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Best news ever!
I was hoping sizing was wonky so I could fit into a smaller size. No such luck - I totally missed this when it dropped. Unlucky. Next time.
What size do you take, Greg?
@Epaulet, Mike, any new sweatshirts on the horizon?
In as well.
I am still trying to wrangle folks for a burgundy highland grain G&G Thorpe - I thought had five, so we were a go, but have received PMs back from two folks that had indicated confirmed interest. Back down to 4, so PM if you are interested and want more details. Thanks.
Polo suede sounds great to me.
I agree. I would want full broguing, no austerity for me. And I am indifferent re: contrast stitching. Whatever the team wants.
I would be in for suede in a reddish brown tone.
Just a quick PSA: not my thing, but some folks were clamoring for a black shelll boot with antique edgetrim. Leffot has a single pair left in 10D in a black shell plain toe boot with brass eyelets, antique trim and crepe sole. Get after it.
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