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Seiko SARB035 on a leather strap is pretty nice!
TL;DR: - Use shoe trees - Brush after wear - If dirty, use a wet cloth and then brush - Use either Lexol Conditioner or Bick4 to condition them - Sparingly use a small amount of colored shoe cream to cover over scuffs
That sounds about right, if you want them to fit like socks you probably have to go bespoke.
Wow, excellent sweater!Laughed from this though:
Great work! However, I don't understand why the Hiro boot last has such a high instep and tall toe space. I would have loved this on the Olfe or Elton last.
I would use water to clean them, and stop there. The leather is inherently waterproof since they are coated and the neutral wax might even take some of the finishing off.
Wet leather, especially at the toes, gets quite moldable. This seems to be a result of wet leather soles plus a gait that results in more than normal wear on the toes.
Did the sole get wet when you wore them?
Washing wool pants at home without them looking like crap afterwards is only something the wool rich will give you, at least without a lot of hassle; I would not recommend doing it to the VBCs.
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