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Yea, I am definitely in.
Agreed the mahogany CC looks great. It would be great to get that Dover makeup off the ground.
I'd love folks to vote for me in the dress watch contest because any title amongst this estimable watch community would mean a lot to me. Dino and and Stitchy and Frills and many others have taught me a lot and I hope I represented the community here well with my choices. If I don't win, then I hope Mimo pulls it out. I always love his contributions. Good man, that Mimo. On an unrelated note, I think I recall that some of Dino's friends have had less than stellar...
Mike, any update on the limited edition MTO Chambray Doyle? If I recall correctly, should be arriving sometime soon. Would love to have it for an upcoming trip to Europe at the end of June.
I'd be in. Edit: to be clear, what is the analogue calf color to mahogany CC? Would that be burgundy?
I officially signed over this weeks paycheck to Greg - the wifey is unlikely to be pleased. But I will be looking sharp hopefully.
Thanks, Fok. No rush!!! Just didn't want to miss it.
Come on, Newc, don't hate on my dream.Order seemed to go through - fingers crossed though. Maybe 52 long isn't the key demographic for NMWA customers - which is good for me.
If I can get the internet to work, I am going navy Fresco and grey sharkskin. I really want the solaro but feel the other two are more versatile for me.
Which Formosa, boss?
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