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Just a quick status update to see if we can wrangle a few more people over the weekend. Right now, I have three people with confirmed interest in a burgundy highland grain all in the standard E width:Myself (chrk33)@ikaika122@NullsonDoing their due diligence (or interested in brown highland grain):@IGotId (interested in either burgundy or brown highland grain)@rydenfan@tifosi (brown highland grain ONLY)I am impressed that we are more than halfway there. If you are...
No problem, Tifosi - you can't get in on them all. Or CAN you?
So here are two examples using Burgundy highland grain...the Thorpe is gonna look spectacular in this. As you can see, the lighting plays a significant role in the shade and the rioja that the burgundy is paired with in the second photo definitely brings out much more of the red tone. But in scouring through photos, I think burgundy highland grain is predominantly brown with reddish undertones in bright light. Really lovely.Right now, I have three people with confirmed...
My bad - edited. But the point still stands.
That Bonafe seems much too red compared to the G&G swatches I have seen in person. I am going to do some deep googling and see if I can find a good representation of the G&G burgundy highland grain.
Awesome! Thanks for the interest.I have two more interested parties that have PM'ed me, so if they are definitely in, we may already have 4 people all who need a standard G&G E width (D width US).Potentially one more and we are ready to rock. I will keep you posted. Thanks again.
Sounds good - not interested in a black boot, but definitely let me know. Thanks!
Fair enough re: burgundy. Let's see if there is any interest in burgundy but Tifosi, I will keep you in the brown highland camp.And yes, E is their standard width.I am not sure how viable an antique style edge trim would be with the dainite, but I wouldn't be opposed to an antique style welt and/or edgetrim. Rydenfan, would you be down with the burgundy highland grain if we can find 3 more?
@tifosi and @rydenfan, you guys are the absolute best. I love it. Is the E width fine with you guys? You can see the various grain leather swatches here - they definitely have a brown highland grain but I just thought the burgundy highland grain had a bit more visual interest, but didn't veer to far into the red family. And would provide a nice deep color that could brighten our dreary winter lives. The Chestnut pin grain seemed much more red, which I wanted to...
Fellow G&G enthusiasts, I wanted to check and see if we might be able to get a G&G Thorpe Group MTO off the ground. I was inspired by the past two days of pouring rain here in NYC, the amazing recent Thorpe makeups posted upthread, and my own lack of a classy pair of boots that can handle this inclement weather. I have discussed placing the order through Skoaktibolaget and if we can get 5 participants, we avoid the MTO fees and can take advantage of their very attractive...
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