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Oh shrinkage I did not read, and therefor heed, the directions to wash in cold water. My fairly new Rivet Chino canvas pants are now a bit tighter in the seat and comically short. I guess I'll wash first then have them hemmed next time.
Anyone else get this notification from Fedex? Reason For Delay: 1. Shipment requires importer’s registration/identification number for clearance. (Examples include EIN, SSN, VAT, GST, RFC, etc.) Recommended Action: Importer must provide the required registration/ identification number.
So, uh, is this CBD?
For me, PRL Custom fit in M is perfect after a few washes. I've only tried the KW in XL and after two washes it is almost perfect... a bit big around the neck as someone else has said. I've thought about trying the KW large but I already have more polos than I wear regularly.
lemme guess... Tom Ford?
Wang has a MTM shirt program as well. Why not do that, figure out how to get your measurements correctly, then try the suit.
"Add to tote!"
Interesting, do you often eat in front of a mirror, perhaps practice even, to make sure you look cool while eating?
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