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That's the ticket, Mike. Looks good. Its a super tough leather which is what you want when traveling. A burgundy or forest green would be killer! Add some killer details to break up the expanse on a large weekender and you would have a winner.
Likewise for me if we get Valextra styling with Epaulet's heart and ethos. I have a Frank Clegg duffel that I love which is probably the next level up with so much hand work included there. But Epaulet could crush the market with a classy weekender that is refined with Mike's attention to detail.
Charlie, will do!! Thanks.
Hmmm, so this inconsistent with Greg's advice as well - either way it sounds like the 9.5 I ordered is way too small for a TTS 10.5. Greg, sent you an email. Thanks!
Can you do curved ends to the straps for curved spring bars? Thanks. Wanted to snag a green ostrich strap for my VC traditionelle small seconds (something a bit more wild!) and with the discount this is a good time to jump.
Interesting, Greg. I am a TTs US 10.5 (which is meaningless) but go for 10D in EG/Viberg/Alden Barrie/GG and 9.5 in Carmina. Wonder what you would recommend for Barbarena. Considering they are final sale this poses a conundrum. And a 10 isn't available in the canvas/leather u-caps that I was looking at to err on the side of caution.
Greg, I misinterpreted your sizing advice on the website as 1 full size down (not 1/2). Just sent you an email. Glad I saw this. Sorry.
Touché - you got me.
Just to confirm - the shearling HJ is $2500 all in?
Murl, who don't like watches and haven't watched the Wire?! So disappointing. But your fits are such fire. Why?!
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