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I know, I am waiting for a restock which is due in some days.
This is better than the felt option:
Well, it is difficult to say what is the best way to treat shell cordovan. However, my take on non-acrylic-finished shell (everything else than Alden), is to condition it with Lexol conditioner (brown bottle) or Bick4. After that, use some wax to get the shine back.
Well, the leather in itself may not be bad quality, but it is cut from a marginal part of the hide as far as I've understood.
Do you mean that there are tops and bottoms between the creases? That might be an indicator that it actually is a good fit. If you are used to there only being only one line of creasing, that might be a result of too much space in the vamp and a bad fit. Not always, but sometimes.
Yep, those look good.
Cordovan is a color, shell cordovan is a type of leather/membrane. Those are not shell cordovan.
Saved by the bell. Or more like the lack thereof.
I would do the patina, but with shades of brown.
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