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oh christ... and this video http://www.ralphlauren.com/shop/index.jsp?categoryId=11757742&ab=global_men_denimsupply Its like an addiction to irony? Doubly ironic? WhyTF are the "authentic" characters - the bohemian, artist, free-spirit analogs - waiting for the snap of the clapper board? Its like the design agency is yelling out, this brand is a total f'ing crock of shit. We are going to insult your intelligence and laugh that you don't even notice. We'll make...
oh god. Using Chrome on a Mac on that RRL site is a nightmare.
I have an idea about shirt fit. The seam that joins the shoulder with the sleeve; ideally, where should it lie? If it is too far down the slope of the deltoid, it looks odd. It throws off the proportions and the shirt looks droopy. If it is too close to the neck it looks... not nearly as bad. I feel the natural location for that seam should lie along the furthest unmoving part of the shoulder when the arms are raised and lowered (like a skier pushing off with poles)....
Wait, are we tipping SAs now?
Agreed. I voted for glenplaid but would really like to see a light gray as well.I just made my first order this week and am excited to see the goods! I really like that one can buy extra pants and/or a vest separately... I've actually never owned a 3-piece suit but it's nice to have the option. I wonder what the sales have been like on the vests?
damn... i wish the 8181 Burnt Pine Calf were not sold out! do they have an email address anywhere on the site? I can't find it.
You probably shouldn't think of the clothes that you wear as investments. They are consumables.
Do you mean Skyer?
The shirts you describe fit me the same way. I have a big neck relative to chest/waist and I find the BB ESF to be big and poofy. J. Crew Slim fit is ok. Nordstrom's Calibrate is pretty good but now that I look, they don't seem to have no-iron. I thought they had Calibrate "trim fit" & "smart-care" but can't find it on their site.
Just received a pair of AEs from Allaboutshoes. Just what I ordered, flawless. Turn around time was two weeks exactly, probably would have arrived sooner if not for the holiday weekend.
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