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Received the blue university stripes oxford shirt today; perfect cloth! My measurements are now perfected, and I know where to go when I need more. For people still on the fence, don't hesitate; you'll only regret it.
I received the vintage Florsheim Imperial shell cordovan longwings about a week ago; they looked decent for the massive amount of $51: What annoyed me was a tacky, white substance which covered both shoes; the seller probably used some kind of fat to renew the shell. I have read a couple of threads were vintage shell cordovan shoes have cracked as a result of dryness and dry rot, and even though these didn’t cost much I wanted them to hold. As I wrote when I ordered...
Wat?I have had the same feeling before! I'm currently working on my shell cordovan project, will post a lengthy update when I get home from work.
It doesn't take too many; it all depends on the technique. I remember I could use an hour getting a mirrored toe on one shoe, now I use about ten to twenty minutes per pair.
I'm sorry Lear, but you have misunderstood the reason why the mirror toe is desired; talking to a woman wearing a skirt? Slide your foot slowly forwards and look down.
^ Excellent advice IMO.
Wow, those look amazing! Waiting for my second shirt, almost can't wait to order some more!
As I pointed out to him when he tried to sell them here.
I think it looks like a narrow LO because he is bending forwards to take the picture and the pants are stretched across his forefoot as a result. I love the shell, and I think the bloom will lessen after some wear?
Pregnant -> bloated feet -> boots fit.
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