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$189 --> $170 --> $153 --> 137 "Low Drake Lace Up Boot"? Worn once! Not wide enough for my squares. Great quality leather, made in Italy. Purchased from Clad Men during their going out of business sale in 2012. Originally ~$450, purchased for $250 I think. Bags included but I no longer have the box.
Approximately 12E in US sizing. Hiro Last. Rubber sole. Purchased 7/2012 and worn perhaps 5 times, total. The last is not wide enough and I am now getting around to finding a new home for these. Bags and box included
MOVED TO CLASSIC MENSWEAR. Sorrry, I posted this in the wrong forum, so instead of bumping, I've created a new post in Classic Menswear and will be closing this one. Very good condition. Worn once! This last works great for a long narrow foot so I think this is actually more like a 12D, not wide enough for me. See pictures. Free Shipping to Continental US. Bags and box included.
certainly not
I ordered one of the lambswool v-neck sweaters in medium last year. I found it to be a bit too big in the waist, tight in the shoulders, and have comically short arms. I wear a 40L suit (6'1") and have broad shoulders and longer than average arms. I love HY pants but the shirts, sweaters, and jackets/suits don't appear to be designed for anyone taller than Jamison.
I bought two different lasts several months ago and am very happy with the shoes. The ones below I've probably worn 20 times and the wear is pretty good despite my lack of care. Any suggestions on a belt to wear with these? They are called light brown but I find them to have a bit more red hue than expected. The color in the Meermin picture is pretty close to true and definitely closer to the color than my phone pic. I've been wearing an AE Walnut belt with them but...
Hey Ben! Will the new location have a showroom? I just found out that I will be in London in November and for some reason the first thing I thought of was this post...
Oh shrinkage I did not read, and therefor heed, the directions to wash in cold water. My fairly new Rivet Chino canvas pants are now a bit tighter in the seat and comically short. I guess I'll wash first then have them hemmed next time.
Anyone else get this notification from Fedex? Reason For Delay: 1. Shipment requires importer’s registration/identification number for clearance. (Examples include EIN, SSN, VAT, GST, RFC, etc.) Recommended Action: Importer must provide the required registration/ identification number.
So, uh, is this CBD?
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