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The Platinum version with the slate gray dial is absolutely gorgeous.
Any clues as to maker(s)?
I am in for the zug boot with suede. I would want the suede to be as complementary as possible with minimal contrast if that makes sense. One caveat: at least on my iPhone the colors of the suede shown are not representative at all. I have mocha suede EG double monks and the mocha is dark dark chocolate. No reddish or any other hue. Which is why I suggested tobacco or Hawthorne if the gorse is reddish brown. But happy to go with the group.
With nano protector, suede is damn tough particularly on the shaft of the boot. If I am in ankle deep waters, I am wearing Bean boots.
Mike, I would definitely be in for a waxed cotton Doyle run. Sounds sweet.
Guy, any chance you will be doing brown (of any hue) shell cordovan service boots on the 2030 last in the near-ish future? Wondering if I need to keep my powder dry.
That is a real shame - I worked hard to establish a relationship with Bryan and he seemed to be the only one at LS willing to shoot me straight.
Wow, these in Bonafe's tobacco suede would be killer.
[quote name="Leaves" url="/t/338047/skoaktiebolaget-carmina-eg-gg-bonafe-official-affiliate- I'm thinking of stocking a Enzo Bonafé double monk in suede. But I have not decided the exact make-up yet. Bonafé sources the best suede in the business in my opinion (mama Bonafé handles all leathers and she's got a good eye that woman) so a suede monk from them would be awesome. Bonafé has done some really nice monks for Ring Jacket in the past, most on round lasts, but I'm...
Leaves, don't abandon us!!
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