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Post those measurements and @gdl203 will come to the rescue!!!!
You are a good man!! Would definitely be interested.
Oh snap - Harris Tweed Cantarelli's?!? Greg, killing it!!! I love the Cantarelli I picked up this summer. Gonna be all over that.
Please for the love of all that is holy, somebody jump on the last spot. This needs to happen. Every look Greg sports with this blazer is amazing.
My contest entry - thanks to Greg for lightening things up as I wait for the weekend (Miami bachelor party - let's see if I survive): My first 2 picks are the embodiment of what my wife affectionately calls Italian grandpa style (she is a Borgia so she would know) 1) Rota Puppytooth Linen Pants Can't believe these are still available - the puppytooth is super subtle and from a few feet away the pants read solid. Great summer look paired with Inglese popover. Get on...
And for what its worth, here are the pics Mike took - Alden definitely repaired this cut somehow, I assume with glue - it definitely doesn't look anywhere near as bad as this. It is really minor and I am rather particular.
Just a PSA: Before I send a pair of 2nds back to Shoemart, I wanted to offer them here if anyone wanted them at cost - they are Ravello LHS in 10C. Mdubs was spot on in identifying them - they were done specially for him but have a nick/cut in the leather on the right heel. Its really minor and not that deep - if the size worked for me, I would definitely keep them. Just want to pass the deal on so $499, which is the new exotic 2nds price direct from Shoemart plus...
Just bought the snuff suede unlined Dovers. Fingers crossed they actually are in stock and will ship - a little over $250 is a steal.
I am definitely in for the above fabric. I saw Greg's sportscoat and it was stellar.
Thanks for the heads up - I am in!! Was trying to rally the troops unsuccessfully last time.Let's do this thang!
New Posts  All Forums: