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I would send those back.
A card holder and portfolio in racing green would be ridiculously awesome.
Read your blog post; amazing!
Unless they are a very slim fit, which should be avoided in the first place, I think it looks better with such a crease than when it is not taken all the way up.
Most probably. It is also insanely easy to manipulate sender's email-address.
Crap, too late. If anyone here purchased them and aren't happy, plase send a PM.
It looks like they are made from leather for american footballs. Probably a durable leather.
Nope, they are pretty equal with regards to quality. Loake suede quality is decent; my friend is very happy with his three year old beater Pimlicos - which I actually restored last week and are now looking like new after uncountable beers spilled on them.
I understand you haven't seen the new season of South Park; Kickstarter has been massacred by the Washington Redskins.
More info please.
New Posts  All Forums: