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Namor, they are gonna be this style:I haven't seen a Bonafe austerity blucher boot.
Just placed my order for a Bonafe MTO austerity brogue boot in the Scozia mid-brown country calf and forest green suede combo with chained norvegese and dainite sole. Added the full fur lining so I can be toasty warm and deal with this godforsaken 10 degree weather here in NYC. Come on little Bonafe elves, get crackin'!
I noticed your post on Timezone earlier today - congrats!!! That is a real stunner. I am smitten with Journe as well and may have a piece incoming in the next few months, as long as my attention isn't diverted by SIHH or Baselworld.Well done!
You can definitely do that. It is my understanding you can import a single Rolex on your person back into the country.
You can't have a Rolex shipped to the United States from Europe (or elsewhere for that matter) because of Rolex's very restrictive Distribution arrangements. Customs will confiscate the watch and then you will have no recourse. I have had a few watches shipped to me from Europe and it can be a great deal - but never Rolex. If you even find an AD that will do it, the risk of confiscation is much too high.
No worries - I trust you will handle it. Weird that trees didn't arrive. We could sub out the EG trees for the Skoak trees if that makes things easier. However you want to handle. No rush.
I think those MTO Westminsters are mine although I haven't gotten an email yet. Maybe somebody else thought of the identical makeup. Would be a great Early Christmas present if they are mine!!!
If we can agree on a grained leather, I would definitely be down for this makeup.I am stuck on 4 for my Thorpe makeup, so happily would go the Bonafe route instead.
Leaves, can this code be used on stock shoes, for example the Thorpe you carry, but that are sold out in my size?
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