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Olive or chestnut brown would also be really nice.
The Matera has been my most worn piece of outerwear this winter serving me well in SF, NY, DC, Florence, etc. It really handles a range of temps really well. If it comes in anything besides navy next winter, I would gladly pick up another one.
Darn!! Anything similar replacing? I really loved the fit and that whipcord fabric was special.
@gdl203, along the same lines, any chance we can do a pre-order for the Sam pant fit in any of the casual fabrics?
Damn - I loved the Sam and got it in the sage whipcord that NMWA stocked. Missed out on the chocolate whipcord and had looked forward to stocking up.The rise was really perfect for me and skyrocketed to my favorite casual pant in my wardrobe.Anyone else beside NMWA carry the Sam?
Oh and unrelated plug everyone... I found one remaining leather backpack! Put it online for $150... [/quote] Mike, you are the man!!! I had asked on the green leather backpack after my car got broken into and my Masterpiece bag got stolen and I still hadn't replaced it. Snagged it...Hopefully, someone didn't beat me to it.
@razl, thanks for picking my classified! Much appreciated. It really is a sick jacket.
For all of you Eidos fans out there, up for sale is my NWOT Eidos Hunting Jacket in a long sold out tobacco boiled wool - deep rich brown with a really soft, spongy texture that is really warm and cozy. Quality is unparalleled. Was a final sale purchase from No Man Walks Alone but is a too big for me in a size 52, so needs to find a new home. Really an awesome jacket that pairs nicely with tailored clothing and sportswear. A steal at 450, over 60% off retail. This...
@NickPollica, quick question on the Shearling Hunting Jacket...Is the fit the same as a non-shearling hunting jacket or does the high pile of the Shearling affect sizing in any appreciable way?
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