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I haven't seen Greg preview this Monitaly jacket in particular. It's an awesome Belstaff-esque tan waxed jacket with a blanket lining - I can't wait until it drops. It's really sick. The Monitaly buy in general is awesome this season.
Greg, my guilt regarding my return rate definitely has nothing to do with your amusing horror stories - rest assured its my own neuroses. Ha. You and Kyle are great!And I agree with Newcomer, once you have your sizing dialed in for all your awesome brands, that makes it much, much easier to kop away.Ok, enough of this digression, let's all go back to happily kopping!!
Sotiris, definitely don't do it. It was the dumbest thing I have done all day. And you are 1000% right about seeing things in person - there is a sick Monitaly jacket that I saw in person that I now want that I would not have even looked at twice if I saw it online.Although one interesting thing I did figure out is that my return rate is about 15%, which is higher than I expected and makes me feel guilty. Apologies, Greg and Kyle, for that. I will definitely reduce...
@gdl203, Greg, are you going to have any special surprises for us at the coming Styleforum trunk show?
There are at least two more amazing Inglese flannel shirts that I saw on my recent visit that should be going up soon. They are gonna fly, so be ready!
I just checked and I am embarrassed at how many items I have ordered from NMWA. I am stepping away from the computer and going to a support session.
In a very pleasant way.
For me personally, I much prefer the new version of the 1815 up/down. The size is much better for someone my size (6'3), yet 39mm is still classic and not oversized. The 36mm was too small for my taste. Also, I like the pop of red on the power reserve sub-dial and finally and most importantly, the all new movement is improved including a full 72 hour power reserve, rather than the 45 hours of the old one. Like I said, the very slightly cut off 7 and 5 don't bother me...
You mean the slightly cut off 7 and 5? For some reason, it doesn't bother me at all as it is extremely minor and adds a bit of quirkiness in my eyes, which I like.
So the sizing is obviously very personal but I just measured two Cantarelli Spring/Summer blazers and my navy fresco Formosa and the shoulder measurements you quoted are accurate. However, the two makers give me very different fits - Formosa has a lot of drape and is conservative, which I want in a suit. The Cantarelli is more snug and being unlined has a more close fitting, fashionable look. Both work for me personally and I like being able to switch up the look.I think I...
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