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You probably shouldn't think of the clothes that you wear as investments. They are consumables.
Do you mean Skyer?
The shirts you describe fit me the same way. I have a big neck relative to chest/waist and I find the BB ESF to be big and poofy. J. Crew Slim fit is ok. Nordstrom's Calibrate is pretty good but now that I look, they don't seem to have no-iron. I thought they had Calibrate "trim fit" & "smart-care" but can't find it on their site.
Just received a pair of AEs from Allaboutshoes. Just what I ordered, flawless. Turn around time was two weeks exactly, probably would have arrived sooner if not for the holiday weekend.
PM sent
I do think the sleeves could be a bit longer.
I can't tell anything from these blurry photos, I need to see a youtube video of some jumping jacks, windmills, and overhead presses.
Audio only version of a teevee show so some is lost but interesting nonetheless... http://itunes.apple.com/podcast/talk-asia/id427210134
Quote: Originally Posted by jhilly8982 Can't find a pair on ebay in my size for $230, they have used pairs but buying used shoes is like buying used underwear in my opinion. Only other option is to buy them at the AE store for $295 plus 9% tax (thank you Chicago) I paid $119 for the Cole Haan's. if you want decent looking shoes but absolutely don't want to pay the money for decent construction, check these...
Quote: Originally Posted by erk Outer Shoe measurments... what are they really good for, and where are they taken? Presumably, one can have several great fitting shoes with significantly different outer measurements. bump... anyone?
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