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Will you be doing a size 33 waist? With the slight increase of girth in the American made trousers (as compared to the italian ones), I'm really hesitant to purchase the new 34s. The 32s are still probably slightly too small for me.
Interesting, do you often eat in front of a mirror, perhaps practice even, to make sure you look cool while eating?
Question... If the order is conducted via email, how do you submit payment?
want those in 12 :-/
It is a matter of trying to wrap a two dimensional plain (fabric) around a three dimensional object (your ass). You might have noticed whilst flying in planes across oceans that you don't seem to pass over the voids as depicted in this map: Same concept really.
Also Dude, Chinamen is not the preferred nomenclature.
That is awesome. Looking forward to more shirt selection. This week I wore my custom Kent Wang shirt for the first time in a while and was really loving how close to perfect the fit is. Your method of first trying on an actual sample and then making adjustments from that worked really well for me.
But hey... you get Gilt's fabulous prompt shipping and generous returns policy
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