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I placed an order for the cinnamon roughout boot and have already emailed Fok that I am fine with the brown tongue. Either way works for me. Let's get those last minute orders rolling in.
All this (extremely thought-provoking) discussion around resale value prompted me to seek some advice from my fellow TWAT experts - I have been considering the following limited edition VC Overseas Chronograph (being first generation Greek in the U.S. it really speaks to me): http://blog.perpetuelle.com/watches/vacheron-constantin-overseas-chronograph-for-greece/ Retail on the watch was close to 15K euros - what do you folks think might be reasonable on the secondary...
Also, Fok, considering its a holiday weekend, would you want to extend to Monday evening, so we can get some impulsive drunk Labor Day buys?
Fok, what an excellent explanation. That is an awesome incentive. Let's go fellas - order up!!
Jumped on the cinnamon roughout makeup - I think we need 1 more if anyone is on the fence. For next round, I was thinking a service boot in a burgundy French calf. Anyone else interested? I think it would look stellar.
I am going to have to respectfully disagree with Newcomer - I don't think AP is destined to lose this case and more likely will force TH to settle. Trademark and trade dress law can protect the look and feel of a product if it causes the "likelihood of confusion amongst consumers." The hurdle here is proving that consumers would be confused by TH's blatant copy when it costs 1/100th of a ROO. Functionality has been sidestepped by many circuits although I don't know what...
How are we looking for the cinnamon rough outs? We all set with 4? Is there a way to check?
Thanks, Arizor. And burgundy French calf sounds sick!!
For the next round, would there be any interest in a French calf service boot in a variation of medium brown or even burgundy? Could be killer with contrasting suede counters. Ordering the cinnamon service boot in size 10 for this go around, which is my trubalance/Barrie size. Hope that works - please dissuade me if I am wrong.
Thanks for the Jcrew tip. Just picked up the NST Suede Boots in size 10 and used a $75 fall jcrew card reward as well -- so $350 for what is a pretty unique makeup sounds good. Haven't seen them in person so hope they look good. Fingers crossed.
New Posts  All Forums: