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I am personally a bigger fan of criss cross lacing on boots, http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/crisscrosslacing.htm, and then you can pass both laces underneath the slit.I was not referring to you with the last comment, rather to VRaivio.
I'd laugh my ass of if he responded to this with" Nephew, fuck you".
I suspect the answer to your first question is that the boots have speedhooks, which you don't use bar-lacing on. The answer to you second question is that you often get creases up to the point where the toe stiffener ends. Sometimes, this is shorter than the cap toe and the cap will be creased.
I have slightly wide feet, especially at the toes, and Rain is too tight for me widthwise while the 915 is close to perfect. I think the 915 fits like C&Js 348 albeit a bit less elongated and with better arch support, and looking a hell of a lot better; it certainly looks like a top-tier last. I received my balmoral oxfords this week, and they have quikly become one of my favourite pairs. I will write a review ASAP.
I tried to like this post twice. Shit, these are baller.
Excellent wrtie-up and a very nice shine! I would love to see how the shoes of others has developed over multiple wears.
This guy either seriously lifts or seriously doesn't.
Dainite soles lasts a lot longer than leather. You don't need to change soles even though the thread has been compromised.
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