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Ok cool - seems like blind eyelets is the consensus. Definitely no on speedhooks.
@Ironist, @etostano, @NAMOR, @RogerP, preference to go with matching exposed eyelets or antiqued brass for a bit of contrast?
@Leaves, I realized we never discussed eyelets - any chance we can do either matching or antiqued brass eyelets? Hidden on suede always look off somehow to me. Anyone else?
So unfortunately we had a couple folks drop out of the Burgundy Highland Grain GMTO that I am trying to organize through Skoak. We are back down to 3 people confirmed right now on the E width - any additional interest out there? Unfortunately I think the Arran Highland Grain might be siphoning our interest. But I am still holding out hope. Just a reminder for the specs: Burgundy Highland Grain Exposed antiqued brass eyelets (all eyelets) Double Dainite with storm...
Best news ever!
I was hoping sizing was wonky so I could fit into a smaller size. No such luck - I totally missed this when it dropped. Unlucky. Next time.
What size do you take, Greg?
@Epaulet, Mike, any new sweatshirts on the horizon?
In as well.
I am still trying to wrangle folks for a burgundy highland grain G&G Thorpe - I thought had five, so we were a go, but have received PMs back from two folks that had indicated confirmed interest. Back down to 4, so PM if you are interested and want more details. Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: