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apparently, a moderntailor customer had that made up. I was looking through their fabrics and thought that one was so hideous someone had to have had it made into a shirt and checked the "let MT use your shirt in our advertisements" check box. surprise, I was right.
i want to see this in person...
this thread is so 99%
Can you please elaborate on this hierarchy idea? Hierarchy of what? Lets get to the point and dispense with this profundity through ambiguity nonsense.Regardless of where one gets their ideas, judgment still plays a role in what is actually purchased and worn. Unless there is some magic of the internet that takes away our decision making ability, I fail to grasp the mocking "dressed by the internet".
Can someone please explain why it is a bad thing for one to get the majority of their ideas about dressing from the internet?
The site has an RSS feed where they post new arrivals.
americans fat?
I got one of these suits (155 and 120) this week but unfortunately it was a bust. It was the newbury rope-striped, I got the 40 reg. The fit of RLBL is perfect for me in 40L. The rugby jacket was WAY too short but the sleeves were pretty good. Also, the chest and shoulders seemed MUCH tighter than I remember the RLBL being... but then, when I tried on an RLBL suit I was a t-rex armed cyclist and for several months now I've been lifting, not riding.I'm pretty sure it...
Yeah, nice. I got the rope-striped one I linked earlier yesterday. 155 for the jacket and 120 for the pants. I had no idea the maker could be caruso. The other stuff i ordered shipped already today but not this stuff.
Thanks, well, I guess I'll find out for sure in a couple days.
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