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The Galway is not a boot, it is art. Galway is love, Galway is life.
I wish I had the balls.
Do not do this. Some lexol soap might help a bit, but I would just live with it; further stress of the leather only causes harm.
Those are usually talking about their US Brannock size, which is 1 size larger than the UK size.
I am wearing my lightgrey twill pants today that I received yesterday. The thickness isn't overly noticeable, the fabric just feels very sturdy. The fabric is a bit warm, but this is to be expected from 14 oz of wool. The pants fits very well, and Luxire has absolutely the problems with the back rising up the crack.
+ ∞Wish I had 1 size bigger feet.
You could try some lexol conditioner to soften the leather, but now that the shoes have been creased it is difficult to change. However, this is why you pay a premium to try shoes in a store; there is nothing wrong with these shoes - AEs does not have very high quality leather and dissimilar creasing is almost to be expected.
Or just use a small amount of contact cement.
What is the thigh and leg opening measurements?
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