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I shall watch that over the next couple of days I think. Be good fodder for the train. Thanks!
Hi all, Not sure if this is the best place for this, but hey ho. Two questions: 1) My little boy was born last year and I would like to get hold of a bottle of something from 2015 that will be good to drink in 2036 for his 21st birthday. I have no idea if 2015 was a good enough year anywhere to have wines that might last this long. Looking not to spend too too much, but can stretch a bit, especially if it significantly improves the chances of the wine being still good....
I think the laws of thermodynamics would tend to disagree.
I saw something fairly unusual on the subway today. Got the shuttle from Grand Central over to 7th Ave and on track 4, the signs on the pillars said "14th Street". As I had been walking in I bumped into someone who I vaguely recognised. Then I realised it was Chris Rock. I guess they're filming something and the shuttle is the sensible place to do that because there are other platforms providing the same service. Kind of funky seeing signs for 14th Street at Grand Central...
I have indeed. That got shot down by my future wife. :-\
Ha! Exactly. Morning suits. Grey striped trousers, dark grey coat and a silver waistcoat.
Because I have 8 of them to get and the ones in my post are from thetiebar and cost $15 each, but the Hober one (which is very nice I admit) is $80 each, so $120 versus $640. Weddings be expensive enough already.
Can I trouble people for their thoughts on these ties for groomsmen? I think I like the third one the best...
I think it must have been the 2011, but I don't have it in front of me to check. Both bottlings are on the website for $349.99 I note.
Enjoy! That might very well be my favourite scotch. I got it for 215 sterling, which is about $340 at the moment in Heathrow duty free. I thought that was a pretty good deal. $300 is very good indeed.
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