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I give up.
So using something like Lexol conditioner does nothing for the leather?
What measurements or requests did you change to remove the wedgie effect? The cuff-buttons are there to let you clean the cuffs without the need to open and close the cuff.
Saphir Renovateur is not a very good conditioner; I would suggest using Lexol conditioner or Obenauf's.
I have had great results with lexol conditioner on both my Marlows and Lindricks; the dryness is close to non-existent, they are noticeably softer, and they have gained an amazing depth and shade. I use it quite generously, but you will notice when the leather is sufficiently moisturized.
I see this as more of a feature than a fault; it gives me the possibility of having a slim fitting shirt without constraining my movement.
Correct. This has been a problem with my pants, both Luxire and non-Luxire, and I've seen some others in this thread with the same problem. However, Computingboy may be onto something here.
They look excellent! How is the seat with regards to the going into your behind, especially regarding your need to lift them up?
IIRC You are supposed to resole when the first sole is broken through, making it as durable as a single leather sole.
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