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Good man! We are up to 6 now. Tell your friends!
Come on, boss!! Completely different aesthetic and it will be glower at the Galways and Thorpes in your stable. Would be an awesome boot to have in the mix when you want to throw down!
Good attitude to have buddy...I understand the sentiment, but seems rather negative.I for one learned not to doubt Fok's inspiration.But it would be nice if it gets made so everyone can be happy.
So in the interest of trying to get the dopest Hall of Fame Bison Boots made in FULL SAND RIPPLE mode, we need to get AT LEAST 9 confirmed "money" votes by this evening. WE ARE NOW UP TO 10!!!! Let's get this count higher, just to ensure that there aren't any other hard-charging makeups that knock us out. Votes in and counted: @Akeem @CHRK33 @westie187 @benjaminroy @hornstab @jayce030 @meatplant @aiur @penny century @hermano Voiced strong interest - get that $20...
Damn - as I suspected. Let's see if we can double up today and make your decision tough.Fok, can we swap the photo and description to full sand ripple? Seems like that is the everyone's preference. Maybe we can still do this.
I obviously voted as I have been badgering everyone and am happy to go full sand ripple if it gets made.If there are only 4 of us, it's not happening. I think we would need at least 10 money votes to have a chance. As Fok said, we aren't getting preferential treatment so we have to push on our own.Voting ends tonight I believe.@LA Guy, can you tell us how far the Bison boot is lagging?
@LA Guy, if Fok can confirm the switch to sand ripple, we may have a puncher's chance of pulling off a miracle and getting the HOF Bison boot made.
Fok, the mini-ripple wasn't getting it done, so Fok, can you swap to full sand ripple? F it, maybe we can make a miracle happen and get the boot made. Get your vote on!!!
I have been pushing these Bison boots, so I am happy to go full sand ripple if that will get these made. Can I get a show of hands for those who would put their money where their mouth is if we make the switch? The mini-ripple was sadly not getting it done.
Fellas, let's not sleep on the HOF Bison boots - best makeup of the last round. Don't sleep on them. Behold... Come on let's vote early and often!!!
New Posts  All Forums: