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olive neumok seconds the right shoe is noticeably lighter but i can live with it for $100
mehi have no interest in shell bootsand christmas so far awayif i don't come across anything else, i'll just grab a golden fleece dress shirtthe suede boat boots ... i have a pair similar to thatisn't it kinda oxymoronic? boat shoes are such summer items ... but suede and boot makes it fall/winteri know i'm not going to be reaching for my suede boat boots until summer is over
i just gave victor a thumbs up... and then saw his signature box where it says ... please do not give his photo a thumb up... was that already discussed and beaten to death?
thinking about grabbing a golden fleece dress shirt with my 40% off coupon making a $225 shirt -> $135 that's probably the best deal i'll get on a golden fleece dress shirt from the store, right?
great outfit, victor but ... darn it how can i follow that up? here's my attempt at a menswear photoshoot
i went through an extended period of not having to dress up for work ... so i didn't have much to postonce i stopped posting regularly, it became too much of a hassle to keep up with the threadplus it was costing me a lot of money because i kept buying clothes and shoesi poke my head in here once in a while nowclaghorn stumbled onto my instagram and liked the photo that i just posted ... which led to me coming back and posting it here(there's your credit, clag )
[[SPOILER]] nothing too exciting, very classic menswear uniform
yesRLBL is pretty much the perfect SLIM fitting suit
small mathematical mistake$56Oops i am late to the party
waiting for info on the december sales
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