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Damn!! That sucks about the bison leather. And after I drummed up that last minute epic comeback. I am really sorry that folks are gonna be disappointed.How many are available, Fok? If 12 or so spots opened up, it sounds like there might only be enough leather for 4 or 5 boots (if that). Hopefully, Viberg didn't only leave behind the cuttings - no Frankenstein boots please.
Hahaha. Classic.Stop pinging me says the Epaulet servers!!!
Agreed completely.
Well, size 50 is sold out, so I guess I will try the 52 then.
Thanks for the heads up!! Just kopped. Strangely I didn't get my out of stock notification either.
If I wear a 50 in the Rota, would I be the same size in Eidos' Sal?
That's my early winner from this years Basel as well. Might be my first Omega.
Ditto. I have refined my Barrie size further so would be great if we could make a change if they haven't even been confirmed yet.
I wouldn't say 50r in Eidos is a big guy size. Everything larger than that is available.
Escape from New York: San Francisco Edition So only a week ago I escaped from the frozen tundra that I have called home for the last 13 years, New York City, and moved out west to San Francisco, the land of perpetual fall. I have already learned that the key to the weather here is layering. To that end, amongst all the lovely pieces that still are looking for good homes in the sale section, I chose a few pieces that would be workhorses in my new climate and seem...
New Posts  All Forums: