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For me, PRL Custom fit in M is perfect after a few washes. I've only tried the KW in XL and after two washes it is almost perfect... a bit big around the neck as someone else has said. I've thought about trying the KW large but I already have more polos than I wear regularly.
Not stocking size 12 makes my decision much easier...
lemme guess... Tom Ford?
Wang has a MTM shirt program as well. Why not do that, figure out how to get your measurements correctly, then try the suit.
"Add to tote!"
I think he has confused you with the Wang.
Will you be doing a size 33 waist? With the slight increase of girth in the American made trousers (as compared to the italian ones), I'm really hesitant to purchase the new 34s. The 32s are still probably slightly too small for me.
Interesting, do you often eat in front of a mirror, perhaps practice even, to make sure you look cool while eating?
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