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I have slightly wide feet, especially at the toes, and Rain is too tight for me widthwise while the 915 is close to perfect. I think the 915 fits like C&Js 348 albeit a bit less elongated and with better arch support, and looking a hell of a lot better; it certainly looks like a top-tier last. I received my balmoral oxfords this week, and they have quikly become one of my favourite pairs. I will write a review ASAP.
I tried to like this post twice. Shit, these are baller.
Excellent wrtie-up and a very nice shine! I would love to see how the shoes of others has developed over multiple wears.
This guy either seriously lifts or seriously doesn't.
Dainite soles lasts a lot longer than leather. You don't need to change soles even though the thread has been compromised.
Approx. $30.
I would wait it out if I were you, let them dry for a couple of days. Renomat is pretty harsh for the leather and I see no reason to use it instead of waiting.
I think it might look like you're wearing a pant around your neck.
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