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Gotta say there is some justifiable criticism of Hodinkee. But the watch they just released is really, really good. if I had the disposable income laying around, it would definitely be worth a long hard look.https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/introducing-the-zenith-el-primero-original-for-hodinkee
For Sale Brand New Unworn "Cigar" Shell Cordovan Allen Edmonds Wingtip - Size 10.5 - $275 plus shipping Model: Jefferson wingtip Size 10.5 D Leather: Brown shell cordovan Independence mocha liner and milled lining and insole Independence Double Leather Sole and Heel Tone on tone upper stitching Walnut flat welt Light Brown transparent edgetrim Wheeled and Fudged Welt Line Exposed brass eyelets Shoe bags only
Team Alden, just unpacking in my house and realized I have way too many shoes so going to be doing a bit of downsizing. If anyone is interested in the following rare makeups (all brand new), let me know via PM. I would rather they go to the community then be priced at exorbitant sums on eBay: Cigar Leffot Indy - 10D Whiskey short wings from Harrison's - 10.5D Reverse chamois Alt Wein from Epaulet - 10.5C
Mike, any tweeds or fall-friendly fabrics coming? Always perfect for the perpetual fall that is SF. Thanks!
Ditto. Following in da man's footsteps.
I am not sure if the Vulcain functions the same way, but on my JLC Tribute to DSA, if you wind the alarm crown fully, the alarm will sound at the appointed time (on a 12 hr cadence). You can't turn it off but you just don't have to fully wind it. If you make that mistake once in the middle of the night, you will learn rather quickly. I love my DSA - the alarm function is anachronistic but super charming.
I am definitely feeling the gym bag...Mike, what material will the interior be for the bag? And will it be a single color for the entire bag or a contrast panel? Dimensions? Sorry for all the questions but this sounds really great and am excited about it.
The Panda Daytona with ceramic bezel is what I have been waiting for to pull the trigger for ages. That would be amazing.
Absolutely awesome G2 cardigan in grey melange wool/mohair mix from No Man Walks Alone. Brand new with tags, as the size doesn't work for me. Size 5. Knitted in a wool/mohair blend and with a raised "tile" motif that adds a unique texture, this substantial cardigan can double as outerwear. 60% wool, 25% mohair, and 15% nylon in grey melange Knit cardigan with large bubble stitches Five button closure with two outside pockets Made in Belgium Priced for a quick sale....
Schneider fans, if anyone bought the G2 Cardigan in Grey melange (in wool/mohair) and the size 4 doesn't work for you, please PM me. I bought the size 5 recently and love the cardigan but the size is too big for me. Would really appreciate it.
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