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Yeah, at this point I was just leaning towards the A level, thinking that it will serve the purpose for a black tuxedo, but I'm far from an expert, so I didn't know if there were convincing arguments behind the others.
Hey Guys, So I've been working with Aaron on a MTM tuxedo (been a very pleasant experience so far). I've gotten down to the final stages and am in the process of selecting a fabric. Problem is, I'm not exact;y a fabric expert and it's pretty much impossible to tell online without this knowledges. Here are the recommendations he has sent me (for a black tuxedo): At A level, TRG004 at bottom of left column in Classic Four Season 2015 At C level, TRV12 at bottom of left...
Hey Kent, was looking to get a tuxedo done by the end of June for my wedding. I'd love to make an appointment for a measurement (want to get it right for obvious reasons and I don't have a ton of suit experience), but unfortunately I live in LA. Any chance you'll be in LA for a trunk show (or something of the sorts) in the next few months? Thanks for the help!
Great, thanks for the help! Replacing the layers definitely seems like the best option me me as its not overly expensive and avoids using taps.
Hey guys new to the forum and just got my first pair of Aldens! The pair I got is second hand and the rubber dovetails on the heel are a bit worn down. Is it possible for a local cobbler to replace these without replacing the entire heel? I'm new to the game and was hoping you veterans could help me out. Thanks!
Is it possible for a cobbler to replace the rubber dovetail on a pair of Aldens? I just got a bargain pair of Alden wingtips (my first pair) and they are generally in excellent condition, but the rubber dovetails are a bit worn down and I wouldn't mind replacing them.
Just scooped up a pair of brown wingtip Aldens that are made with pebbled leather. My first pair of Aldens. They are lightly used, but could use a bit of love. Any tips for maintaining and making these guys look pretty?
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