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Call him.
^ Totally wrong. I would go for the PA, but FA is also a possibility. I would go with the pair you like best. Remember to give them some polishing before wear.
It is possible to shorten sleeves on a jacket with working cuffs more than 1/2", but it's pricey - they have to take it up from the shoulder.
With feet there is no definitive answer, but for me they are quite identical in fit, but I have slightly shorter but wider feet than a normal size 7.
I would try them on first, I can't vouche for it being a perfect fit for everybody! There are some for sale on the B&S here and on eBay if you know your size as well. For MTM chinos you can try tailorstore.com (haven't tried these nor read any reviews) and if you have some cash to spend on jeans Ramalhoni, a user here, is starting up hist MTM jeans program in august.
I have a pair of C&J Lowndes on the 348 and my black cap toes on the Hiro is almost identical with regards to fit, only shorter and rounded.
I'm in the same boat as you with a 31" waist, large thighs and 40" chest. I would recommend trying a pair of Brooks Brothers Milano cut chinos. By far some of the best chinos I've own, and the fit is excellent.
I really hope so, it looks decent! I'm feeling navy trousers with it, sounds acceptable?
The leather looks cheap IMO, but I may be mistaken.
I can agree that the buttoning point is pushing it and it may not cover his rear completely, and that fashion has embraced ridiculously short jackets. What I don't agree is that the jacket in the picture is "correct"; I feel it is as ridiculous as too short.
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