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Wait, are we tipping SAs now?
Agreed. I voted for glenplaid but would really like to see a light gray as well.I just made my first order this week and am excited to see the goods! I really like that one can buy extra pants and/or a vest separately... I've actually never owned a 3-piece suit but it's nice to have the option. I wonder what the sales have been like on the vests?
damn... i wish the 8181 Burnt Pine Calf were not sold out! do they have an email address anywhere on the site? I can't find it.
You probably shouldn't think of the clothes that you wear as investments. They are consumables.
Do you mean Skyer?
The shirts you describe fit me the same way. I have a big neck relative to chest/waist and I find the BB ESF to be big and poofy. J. Crew Slim fit is ok. Nordstrom's Calibrate is pretty good but now that I look, they don't seem to have no-iron. I thought they had Calibrate "trim fit" & "smart-care" but can't find it on their site.
Just received a pair of AEs from Allaboutshoes. Just what I ordered, flawless. Turn around time was two weeks exactly, probably would have arrived sooner if not for the holiday weekend.
PM sent
I do think the sleeves could be a bit longer.
I can't tell anything from these blurry photos, I need to see a youtube video of some jumping jacks, windmills, and overhead presses.
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