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Here are some, it is possible to see that there is no harm done to the leather, which has been treated with Obenauf's HDLP once per year.
348 fit for my semi-wide feet.
That bag does not look vintage, it looks like it just has gone through a washing machine and has it's leather sanded down. The wavy form of the zipper leads me to belive it has just shrunken a bit in the wash. What a ripoff.
I washed my OG 257 in my top-loader with some washing powder and put it through a spin for about 20 minutes at 40C. Then I took it out and washed it thoroughly in the shower with the shower head, soaking it repeatedly with lukewarm water. After letting it dry for two-three days, I waxed the entire bag with Fjällräven Greenland wax and put Obenauf's HDLP on the leather parts. The bag actually went more stiff after drying, but softened up after waxing. It shrunk a bit,...
Beautiful. I actually did exactly the same on my 257 yesterday; it looks close to new again despite three years of everyday use.
They were from the Classic collection.
The heel is ginormous IMO.
Yes, I did.
Thanks! The DMs are C&J Lowndes, only the black captoes are Meermin.
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