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i ordered the same suitsize 40Ri don't like wear stripes on my suit anymore... but for $200, i couldn't resistalso ordered this ...light blueLINENpeak lapelhuge gamblebut for $200, again, i could not resist
i ordered 2 suits 3 dress shirts 2 ties 1 carryall bag 1 wallet luckily there was only one pair of shoes that were in my size... otherwise i may have spent even more money
i'm sure it's been discussed on the forum before but it's very difficult to search for this because it brings up so many random hits any recommendation for an iron? to iron clothes
received my new shoes they are beautiful cannot wait to lace them up and wear them
http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Peal-Co.%C2%AE-Perforated-Captoes/MH00235,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00235_Color=BLCK&contentpos=7&cgid=0522 i happened to check a website that informed me of the 40% off shoes and accessories deal yesterday copped these online cash rebate of 8% (almost counters the 9% sales tax here) + free shipping my local BB did not have these in stock so i have not seen in person... i am hoping for the best
  could go for the triple combo together my suit is a much lighter shade of gray than the animated gif shows
why is this not snatched up even after being featured in the best of thread? where are you from, MrSam? payment via paypal?
definitely eye catching and a break from all the captoes i wear all the time i might have to pull the trigger on this with the 40% off
http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Peal-Co.%C2%AE-Perforated-Captoes/MH00235,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00235_Color=BLCK&contentpos=18&cgid=0522 who makes these? CJ?
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