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Dude, he uses a FIH, that guy's legit!
Takes about 7-10 days. Two pairs of forest green and one pair of purple.
I actually just ordered my ~15th pair, great socks for the price. Just wished there were some burgundy colored ones. And I read something about that stripes may be coming soon as well.
Wow, comments like these make me cringe, no point in acting like asses. From my, quite inexperienced, eyes I would say it looks a bit off; - The sleeves are too short, take them to a seamstress/tailor and ask if they can take it out a little. - The sleeve pitch is off, but the cost for such an alteration is too much to be justified. Pants: - 1-2 inches too long, have a seamstress tailor hem them. - To short rise. Shirt: - Too big collar. - A bit much fabric around the...
Use the link on Kemal's signature to get a discount. I love my OTC winter weight.
Gotta keep cool, but they are just so damn nice. If somebody are 100% on ordering a pair when the sale comes and wants to help a fellow SFer, I'll be more than happy to pay a premium for the help. And that folks, will be the last of my nagging, thanks for the help.
If you are getting Viccels I highly recommend the forest green.
Yes, to have somebody order them for you in the U.S. and pay them. I just noticed that they are on sale for 25% off. Better to wait a month?
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