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  could go for the triple combo together my suit is a much lighter shade of gray than the animated gif shows
why is this not snatched up even after being featured in the best of thread? where are you from, MrSam? payment via paypal?
definitely eye catching and a break from all the captoes i wear all the time i might have to pull the trigger on this with the 40% off
http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Peal-Co.%C2%AE-Perforated-Captoes/MH00235,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00235_Color=BLCK&contentpos=18&cgid=0522 who makes these? CJ?
is Edward Green not excluded?
been away from the forum for several months so i don't know if it's been discussed here or not... has anyone tried suitsupply's MTM? your experience? worth it? 2 of the cuts fit me PERFECTLY up top... but the pants are always bursting at the seams i let out my pants to the max and i am always self conscious when i am sitting or crouching down (such as when i tie my shoelaces) so i want to try getting my pants made to measure next time
suitsupply ... can you PLEASE make some pants with more room? napoli jacket fits perfectly, i'm not even going to tailor a thing on it not even sleeve length (i was wearing suitsupply's try-on shirt in the photo which is why my shirt sleeves are sticking out so much) but the pants i am almost busting out of ... waist is perfect but the seat and hips and thighs are about to bust at the seams my tailor said there is just barely enough room to make it work ... so here's...
olive neumok seconds the right shoe is noticeably lighter but i can live with it for $100
mehi have no interest in shell bootsand christmas so far awayif i don't come across anything else, i'll just grab a golden fleece dress shirtthe suede boat boots ... i have a pair similar to thatisn't it kinda oxymoronic? boat shoes are such summer items ... but suede and boot makes it fall/winteri know i'm not going to be reaching for my suede boat boots until summer is over
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