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Edit: Double-post for seriousness.
I need those in my life.
That pretty much summed up the steps, yes. I would advise you to read Hanger Project's guide on shoe shining to get better insight, I find it excellent. As for your questions: 1) No, it's a cleaner and conditioner, more like neutral cream, but thinner IMO. 2) The difference is small, but I either use a brush with softer bristle or a microfiber glove to achieve more shine.
But they are not on the Capital last. You have the Kempton with dark brown suede.
They are, mine are of steel.
As said, it was my opinion. Black, round, blubby ptbs are also an oxymoron in my book, even though they are classic.
Depending on the last you are wearing, how it fits and which Meermin last you are looking at it's very hard to give advice as all feet are different. I have a pair of AE Fifth Avenues in US8 which are slightly loose, while the black Meermin cap toes in size 7 is perfect.
Thanks for elaborating, Stirling, highly appreciate your detailed explanation of why Glenjay is wrong.I agree, but I still do it myself, both to increase the water repellent effect and because I like the look of a shined toe. However, I don't understand black longwings with pebbeled leather, or black derbys at all; to formal to be anything less formal than a half brogue IMO.
You can do both!
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