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That's my early winner from this years Basel as well. Might be my first Omega.
Ditto. I have refined my Barrie size further so would be great if we could make a change if they haven't even been confirmed yet.
I wouldn't say 50r in Eidos is a big guy size. Everything larger than that is available.
Escape from New York: San Francisco Edition So only a week ago I escaped from the frozen tundra that I have called home for the last 13 years, New York City, and moved out west to San Francisco, the land of perpetual fall. I have already learned that the key to the weather here is layering. To that end, amongst all the lovely pieces that still are looking for good homes in the sale section, I chose a few pieces that would be workhorses in my new climate and seem...
Wrapping up my first week at a new job - the biggest transition of my life moving from NYC after 10 years to SF. Celebrated with a new watch, which albeit not the esteemed Dino's fave, I fell in love with. Waiting on a new navy strap, but the shell NATO works in my humble opinion. Thanks to all the enablers on this thread. I love visiting for my daily fix. Keep on kopping, as my boy stichy would say.
I want to say kudos to everyone who voted on the Bison boot today and got it made. What a great underdog story. Thanks, Fok, for a killer makeup. Great inspiration.
Great news - let's keep the votes coming for the HOF Bison boot on the sand full ripple. Let's keep climbing the rankings.
I have one in Italy and two in Greece. It depends on what you are interested in. PM me and I can give you additional details.
9 votes currently. I would hope we can get a handful more votes this afternoon to solidify our place in the final group. Fok, how we looking?Only 7 hours left...Let's keep voting with our wallets for the Hall of Fame Bison boots!
[[SPOILER]] If they were anything besides a black tongue, I would vote for these. Not a fan of the black tongue. Roughout in a dark brown would have been pretty cool and preferred at least by me.
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