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Touché - you got me.
Just to confirm - the shearling HJ is $2500 all in?
Murl, who don't like watches and haven't watched the Wire?! So disappointing. But your fits are such fire. Why?!
Fair, but misguided. But fair.
Don't like watches...does not compute!?
Conservation in Burgundy for me. It will join my green Memory. I guess all jewel tone all the time. What I regret missing out on is last years color block version. Stupid.
Ditto on white!
Another vote for Eidos and Schneider preorders. Stupidly slept on the Memory color block coat and hoping we see something comparably eccentric and bad ass next time. Also more Inglese button down collar shirts - it's the perfect collar roll and they are only 1-2 fabrics a season in bd and they sell out immediately.
Thanks, Greg! I was afraid that would be the answer. You snooze, you lose. I will be quick on the draw of whatever awesome design you come up with next year. Thanks for the guidance and Happy New Year.
New Posts  All Forums: