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WOW, excellent Stitchy!
Couldn't wait for the sale, somebody sold a pair here for a reasonable price. Almost can't wait for my first shells! Of course, I have read at least a few hours about how to take care of shell, and Ive found out that Venetian Cream and Saphir Reno are both good to use. I have already used Reno since I joined here, bet getting Venetian to Norway seems to be an expensive affair, about 5 times the cost of the bottle itself. Is it really neede or can I live with saphir reno...
Yeah, read great things about the oil as well.
The Wolverine 1k boots are beautiful, but they are made of the lovely chromexcel leather which is a pull-up leather. Hence, the leather will scuff easily but it will be able to buff out. However, it will be difficult to polish these to a good shine, but I think the ruggedness of the boot is not pairable with high shine. After using Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP on some of my boots and seeing Crane's (check out his excellent threads over on Streetwear & Denim) method for applying...
I would personally not waste so much reno on a jacket. I would advise you to try out Lexol Conditioner.
If I'm not mistaken, those are the RL Marlow? I know you're usually a Alden guy, but even the medallion looks the same.
I don't know where southernstyle is from, but let's say ~Texas. http://www.yr.no/sted/USA/Texas/ I'm actually omw out to change the tires on my car. FML. E: For the yanks, that's about 86 F.
Have a separate brush for Obenauf's!
It all depends on your workplace. The tan looks awesome and gets a nice, rugged patina, but is for me a little to casual. The green was perfect fort me, and almost looks brand new after over a year with almost everyday use.
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