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Here is an update to the Burgundy Highland Grain GMTO that I am trying to organize through Skoak. We have 4 confirmed right now on the E width. At this point, it should come just in time for the fall. Perfect time to order. Let's make this happen. Just a reminder for the specs: Burgundy Highland Grain Exposed antiqued brass eyelets (all eyelets) Double Dainite with storm welt MH71 Members currently with confirmed interest in E...
I wear a 10D Barrie (which is actually a little wide for me) and wear a 10E on the MH71, which fits really, really well. Can you wear the 82 last from EG in an E fitting? The 606 and 64 are both a bit wider in my experience.
Dalevy, you can be our fifth on an awesome G&G Thorpe GMTO and be the envy of the thread with a superior boot.The deets are as follows:Burgundy highland grainBrass exposed all eyeletsDouble dainiteStorm weltGonna be an awesome boot. Get on it while the getting is good
I will do everything I can to not let the Burgundy Thorpe GMTO stall out. We are so close - only need one more. And our proposed makeup doesn't have the dreaded speedhooks. Come on Namor, you can be our fifth!!
Awesome to hear it. You would be our fifth so it would be amazing to get this off the ground. Just PM when you are ready to pull the trigger.
Any desire to be our fifth for the burgundy highland grain Thorpe I am trying to wrangle?
@Leaves, I just saw a Galway in Gold Utah leather and I have to say, I was really, really impressed. It looks exponentially better in person than the photos which, frankly, don't do the leather justice. I can't recall, but Leaves, will you be stocking any makeups in gold Utah this fall? Thanks in advance.
That is correct.
Yes sir, storm welt. You know you wanna be our fifth.
It will be normal E width - so I am slotting you as our 4th. One more and we are ready to roll. Awesome!!
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