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What are you guys doing to them? I have some OTC WW hat have been used about 30-40 times, and they have only faded slightly. I have about 10-15 pairs now, and non have formed holes.
Thanks for the help guys!
Yo guys why u dimple your tie LOL it looks like it's broken or something haha lol Yes, please let this stay a secret.
Sorry for the mega-noob questions, but I have been beating myself over not buying the shortwings last sale; - If 7UK in the 348, 7.5US in these? - What do you got to do to get the 40+15 sale? - When is the sale going to be? - How certain is it that the RL Marlow will be in it?
It always annoys me that Harvey opts for the Windsor and not the (D)FIH.
^ Why we like reflections of ourself much better than pictures.
Fall has arrived, time to bring out my first, but definitely not last, tweed. The pants are navy, but the distortion makes them look a bit purplish. RL Polo (Thanks, Citan!) Eton No-name PS BB Milano Viccel Herring Richmond
Have you seen the Seiko 5 Sports?
I personally don't like it at all, it looks way to blobby.
Those are nice!
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