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Outer Shoe measurments... what are they really good for, and where are they taken? Presumably, one can have several great fitting shoes with significantly different outer measurements.
Quote: Originally Posted by poorman I finally got a bike. My buddy let me have his old Panasonic Sport-500. Where is the best place to buy parts? Was that bike left on a roof rack whilst parking in a garage?
the videos are hilariously contrived. Also, let me translate some italian to impress upon you the supreme importance of shoulder and back measurment to achieve proper fit... while wearing a jacket with terrible shoulder fit.
i'd love to get that black bedford in 11.5 G, is it sold out?
here is my race bike
I'm a fan of the 484 slim fit but only have bought it in cords... Somewhere between a levi's 514 and 511.
lately, endless.com has had 20% off on dress shoes >$150. Combine that with a 6.5% cash back if you click through from ebates.com and you've got a decent deal.
What an eff'ing waste. If you buy them on ebay, you won't be able to walk around the mall with your hermes bag, duh!
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH C&J A related question, I assume you mean the "handgrade" collection. Are the shoes in the "oxford" range also a good value?
C&J last for wide foot? For comparison, I just took delivery of an AE Strand in 12-EEE. I think it is a bit wider than I need but it sure is comfy! Looking for a nice plain black cap-toe oxford for my wedding but I have about 6 months to get something. I really like the look of the hallam and audley...
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