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Looks like his PS is giving us the finger. And what car is that? Aston?
I personally can't think of going for either brown or tan after using my otter 257 for a year and a half, love the patina and richness of the canvas, and the contrast to the brown leather.
^ Agree.
Haha, not at all, as one can see from this thread I'm no more than a caveman discovering the wheel with regards to some of the connoisseurs.
Edit: Double-post for seriousness.
I need those in my life.
That pretty much summed up the steps, yes. I would advise you to read Hanger Project's guide on shoe shining to get better insight, I find it excellent. As for your questions: 1) No, it's a cleaner and conditioner, more like neutral cream, but thinner IMO. 2) The difference is small, but I either use a brush with softer bristle or a microfiber glove to achieve more shine.
But they are not on the Capital last. You have the Kempton with dark brown suede.
They are, mine are of steel.
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