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Of course, but the lapel, shoulder and pockets all looks awesome, and are easily transferable with the order number.
Would you be interested in informing about the order number and price?
Everybody walk the dinosaur!lol
This is correct.
Shell is great in the rain, they just don't look great afterwards.
How is the Ron last with regards to the Olfe in both toe room and heel size?
Looks pretty good!
The fit looks pretty good; the eyelets should not meet at once - for some the eyelets never meet. The more important thing is how they feel.Wrong is a bit of an overstatement; for people with lower instep the eyelets might come closer than for other people, but more important is the width and length of the foot and how the shos feel overall.
Not with such huge leg openings and cuffs IMO. Awesome shoes though.
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