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so yeah i think the waistcoat is too short for me i'm a size 40R 6'1", 200 lbs a little snug and a little short on me if someone 40R and shorter than me is interested in the waistcoat, please message me i'll go and make a for sale posting
Herring Reading suede oxfords view of the friday night traffic on the 110 along downtown LA
how am i supposed to fasten the strap on the back of a waistcoat?
how am i supposed to fasten this behind the waistcoat? i purchased a waistcoat for the first time ordered from the outlet it's similar to what i linked above i don't know how to wear it lol and unfortunately, i think it's a little short ........ the back of the waistcoat doesn't go low enough and shows some shirt above my waistband and i am not sure how i am supposed to fasten the strap in the back (going to post a photo in next post)
where are you located?
it was purchased in 2016 during the outlet saleyes, for $200 i figured it's totally worth it even if i could only wear it a handful of timesthe suit is LOUDlooking forward to wearing it this summer
this morning i was digging through my closet looking for a brooks bros fitz glen plaid suit jacketand opened the garment bag containing this gemi haven't had the SS linen suit tailored yetneed to get around to doing that
i ordered the same suitsize 40Ri don't like wear stripes on my suit anymore... but for $200, i couldn't resistalso ordered this ...light blueLINENpeak lapelhuge gamblebut for $200, again, i could not resist
i ordered 2 suits 3 dress shirts 2 ties 1 carryall bag 1 wallet luckily there was only one pair of shoes that were in my size... otherwise i may have spent even more money
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