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your tailor seems to be making a lot of assumptions.
I mostly shop online. It is very difficult to find if the trousers/pants are actually true to size or vanity sized. I typically find that there is a 5 cm difference between the two... i.e. a size 32 has an actual 34" waist. 5 cm.
shit, why did you have to go and make these shorts?
I wonder the same, it sounds like his dimensions are "short legs/long torso".
In the same vein as this thread... Has anyone seen these Caruso sport coats in person? Any idea how the quality will compare to other Caruso items? About 24 hours left on the extra 25% off...
Murder Kroger is South Moreland, no?
Is this some sort of logic puzzle? Oh, I get it, wall street is only ~100 feet wide, therefore you can't be more than 50 feet within it?
dopey, huh? weird.
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