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A gift from my parents after finishing my M.Sc.. I remember looking at this exact watch for hours when I was a kid, being intrigued by the smooth movement of the seconds hand. My father got it for his M.Sc., and I hope I can continue the tradition. [[SPOILER]]
Amazing, the true one-shoe. Deets?
They probably took a chance that they recipient wouldn't care.
Lol, what?
In a perfect world, yes; however, lighter colored bags will be seen as less formal than dark brown/black/navy in many instances. I know that the cognac bag would lift some eyebrows at work, while the others are perfectly good.
I would choose either mocha or navy; just my $0.02.
Well, it depends on what you will be using it for. I work in a rather conservative business culture, so I am either choosing the black or navy.
Welcome to Norway, where a topy costs $100.
Seriously? That is crazy fast.
I have a pair of AE fifth avenues that have a crack in the upper. I suspect it is from overconditioning as these have been my test shoes. They have seen everything from coconut oil to lexol to obenaufs as well as polishing with various Saphir products. After seeing them crack I understood that it isn't positive for the leather to be overconditioned.
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