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Thank you very much for your post, highly appreciate getting another point of view; really opened my eyes. I will surely take it for thought for later, and not treat my other shell cordovan the same way. So for people buying vintage shell cordovan, follow this guy's advice! However, I will keep on documenting on the effects the Obenauf's going to have on my Florsheims.
E: nvm
I read it all the time here on SF, people advising against using any cream etc. I may agree that I hyperbolized a bit.I fully agree on the overkill; I certainly won't use Obenauf's on my other shell cordovan pair (for now) the RL marlow, but I won't be as afraid of doing harm to them as I were before.Cordovan is extremely resilient and often outlast calf leathers which gets destroyed by as much crap treatment as shell can go through. The reason I deceided to experiment on...
My first ever quality shoe (C&J) along (besides/next to) with my most recent purchase (G&G).
Thanks Patrick! I don't expect them to shine like mirrors, but I hope after some use they will obtain the typical shell shine. I'm currently contemplating order a bottle of Filson boot oil (almost the same as the Obenauf's oil, just cheaper), as Crane's used on his Wolverines 721s.Yes, I've been reading everywher that shell should not be used with this or that and deceided to see if there was any truth to the opinions other than norms and myths. Of course, a experiment...
People don't seem to understand the difference between slim and tapered.
Luxire, chek out their thread here on SF.
I have ordered two different shirts from them, both OCBD. I love them, higher quality than any of my other OCBDs like Ralph Lauren and ModernTailor.
Included tracking and delivery at the door on my last two shipments at least.
Agreed, the darker green gingham is a perfect autumn shirt.
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