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We definitely need to use up the rest of the Bison before it permanently disappears. Fok, do you know how many boots-worth is left so we can get them committed? If it's less than 10, then we can probably get firm commits and get it done. I don't want to circumvent the process at all, but if there isn't much left, I don't want to prevent another great boot also getting made if it's super limited.
Good man - lets get the votes out for the HOF Bison boot!!Also, I would vote for 7 eyelets on #23.
Crap picture but it is what I am wearing today - wedding gift from my little sister. The Mark XVII gets some criticism (deserving or not) but I love this watch.
In for the #2 HOF Bison and #23. Let's get another round of acclaim for the Bison boot - we should tap Viberg out on that leather.
I thought the bison HOF boot got some good support as well.
I like it!! Sounds like we have 5 or so that are enthusiastic so far. I think 10 or so is a good minimum number so we are halfway there.Let's vote early and often!!
Totally understandable as this was my initial sentiment during the first go-around and I feared that it would be too aggressive for my typical aesthetic.However, the mini-ripple is actually pretty discreet in real life and looks awesome IMHO. Anywhere I would wear commando or dainite in a casual setting the ripple would look even better and more visually interesting. It works so well with the bison and I really hope we can use the remaining leather. Come on fellas - let's...
This is why we should listen to Fok when he drops knowledge. I failed to last time and now I gotta do some legwork to drum up support for the bison boot redux.
My two (measly) orders were as follows: Thorpe MH71 Burgundy highland grain upper with hand finished pin grain shaft to match burgundy Brass eyelets Double dainite Galway on 202 last Chestnut Utah with tobacco suede shaft Brass eyelets Flat welt Dainite I can't wait until next fall to wear these boots.
Let's get some love for the Hall of Fame bison boot - Fok came up with this awesome makeup originally and there is very limited Bison leather left. For those of us that missed the OG version, this will be our last opportunity for it.
New Posts  All Forums: