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Luxire, chek out their thread here on SF.
I have ordered two different shirts from them, both OCBD. I love them, higher quality than any of my other OCBDs like Ralph Lauren and ModernTailor.
Included tracking and delivery at the door on my last two shipments at least.
Agreed, the darker green gingham is a perfect autumn shirt.
Will do! I don't at all advise this for everyone, but it removes some of the myth that anything else than Saphir Reno or wax will destroy shell.
Amazing boots!
This I absolutely agree, leading to a lot of new purchases!
For the sake of my wallet, I hope not.
Received the blue university stripes oxford shirt today; perfect cloth! My measurements are now perfected, and I know where to go when I need more. For people still on the fence, don't hesitate; you'll only regret it.
I received the vintage Florsheim Imperial shell cordovan longwings about a week ago; they looked decent for the massive amount of $51: What annoyed me was a tacky, white substance which covered both shoes; the seller probably used some kind of fat to renew the shell. I have read a couple of threads were vintage shell cordovan shoes have cracked as a result of dryness and dry rot, and even though these didn’t cost much I wanted them to hold. As I wrote when I ordered...
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