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What? They don't ship to Europe.
Beautiful! Maker and model?
That's how they are supposed to be IMO. The sweaters you shows us are called half-zips, which I've never seen with a collar laid down. I like them myself, especially with shirts.
I read that the C&J 341 last is a bit roomier than the 348, which fits on the bigger side for me in UK7. However, it may be a longshot and if you were watching those before my comment I see no problem in letting them go to you!
Nobody should even go to that link, ugliest shoes I've ever seen.Gonna kop, please do not fight me.
Awesome stitchy! However, I think by letting the sunlight hit you directly in the front we might get a better representation about the fit, just my $0.02. Of course, I love the shoes, but I would like them even better with a bit more polish on the toes.
I don't have a pair from the Linea Maestro, but I have two pairs from the classic line and they are quite good value/money. If you go to meermin.es and click "Enter" you get the english version. I agree, that sizing is way off, I'm a US8 in AE, UK7 in C&J, Loake etc. and a size 7 in Meermin, while I am a 41 in EU shoes.
Would advise you to not buy the Loake Cannon, the last is not as flattering IMO. The leather isn't as good as the Meermin's either after what I've seen and experienced. The Meermins from the Linea Maestro is a good buy.
I take it for granted that you ordered the brushed nero? If yes, send them back. If I'm not mistaken this is corrected grain leather,which explains the shine. Get a pair of Meermins instead.
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