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I have one for calf and one for shell. I only use small amounts of shoe cream, so transfer i negligible.
It was just a joke. Great shoes!
Should send Shaq a tweet and congratulate him on his new shoes.
¿Por qué no los dos?
No need for introductions. C&J for RL Shell Cordovan Marlow Wingtip US 7 1/2 D on the 325 Last No original box or shoe bags $850 retail They won't get the amount of use they deserve after changing workplaces. Lacking good lighting conditions for good pictures, but the shoes are very well cared for. Please don't hesitate to ask if there is something you want to know or need more pictures.
This is a better option than VSC if you want to darken them.
Well, it all depends on what is comfortable for you and how much the leather will stretch. Most likely, 7 UK is the your correct size.
Yes, the 348 is quite elongated. Did yiu buy the shoes in regular calf or suede leather?
I have the same problem with my RL Lindicks; haven't found a solution yet.
I would advise you to post pictures.
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