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Not for him.
I find the probability that it helps a little higher than the probability that it hurts the sole, so I'll continue doing it as a part of my routine.
I think it has effect to a certain degree. After using my leather soles in the rain/snow they tend to get quite dry, and when the soles are dry the get porous which I would belive lead to quicker wear. However, the penetration effect of the conditioner may also be marginal, giving almost zero effect.
I do; I give them a liberal amount of lexol conditioner and a thick layer of Obenauf's HDLP when I feel like it or if they have become wet multiple times. I'm not sure if it has any effect, but I've read that conditioned soles wear less than dry soles.
Received my shirt today, and this is the best shirt/money I've ever experienced. The fit was excellent, just as I asked; the unfused bd-collar is exceptionally delightful to wear; the sky blue oxford is soft but sturdy, I couldn't ask for more! Advise anyone on the fence to jump in and try it, miles ahead of ModernTailer IMO.
Just ordered a pair of cheap vintage shell cordovan Florsheim's, as you are not a shoe connoisseur without having owned a pair, which I intend to test care regimes many here would describe as blasphemy. Stay tuned.
Woodlore to be precise.
The medium Jos. A. Bank shoe trees is almost as lasted trees in my UK 7 C&J 348's, well worth the money.
Which colors are available? What are the fabric choices? Est. price? This is awesome.
Thanks for the business proposal, but the revenue would not be sufficent to cover the cost of alternate revenue. Shipping from Norway is too expensive anyways, the price would only be a couple of dollars cheaper.
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