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Where are you finding a comprehensive list of offerings/styles?
Waiting. I was so impressed with the Benjamin Trousers, I bought a suit. For the price, there is no comparison.Will the new trousers be made in more than the previous colors (navy, medium grey, and charcoal)? I think I would pick up one of anything you put out at this point
Yet complaining about the lack of said note card and personal greeting makes one sound like a sad desperate weirdo.
What size is this suit?
That motorbacon is precious
Tell me about that bike.
FU SF. I got this one.
I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you, but, you have a raging boner because... you're gay.
In the last box I got from them, two days ago, there was a note saying that they were not accepting returns for items purchased after some date in February (I can't remember now). I believe it was the day that it became a "final sale". If you purchased before that, I would assume your return will be processed normally.I wish I would have known they were going dark! I had my eyes on a couple more things.
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