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This is mainly what I've learned.
PCK, the elitism of your posts is seriously nauseating. I am not a fan of people coming into this with unsupported opinions which they throw around as absolute facts, but this is forum is for sharing information and exchanging knowledge, and correcting them with knowledge is a far more correct than doing it with petty posts. I have been a noob myself, applying various shoe care products to my shoes with the belief and "knowledge" that it was maintaining and even...
You don't have to like your babies.
Being excessively styled might be viewed negatively by some customers as they feel your focus is not only on your job, but on how you are perceived by other as well. Usually, this is from people who does not understand that being content with what you wear may result positvely in other fields, like work. I work closely with my firm's customers as well, and I try not to be overly styled and keep it quite CBD; navy/grey suits, some with faint patterns, white/blue shirts,...
I like darker laces, but the rest is awesome.
Smooth leather should not be waterproofed with spray IMO.
A few thin coats of polish is not endangering the leather, and there is no point in trying to remove it, as it will slowly diminish over time. The leather can still be conditioned and will develope a nice patina as long as you don't soak the leather in oil.
Nope, it is correct, just resoles are often limited to 2-3 times, while complete refurb at the manufacturer where the gemming is changed yields 5-6 resoles after what I've read. However, handwelted footwear are able to be recrafted as long as the holdfast and welt holds.
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