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I wouldn't polish them.... However, I do spray them with a suede protector.
$40 incl. shipping in Norway coupled with outrageous fees if that limit is breached, would love to be in Swizzy. Plus your currency has appreciated against every other currency, making foreign goods cheaper; our has only depreciated and esp. against the dollar.
So just use turpentine then?
How to revive old polish:
Well, I think he talked about boots without laces. However, the elastic on the side of chelsea boots might mitigate the effect of using shoe trees. However, I don't use shoe trees with my RMs, and they don't crease nearly as much as those did.
Shoe trees are not recommended for pull-on boots by DWF.
They look too big for your foot, that is absolutely excessive creasing.
Is there something to let out in the inseam?
Goddammit, no international shipping.
Is the Styleforum discount over?
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