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Ditto. Epaulet seems to get the short end of the stick from Alden considering the lengthy delays in our pre-orders. Makes zero sense.
I am in the Bay Area as well and the Apple Watch is a scourge. I agree I will never wear one - wrist real estate too precious.
Ditto. You have 3 sales already. Haha
I would also be 100% interested in the blaze orange version.
Fair enough, Greg. Being 6'3 (which isn't even that tall) makes Port Flannel a non-starter and I always felt that you can always tailor for short people. You can't make things longer which is a dagger. But if it works for others, glad to hear. Enjoy boys!
@gdl203, were there any modifications to the pattern on the Port Flannel shirts this season? Last year, we discussed that the shirts were amazing, but the sleeves were a bit T-Rexy. Any chance they were lengthened at all, more in line with the perfect G. Inglese fits? Just hoping so I could get in on the fun.
Make it happen in SF!!!
Any update on when our pre-order might be coming in?
One looks like it has a flat welt, while the other seems to have a storm welt. Bizarre?!
Mike, out of curiosity, why do you say that? I know Alden isn't very adventurous but they have done similar things with other make ups and it isn't such an out there suggestion.
New Posts  All Forums: