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I agree, it looks a bit nutty.
My blue university stripes are lighter than those.
Haha, you certainly accomplished the challenge.
I love the shoes and the shine, but I don't like those laces on them and with those pants. But I'm quite boring. I like the socks as well, but not with green; a bit Hulky. However, the worst part about the post is the Barney - wait for it - Stinson quote.
They might be called E width, but they are certainly not wide. I received a pair of classic line black captoes on the Olfe in size 7.5 after having a pair of Hiros in 7 that are a bit too tight - I have a wide forefoot so the new shoes actually fit pretty well. The measurement of the Olfes soles are also 99.9% equal to C&J 348 in size 7, and they feel very equal as well.
I throw my underwear in as well, but that's it; my shirts have never seen the inside of a tumble dryer.
I would wear them with shorts and a shirt, but not with a polo. I would also not wear those orange socks with them.
US or UK sizing for the CJ 348? I have a wide feet at the toes and have quite a good fit with 7UK 348 and 7.5 Olfe.
Yes, that will keep the burnishing. However, if the area is nicked you may have to use darker polish to regain the effect.
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