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The problem with turpentine, aceton and nail polish removers is that there is a greater chance of removing the factory finish, which I actually managed to do with some Alfred Sargents. After hours of applying various colors and waxes I managed to get them to look the way I wanted, but IMO the renomat removes what it is supposed to remove while the other solvents have a habit of removing everything; be careful! I know A Fine Pair of Shoes and the Hanger Project ships...
This is true, but after my own experience the turpentine often leaves the leather quite dried out. The renomat is not as bad with regards to the leather drying out, but are as good as turpentine when removing old wax.
Even though I'm studying for my MoS in Business I think I've spent singificantly more time reading and caring about shoes.
IMO Saphir Renovateur or Lexol cleaner is not very effective against wax, Saphir Renomat is in it's own league! I would remove all the wax with Renomat and conditioned them liberally twice with Lexol conditioner with regards to what G-man over here said, and then use one coat of Saphir Reno, one coat of Saphir dark brown cream and then applied some dark brown wax on the toes and heels.
These are going to look so awesome I almost can't restrain myself!
My RL marlow seems a bit dry now and then, but some clear saphir shell cream give them substantially more shine and they seem pretty conditioned. .
Way to live up to your username. Firstly, I suggest you not use cream polish on shell, rather go for the Mac method. Secondly, did you rip the whole thread of, or just some of it? A pic. would be nice.
I'll probably go for a Barba, Borrelli or Finamore collar on my next order:
For my winter boots I was thinking about getting the Bexley Enfield, a cheap but classic boot on a rubber sole. Treat it with some Obenauf's HDLP and wax on the toes and heel, and they will be ready for everything while not looking like work boots.
Yep, there are several layers of glue that holds the sole together as well.
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