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Good point, DLJr. I tried to find Formosa half lined photo and was unsuccessful. Any one else have a pic?
I believe the cost is approximately 1450ish...50% now, 50% later.Fair enough - I am good with half lined.Newcomer, you should do the honors of posting it up in the NMWA thread, considering you did the tough task of herding cats. Don't want to claim credit. HA.Super excited to get this rolling finally!
Bullrams, why the preference for half-lined? Just curious to make sure I am not missing something. I am fine either way, but want to understand the rationale.Once we have a consensus on half vs. quarter, we can post on the main thread. I think we are 7 1/2 commits at this point, so maybe we can drum up a firm 8th on the other side.
Add Spalla camicia shoulders quarter lined in medium grey (happy to go half lined) And we are good to go!!
Namor and Thinkderm, with Vass, you can specify 1/4 size increments? Who knew...so If I am 43.5 in calf, I should go with 43.25 on my shell alt weins? Never heard of such a size so want to make sure I order correctly. Thanks in advance.
Is the fit difference sufficient on shell cordovan to require go down a 1/2 size?
Paging @gdl203
Post those measurements and @gdl203 will come to the rescue!!!!
You are a good man!! Would definitely be interested.
Oh snap - Harris Tweed Cantarelli's?!? Greg, killing it!!! I love the Cantarelli I picked up this summer. Gonna be all over that.
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