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This sounds great! I am just finishing up my studies and are (hopefully) in need for some new shoes soon. Getting a regular topy here in Norway is way overpriced; probably a result of cartel behaviour. Will certainly take you up on your offer some time soon.
I agree, but the extra cost of ~$100 has to be taken into consideration.
Ah shit. Too sad the Windermere or the Fauntleroy doesn't have rubber soles... I can attach a topy though! I'll have to think about it.
Do any of your lasts accomodate a wide forefoot, esp. over the toes? I fit C&J 348 and Carmina Forest very well, but Carmina's Rain, Meermin's Hiro and Loake's 026 are a bit tight.
Hey Roman, Just wondering; which one of the duo have Norwegian ancestry?
Black briefcase ordered!
The cobbler misunderstood.
I am selling a jacket that I purchased on SF, but clearing out for the fall as it is just too small in the chest. The jacket is a 3-roll-2 with a center vent and flap patch pockets (basically looks like normal flap pockets, patches blend into the fabric). The size is a trim 40R or S, but could easily fit a 38R. The wool is quite thick, spongy tweed but the partial lining (3/8 back; shoulders and sleeves only) makes it very versatile. Shoulders have a bit of padding, but...
This is the reason why I didn't purchase these boots with my 8D feet.
Of course, but the lapel, shoulder and pockets all looks awesome, and are easily transferable with the order number.
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