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For the next round, would there be any interest in a French calf service boot in a variation of medium brown or even burgundy? Could be killer with contrasting suede counters. Ordering the cinnamon service boot in size 10 for this go around, which is my trubalance/Barrie size. Hope that works - please dissuade me if I am wrong.
Thanks for the Jcrew tip. Just picked up the NST Suede Boots in size 10 and used a $75 fall jcrew card reward as well -- so $350 for what is a pretty unique makeup sounds good. Haven't seen them in person so hope they look good. Fingers crossed.
You can buy directly from Filson. $12 if I recall correctly.
So I wanted to thank everyone for their advice on my dad's wedding thank you gift. I really appreciated it. So I ended up going with the IWC Mark XVII, as I got a huuuge discount from my usual AD and I didn't want to double my budget for the Milgauss. Nonetheless, I really like the Mark XVII and am excited to give it to my dad in a couple weeks. I will try and take some pics when he wears it -- fingers crossed he likes it. Thanks all.
Mile, any update on the various Alden preorders we made around 2 years ago? Has Alden confirmed any of them?
Stitches, that is spectacular and fits a great niche in your collection. Great get!!
Thanks to all of you guys who are helping with my decision, Stitchy, RogerP, Dino, No Frills, RNGuy, Wurger -- this type of thoughtfulness and willingness to spend time advising others makes this thread an absolute joy. And you guys nailed it on the head regarding why I am entertaining the thought of stretching my budget for a Rolex -- my dad (with that uniquely Southern European immigrant mindset) won't really appreciate the Tudor for its own history and is a bit of a...
Thanks to everyone who suggested some great wedding thank you gifts for my dad. I really appreciate everyone's thoughtfulness. So I narrowed down my choices and they are at pretty different price points, so I wanted to get folks' thoughts before I make the final call. 1) Tudor Black Bay on a strap for $3300. My cousin would be bringing this from Greece for me and if my dad didn't like it, he would be stuck. I tried it on a year ago and liked it but wasn't in love. 2)...
I am also in if we go light antique edge trim. Waterloc double sole would be my preference but open to other sole options.
Zippy, thanks for info. Much appreciated.And Dino, definitely will do some detailed research. Thanks for all the friendly advice.
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