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In the same vein as this thread... Has anyone seen these Caruso sport coats in person? Any idea how the quality will compare to other Caruso items? About 24 hours left on the extra 25% off...
Murder Kroger is South Moreland, no?
I don't have actual measurements but I ordered and received a medium lambs wool v-neck but returned it because I thought it was too baggy. I have a ~39" chest, 34" waist. I have long arms so didn't try to exchange for a small.
Is this some sort of logic puzzle? Oh, I get it, wall street is only ~100 feet wide, therefore you can't be more than 50 feet within it?
dopey, huh? weird.
apparently, a moderntailor customer had that made up. I was looking through their fabrics and thought that one was so hideous someone had to have had it made into a shirt and checked the "let MT use your shirt in our advertisements" check box. surprise, I was right.
i want to see this in person...
this thread is so 99%
Can you please elaborate on this hierarchy idea? Hierarchy of what? Lets get to the point and dispense with this profundity through ambiguity nonsense.Regardless of where one gets their ideas, judgment still plays a role in what is actually purchased and worn. Unless there is some magic of the internet that takes away our decision making ability, I fail to grasp the mocking "dressed by the internet".
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