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http://www.meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?idioma=eng&id=4393 Homerun! If it had rubber soles and was built on the Olfe I would be all over it.
As well as related to shoe size. For my US8D feet, the variation between 7.5" and 8" leg opening is very noticeable.
I have both the Alumo White Poplin and White Broadcloth, and I favor the broadcloth.
The only negative effect you may encounter is that the polish might rub off on your clothes. I would just take a towel and rub it thoroughly until you cannot spot any rub off.
They covered it on my last order when I did pay $25, but have recently changed backed to the old system for Norwegian customers.
They have also gone back to the old system where the shipping cost does not cover taxes, which is quite a bummer as this increases the total by about ~30-40 per cent, depending on order price.
Well, it depends. Not everyone needs steel toe taps, if the middle of the leather sole is worn through before the leather at the toes are gone without toe taps, there is no advantage to them. However, if you go through the soles at the toes first they will increase the life of the sole. I have not heard about causes of them leading to pain while walking, but I have no first hand experience with toe taps.
My first thought as well.
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