Voiced strong interest - get that $20...
Damn - as I suspected. Let's see if we can double up today and make your decision tough.Fok, can we swap the photo and description to full sand ripple? Seems like that is the everyone's preference. Maybe we can still do this.
New Posts  All Forums: