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any photo of you wearing this? i want to see if the body is trim or kinda billows out
just posting some photos of my last suit made by Savile Row in Itaewon navy glen plaid
[[SPOILER]] navy glen plaid suitcan only see the pattern in the zoomed in photo
i hope you don't skip leg days ...because the napoli fits great up top but i can't wear the pants because of they are too tight for my legsnot sure if they can be let out enough to fit my quads
my first suitsupply suit i did not suppress the waist (think i will leave it alone) or slim the sleeves as i normally would just hem pants, take in pants waist, and shorten sleeves so the suit is wearable my ps is caught on the lapel and i need longer collar points to tuck under the lapels
That actually helps me a lotSince I NEED to buy some suits right away, I won't hesitate because I'm worried about overpaying when a sale is around the corner
Just found out there is a vegas store so I will be visiting there this week Does suitsupply have regular sales often like brooks brothers? I never paid attention to suitsupply so I am not familiar with their sales pattern
anyone have experience with the "dobby" texture shirt? the mini-BB store i went to today did not have any in stock and i got home too late to order online with the extra 15% discount so i'm thinking i will probably go to the bigger BB store and do an exchange but would like some feedback on the "dobby" texture right now, i have the mini herringbone non-iron supima cotton shirts
looking for your regular Brooks Bros shirts (non-OCBD) ...
can still ask the SA to make the order for youcan get shipped for free
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