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That's exactly right - if you are TSA pre-check, the metal shank in Alden's still forces you to take the shoes off, which I find to be a pain. So I will rock something else for airport travel to expedite the process. It depends on your patience level. I fail at that.
Fair enough. I am still in. Thanks for all the efforts in herding these cats.
Mike, thanks for the info. Much appreciated as always. I PM'ed you with a proposition.
@tifosi, @rydenfan, @Leaves, were we still discussing the welt? I thought, if my memory isn't completely off base, that we were debating flat vs storm welt, particularly because the makeup is surely bad weather friendly and I would think the storm welt works even better. Thoughts?
Great snag on the #4 balmorals - I called about them as well. Really curious who they were made for - if anyone knows, please PM me. Snagged Ravello lhs in 10C on the Van last. Never worn Van before - any quick and dirty sizing thoughts if the best size for me on the Barrie last is a 10C?
At this point, I would say that is very unlikely. I have never been scammed like this before and it's pretty shocking from an affiliate vendor. At least, I hope others don't suffer the same fate.
Well said. This is the crux of the issue. Indefensible.
This is the understatement of the year - Gianni's customer service is an abomination. And in fact, he doesn't respond to customers that have issues - myself, Cleav, and there are others we probably don't know about. It's a freaking joke at this point.Gianni has the audacity to ignore all his disgruntled customers - unbelievable. And the fact that you are defending him re: his customer service is confusing to me.
That is Epaulet and Dylan behind the counter. The #2s are definitely a unicorn. Fess up, who is it?
This is patently false re: the UK retail policy. I am sure Greg will happily sell you stuff at full price if you are seriously interested.
New Posts  All Forums: