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Remember to not bull too intensively, may lead to some awkward conversations.
Using an iPad as a polishing mat is next level shit!
O.J. flannel trou Viccel RL Marlow
Luxire OCBD Merino v-neck Michelsons brown knit tie Christopher Ward watch O.J. flannel trou Viccel RL Marlow
I don't rate in absolutes.
A dark olive instead of a yellow tie would make this perfect IMO. However, I'm quite biased against yellow ties.
Here it is quite a lot cheaper, as expected. I have noe idea why it's so expensive directly from AE, seems to be the norm when shipping to Europe from U.S.-based sellers. However, I don't use sole dressing as I like the more natural look of a waxed sole.
Shipping to Europe might be a reason:
Yep, I actually tried it out and had gone from a very good shine to a mirror shine after about 5 minutes as a result of go to this method of shining.
Excellent shine video and beuatiful shoes!
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