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Yes, they use a long time, if ever, to break in properly.
It looks very good IMO! As an aficionado of wide lapels, I would rather increase it with 0.25".
Thank you! I will probably go for the soft briefcase instead as I need a little more room. But, as I understand, they are made form the same leather, which was what I wanted to look at in the pictures. However, a dark racing green portfolio later would be awesome. Dark racing green leather >>>>>>> Navy.
A black leather belt with a stainless steel buckle is a classic. You will meet people in crappy suits, shoes and especially belts everywhere in the banking/consulting business - nobody cares what leather your belt is made of as long as it is black or dark brown. This is from a guy in the banking business with a black belt with a stainless steel buckle omw.
It looks amazing.
The 348 last is a perfect fit for me as well, and when I tried a forest lasted oxfords they were like bespoke; my feet created suction when I tried to remove the shoes.
The Holborns are on a wide last while the double monks are on a normal-width last, of course they are smaller. It also takes dozens of wears to mold the shoe to your foot. The toe looks normal; it is a very high-stress point of the last.
They look great!
Why, you little!
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