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What an eff'ing waste. If you buy them on ebay, you won't be able to walk around the mall with your hermes bag, duh!
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH C&J A related question, I assume you mean the "handgrade" collection. Are the shoes in the "oxford" range also a good value?
C&J last for wide foot? For comparison, I just took delivery of an AE Strand in 12-EEE. I think it is a bit wider than I need but it sure is comfy! Looking for a nice plain black cap-toe oxford for my wedding but I have about 6 months to get something. I really like the look of the hallam and audley...
Any RLBL suits, in 40L?
You need to punch them in the face.
Quote: Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak is that joe the plumber? sorry im new here.
Quote: Originally Posted by gotlighters so uhh... what kind of speakers do you guys recommend? As with almost anything, the first question you should answer is how much are you willing to spend?
I'm actually interested in the meet up but am worried my SO would call off the wedding if she learned that I was going to meet a bunch of doods from teh internet and talk about clothes. ...She's already annoyed that I spend so much time on triathlon, cycling, news, and technology fora. This forum participation is our little secret.
Ha, first post and completely unrelated to style. Why not eat real food? A bag of carrots and a hard boiled egg can be very filling and nutritious. If you insist on a bar, Larabar. Look at the list of ingredients for the flavor cashew cookie - cashews, dates, salt. The other flavors are similarly minimalist. The easiest way to make it to dinner with no lunch is to have a no-carb breakfast. Carbs drive hunger.
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