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Lint from what?
Is the shirt taught on the back as well?
All oil will darken the leather, Bick4 and Lexol conditioner will darken it less.
1. No, you should adapt to the following walking style to minimize the wear on the front edge of the sole: 2. Looks like a huge malfunction error, I would send them back and demand a full refund. Sorry, boring day at work, both are totally normal, just use some black wax or cream on both the front edge and mark.
The Burberry Prorsum trench coat is probably one of the best and well-renowned clothing in the world; it is basically impossible to not look good in. This is sized 38L(ong), but I have shortened it to a mid-thigh length. I am a 50R, and the jacket fits me very good. The arms on the jacket corresponds to the arms on my suits, which are 24.5"; if you have longer the arms might be let out by ~1 inch. The jacket shows no sign of wear in the fabric, it still looks...
I purchased these beautiful shell cordovan tassel loafers by Johnston and Murphy some time ago. They are sized 8D/B, and fits pretty true-to-size; they are delivered with tongue pads as I have a low instep, but these are easily removable. The shoes are in very good condition; no cracks or drying of the shell, and they are conditioned and lightly polished - ready to be worn! The sole edges are great and polished, and the sole is nicely beveled and have plenty of life with...
The colour difference between the pieces is actually something I like even though it shows less carefulness.
How are the toe box in the Soller last compared to Rain and Forest? Rain is a bit to tight for me, but Forest fits pretty good.
Well, there is some uncertainties on where the EUR will go; the EUR might appreciate if the agreement does not come through as this is a huge step in removing Greece from the EUR. However, the market is still trying to price this in, which is evident by the volatility in the exchange rate. The EUR will most likely be valued at the current level for some time ahead.
New Posts  All Forums: