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However, this is only for the interview itself; after you have been hired they are fully okay IMO.
Most of times people don't care what shoes you are wearing as long as they are somewhat formal. However, I would not take the chance of those few who would think you were weird for wearing boots to an interview; this is not the point to distract focus away from the presentation of yourself to what you are wearing; I don't even wear a pocket square during my interviews.
Yep, it depends on the business culture.
I wish I could say yes, as I love black bal boots - However, boots in general are seen as bit of no-no in some business environments in my experience, even though they are nicer than 99 per cent of the squared-toed Ecoos other people wear.
Love the style, but the leather lacks a bit of depth IMO.
Excellent, thank you! The boots look baller.
What does this mean? When you specify the measurements, that is what you get - if you specify a 30" waist, the waist is 30". Please post info on your ordered measurements as well as pics of the real measurements.
On what basis?They look better than the last pair, should fit very well with jeans and khakis as you pointed out.
Thank you, it certainly helps. How is it regarding the width at the toes? The Olfe fits perfectly in half a size up from my usual size.
How is the Park last vs Olfe or C&J 348?
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