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Old pants or the old pants pattern? If you have the issue on a pair I would suggest talking to a local tailor.
Thanks, Steven. They all look amazing, by far one of the best boot group shoot I've seen in a long time, if not ever!
Love them all, but the olive WT boots are excellent. Deets?
^this. After what I've read it's advised to condition lightly after the leather has been overly wet. It's better to condition lightly a bit more often than only a few heavy coats.
Even if it sounds silly, this is usually what leads to cracking in leather. Dry leather only speeds up this process.EDIT: Found a post from DW to back up the claim.
I used lexol conditioner on my Marlows a couple of months ago; they sucked it in like it was nectar from the gods, and I have not had any problem with dryness afterwards. They darkened some, but did not go cloudy as they did when I used Reno. Some wax and microfiber buffing resulted in a beautiful shine.
This guy thinks otherwise. However, I have read more about it being synthetic oil as you're saying.
The toe box is noticeably roomier on the Forest vs. the Rain, making it perfect for people like me width a wider toe span.
Regarding brain tanning; I read somewhere some time ago that Lexol conditioner might be made from such dressing solutions.
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