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How are the toe box in the Soller last compared to Rain and Forest? Rain is a bit to tight for me, but Forest fits pretty good.
Well, there is some uncertainties on where the EUR will go; the EUR might appreciate if the agreement does not come through as this is a huge step in removing Greece from the EUR. However, the market is still trying to price this in, which is evident by the volatility in the exchange rate. The EUR will most likely be valued at the current level for some time ahead.
Or it could be just the lasting which stretched out the leather so much that the grain disappeared?
Either the ones from Alden or from here: http://www.shoelacesexpress.com/waxedcottonflatdress.asp
Not for Norway. Canada, Switzerland, Norway: $15 flat shipping. Duties paid by customer.
They look awesome. I would change out the laces for some dark brown flat waxed ones (like Alden) and they would be stellar.
Most likely microfiber, I use a microfiber glove and it shines my shoes up like crazy.
That is basically what I meant, and I think ben meant that he only uses the t-shirt to remove polish.
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