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Yea, I was hoping for a captoe of some sort. So maybe they haven't decided. But likely in for plain toe regardless.
I forgot how the pre-order system worked last time - did they have a discrete number of size 10s for example or was it more open, say we have 15 boots, have at it, irrespective of size distribution?
Specs, specs, specs please!!! I need to create a countdown app with teaser shots of potential brandy shell boot makeups. Nothing to see here...carry on.
That's pretty awesome in its own right but not the one I had previously seen. A bit less dark if I remember correctly. I will try and track it down.
NMWA, giving the people what they want!! There was an amazing Fox mid-blue herringbone tweed that I saw at a tailor last year that would make up beautifully in Formosa. Rather unique but really versatile. I want to track it down for you because it rocked.
So with the Inis MTO wrapping up today, I wanted to get in a last minute birdseye crewneck order. Wanted to crowd source my decision - what do folks think - #32 navy/grey or #39 steel grey blue/merlot? Love to hear any thoughts. Thx. Also, what was the timeframe for delivery? A couple months?
[quote name="j ingevaldsson" url="/t/130044/the-ultimate-vass-porn-thread/10440#post_ According to Rezso they are returning to Ilcea now when they are back in business, and the first new deliveries from them is due to the end of May/beginning of June. Much easier to work with just one tannery for the museum calf I guess, instead of three different ones as it's been this winter.[/quote] Super helpful information - thanks much. I will wait to place my order in June-ish so...
Question for @Notch (or anyone else who has recently seen Vass' gold museum calf) -- there was some talk up-thread regarding Ilcea getting back in the game and I am familiar with their museum calf. I am considering ordering a pair of Vass gold museum calf double monks and I like the quite mottled museum calf that I have seen from John Lobb when they used Ilcea. Some of the recent pics of Vass museum calf seems more subdued and less mottled than I would like. I was...
Shell is now $425 -- first price increase I have seen in 4 years. Makes sense now that even #8 can go over $700, when only a couple years ago it was in the high 500's.
10D has a #8 PTB and Natural CXL Wingtip for those who are interested. And 10.5D has #8PTB with natural edgetrim and Natural CXL longwing. Have it them, fellow aficionados.
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