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I have a pair of AE fifth avenues that have a crack in the upper. I suspect it is from overconditioning as these have been my test shoes. They have seen everything from coconut oil to lexol to obenaufs as well as polishing with various Saphir products. After seeing them crack I understood that it isn't positive for the leather to be overconditioned.
Are these pictures taken with a suit on?
I had to throw them away, the shell rotted up. However, I suspect they were dry rotted before I received them.
What is the fabric? The color looks great!
I would advise you to check out the streetwear and denim (SW&D) part of the forum, it might cater more to your style direction.
Cost and time of glueing them together yourself
The problem is that the structural integrity of the shell is compromised and that the hole will most likely enlarge over time.
I would send those back.
A card holder and portfolio in racing green would be ridiculously awesome.
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