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Thanks for the excellent help, will keep this in mind!
Vass is the only other maker I really want to try; which last do you feel is most equal to the 915? As written, I need shoes which are a bit wider by the toes. And how did you size compared to 915?
Well, ASAP was possibly an overstatement.For a thorough review, use Google Translate on Shoegazing's website: http://www.shoegazing.se/2014/10/05/recension-yanko-rawley-cuero/His thoughts about Yanko are quite equal to mine.FitI have:- 7 UK in C&J 348 - close to perfect- 7.5 UK in Meermin Hiro - a bit big- 7.5 UK in Meermin Olfe - fine in width, but a bit on the long side- 8D US in AE 5 - slightly roomy- 7.5D US in RL shell cordovan wingtip - a bit tight over the toes-...
It's normal. http://www.styleforum.net/t/69958/proper-heel-height
Or cut your nails.
That is the jazziest shirt I have ever seen in my life! Awesome!
This should suffice: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Shoe-Brush-Free-Cloth-Polish-Kit-100-Pure-Horse-Hair-Bristles-Large-Size-New-/141206222252?hash=item20e08bf5ac:g:wCIAAOxyYSdTEHq0
"What are you wearing?" "Oh, it's just a fur-lapel with some overcoat attached."
Is there fabric available in the sleeves to let it out without showing a faded line?
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