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You can't have a Rolex shipped to the United States from Europe (or elsewhere for that matter) because of Rolex's very restrictive Distribution arrangements. Customs will confiscate the watch and then you will have no recourse. I have had a few watches shipped to me from Europe and it can be a great deal - but never Rolex. If you even find an AD that will do it, the risk of confiscation is much too high.
No worries - I trust you will handle it. Weird that trees didn't arrive. We could sub out the EG trees for the Skoak trees if that makes things easier. However you want to handle. No rush.
I think those MTO Westminsters are mine although I haven't gotten an email yet. Maybe somebody else thought of the identical makeup. Would be a great Early Christmas present if they are mine!!!
If we can agree on a grained leather, I would definitely be down for this makeup.I am stuck on 4 for my Thorpe makeup, so happily would go the Bonafe route instead.
Leaves, can this code be used on stock shoes, for example the Thorpe you carry, but that are sold out in my size?
Truly inspired Freemans Sporting Club P-coat in deadstock black melton wool. Will keep you warm throughout this frigid winter that has descended upon us. Slim Size 42, so works best for a size 40 chest. Worn twice and in immaculate condition. The construction is done by Martin Greenfield and is absolutely spectacular. It must be seen to be believed. Accordion vents, working buttonholes for the sleeves, genuine horn buttons, bemberg lining... Since discontinued, but the...
I asked and they told me no. Let me know if you heard differently.
Just busting your chops, Dino. I always appreciate your insights and deep knowledge. It has been super helpful and thought-provoking as I build my small collection.I would have never picked up the 15202 if you hadn't nudged me in that direction, so I will always be grateful for that. Kudos for that.
Mimo, thanks for the kind words. You are spot on regarding the current blue enamel dial, which is quite attractive in its own right. But I love this guilloche and it was part of the limited 100 piece run for the Greek market with the subdials - if I was to nitpick, I might prefer white subdials, but I love the watch as is. Being Greek myself, I picked it up as a wedding present to myself.And the bracelet is sitting at home - I am just trying it on the navy gator strap for...
New Posts  All Forums: