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Okay, the major difference is "sleekness"/formality; the first pair is like a Ferrari, the last one a Land Rover Defender
The difference between the lasts are pretty significant, it is like asking what is the difference between a suit made of denim and one made of worsted wool, except for the fabric? The Elton lasted ones will look approx. like this: While the Bob-lasted ones will look approx. like this:
Damn, 7 is gone as well.
For sale are a pair of dark brown suede, quarter leather laced, Norwegian-front tassle loafers by Sulka in size US 7.5D, fits TTS. They feel and look amazing; the suede is soft and luxurious, the soles feels comfortable. They are in excellent condition; feels, looks and smells close to unworn. The outer sole measurements are 11" long and 4 1/8" wide. International shipping is $20. Shoe trees are not included. Please PM me for further inquiries. $160 -> $130
Depends, I use my OTCs WW basically year round, but it is ~25C during summer here. Any warmer and I use thinner socks.
I actually use both coconut shampoo and conditioner on my suede shoes; first shampoo and rinse, and then conditioner and rinse. I cannot verify if this is heathy for the leather or not in the long run, but the suede gets remarkably softer.
Yes, it is. There are a lot more pictures in the original listing:
You just used to much water and saturated the leather, happens to me sometimes as well. Just let it dry for a day and try again.
I have two one pair of Adidas Originals Stan Smith in "Night Indigo", size 8 US and 8.5 US. International shipping is $20.
I have two pairs of NWT Adidas Originals Stan Smith "Night Indigo", size US8 and US8.5, that are unused. International shipping is $20.
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