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Mike, I think you mentioned you have the Ashland fit on file with Individualized - can we order the Ashland fit during the Ends for Friends promo?
Thanks fellas - I live downtown but have a car, so not a problem to visit Zoltan. I appreciate the recommendation.
I just moved to SF from NYC and if any of the NMWA regulars have a great tailor recommendation in SF, I would really appreciate it. Just received my Eidos brown raw silk sportscoat and it fits perfectly except I need to lengthen the sleeves and add working buttonholes. Would love to get this in rotation ASAP. Thanks in advance.
I loved that sweater and tried to make it work but the sizing was really wonky on me. I comfortably wear Inis in size medium across the board and I even sized up to Large in the OS and it was skin tight and cropped. Very strange.Looks great on you.
I would strongly recommend you reconsider. I would suggest 11.5D. The Leydon is narrow for most folks so if it is little big on you, you might be able to go 11.5C. But I would not drop down to 11D.
Hermes has some very lovely straps.
price drop
For sale is a nearly new pair of Alden x Leathersoul #8 shell cordovan V-Tips on the Barrie Last in size 10D, a Leathersoul exclusive that is completely sold out. I have worn these only 4 times and they are in immaculate condition. This pair is on the Barrie last and is size 10D. These are really beautiful and a rare style - unfortunately, my best size turns out to be 10.5C. Style: V-tips Leather: #8 Shell Cordovan Sole: double leather sole Edgetrim: Dark brown Last:...
I am not sure if one of you fellas just returned the 52L in the Eidos raw silk brown blazer. If so I thank you. I had been regretting missing out and it was gone from the first day it dropped. Pretty lengthy return cycle but I will happily take it. Looking forward to its arrival.
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