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MoosicPa, those Claydon's are spectacular. Where'd you pick them up?
On the topic of resoling, does anyone know if B. Nelson (or if not, anyone else) carries Alden's double waterlock sole? Thanks.
This is perfect - an update to 38mm would have been killer for SIHH.
The 15202 is definitely amazing and agreed it is more versatile as it easily straddles the line of sporty and dressy. I am fortunate enough to own one and it is my favorite watch hands down. We should all enable you to pick one up. I can easily see it being someone's one watch (as long as they are reasonably careful with their watches).And you are spot on regarding the VC Patrimony Small Seconds -- I really love that watch as well and one I considered carefully. ...
Those are my sentiments exactly - rather disappointing and although I appreciate wholeheartedly the varied tourbillions and open worked pieces as well as scrimshaw dials, none of these new pieces have me running to my AD even if they weren't much beyond my budget.Gladly, it makes my decision to budget for the Lange Aub/Auf that much easier. That may very well be my one watch addition of 2014.
Here is the link to the Google Places page:https://plus.google.com/112516730683601230365/about?hl=en
Just posted a review on your Google pages. A well deserved 5 stars. So excited to see your Spring lineup.
Good battle - I need Dwight to not suck so hard.
Thanks, stichy and Cleav. Much appreciate the kind words. I feel very lucky to have such a great and accomplished sister and now such a lovely timepiece. It really is awesome on the wrist - the blue dial really is dynamic.
Just wanted to share a belated pic of my Christmas/wedding gift from my little sister - I know the Mark XVII doesn't get lots of love here, but considering the context and the fact that it was a thoughtful and charming gift (the Le Petit Prince tie-in), I really do love this watch. Even with my Reverso 1931 and 15202, this will get a ton of wear. I really love it.
New Posts  All Forums: