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That looks amazing.
If so, I would consider if the cream is being applied too generously. I would not advise the use of neutral cream as it may leave a white residue in the creases.
Both mid-brown and dark brown will probably have no impact of the color, but if you want to be sure, go for tbe mid-brown. It is no point in overthinking this.
If you want to keep the colour, use a lighter cream; if you would like to slightly darken the colour, use a darker cream. I Often prefer darker creams and waxes to give the shoes some personality, but that is my preference.
Polish is nicer IMO.
I use shoe bags, never had lint from them. And if lint is sticking to your shoes, aren't they a bit sticky?
Lint from what?
Is the shirt taught on the back as well?
All oil will darken the leather, Bick4 and Lexol conditioner will darken it less.
1. No, you should adapt to the following walking style to minimize the wear on the front edge of the sole: 2. Looks like a huge malfunction error, I would send them back and demand a full refund. Sorry, boring day at work, both are totally normal, just use some black wax or cream on both the front edge and mark.
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