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I do not agree, I have used Viccel socks everyday for many months and have not had a single problem with any of my socks.
Shell horsehide ≠ Shell cordovan.
Agreed, the fabric is perfect; the feel and lightness of linen without all the wrinkling.
I agree, pleats for big-timers, no pleat for small-timers.
Already have a green, plain collar for my dachs, excellent collar!
Since suede is leather, it as well need conditioning as we use conditioners like Lexol, Saphir renovateur, Meltonian etc. on regular calf, no?
Neither can I, hence the questioning.
As swell as they look, my inner shoe care enthusiast questions the lack of conditioning of the suede.
Thanks, mine have had a round of reno, and they shined right uo.
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