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Well, yes, I agree that double monks may be seen as a trend, but I know I will love mine for a long time. And jodhpurs in the summer?
I would personally go for a pair of dark brown shoes, maybe a pair of double monks or suede oxfords.
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Love it, Crat, but the pants are too light and faded IMHO, would look better with darker denim.
^ Fully disagree, you look awesome K.
I would buy this: http://www.kentwang.com/accessories/bauhaus-watch.html
Sorry for bringing this guy back, but this is as wtf as it can get. EDIT: I was wrong...
Appreciate the reply, Peacoat, I guess I'll leave it alone. After all, I'm purchasing from VT so it should be dry cleaned before.
I know this question is highly frowned upon, but how is washing a vintage peacoat by yourself? I'm contemplating purchasing a vintage peacoat, but I don't care for the smell of dry cleaning. Would filling a bath with cold water and some wool-friendly detergent (like woolite), swirling the jacket gently in the bath, rinsing it through with some clean water and dry it lying down work? Or would this just make a mess of the jacket?
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