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Fighting fire with fire.
100% correct, sorry for the mixup. No lexol on shell then!
I've read that, but he states otherwise here: http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?95971-Should-I-Moisturize-30-Year-Old-Hanover-Cordovan-Bluchers However, I have deceided to stay away from it, the reno seemed to condition them up good, and a small amount of the saphir cordovan cream should help a bit as well, as stated everywhere; shell is filled with oils already.
Received my shells today, and WOW, I NEED MORE SHELL! I started with brushing for about 10 minutes, then some saphir, and then more brushing; and they now look beautiful. I stayed away from lexol due to the uncertainty, only used some on the sole. Horween has said both; that it may be used and that it may not be used, but I'm waiting for my neutral saphir shell cordovan cream instead.
Looks like corrected grain/low quality leather as well as a bit too small, so it will probably don't get better.
Wow, absolutely beautiful!
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