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Don't forget about me.
I am in for the Warlow but need some sizing advice - any Alden aficionados can recommend sizing on the Marlowe? Same as Barrie? If i take a 10D in Barrie, 10UK in Marlowe? Much appreciated.
I just pre-ordered 3 of the shirts but if we can go the MTM route I would prefer to lengthen the sleeves and body by a couple of inches and pay whatever uncharge exists. I am not sure if that was the intent.
@gdl203, this may be an issue with my laptop screen, but the photo for the heavy twill trousers in navy don't look much like navy, but rather more brownish. Just wanted to confirm the color before I ordered. Have already placed an order for the green tweed and navy fine wale cords with side tabs.
That's the ticket, Mike. Looks good. Its a super tough leather which is what you want when traveling. A burgundy or forest green would be killer! Add some killer details to break up the expanse on a large weekender and you would have a winner.
Likewise for me if we get Valextra styling with Epaulet's heart and ethos. I have a Frank Clegg duffel that I love which is probably the next level up with so much hand work included there. But Epaulet could crush the market with a classy weekender that is refined with Mike's attention to detail.
Charlie, will do!! Thanks.
Hmmm, so this inconsistent with Greg's advice as well - either way it sounds like the 9.5 I ordered is way too small for a TTS 10.5. Greg, sent you an email. Thanks!
Can you do curved ends to the straps for curved spring bars? Thanks. Wanted to snag a green ostrich strap for my VC traditionelle small seconds (something a bit more wild!) and with the discount this is a good time to jump.
Interesting, Greg. I am a TTs US 10.5 (which is meaningless) but go for 10D in EG/Viberg/Alden Barrie/GG and 9.5 in Carmina. Wonder what you would recommend for Barbarena. Considering they are final sale this poses a conundrum. And a 10 isn't available in the canvas/leather u-caps that I was looking at to err on the side of caution.
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