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Gents, just wanted to share my dad's watch that was given to me on my wedding day - we share it as I still like to think of it as his watch (too extravagant for me but I love the watch and the romanticism of travel associated with the piece). Dino's desk shot is vaguely reminiscent of my office desk, which prompted the photo. Perhaps standard corporate fare.
Congrats, Mike and Adele!!! She is the cutest. Wishing all three of you health and happiness!!
Just snagged the Gitman MTO chambray and eyeing a couple other patterns. The plus 2 inches in the sleeves will be clutch - would have preferred added body length as well but good enough. Mike, what are favorite fabrics from this opening salvo?
Ditto re: Formosa suit sizing advice. Would be much appreciated. Also, out of curiosity, why isn't there a corresponding 50 athletic. Seems the sizing jumped from 50 regular to 52 regular/athletic.
I am 6'3 so that is the rub. I haven't found any off the rack shirts to work and I am just sad to be missing out on the splendor that is Inglese. Besides the sleeve length, the couple I tried were the perfect shirt.Luckily, there is plenty of other NMWA product for me to rock.
I am happy to wait a couple of months for such spectacular shirts. Well worth it.
The Inglese shirts are incredible - just wish the sleeves were a couple inches longer. Too short for us tall folk.
MoosicPa, those Claydon's are spectacular. Where'd you pick them up?
On the topic of resoling, does anyone know if B. Nelson (or if not, anyone else) carries Alden's double waterlock sole? Thanks.
This is perfect - an update to 38mm would have been killer for SIHH.
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