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Nice! Looks a bit like my green 257, but I've made it waterproof with Fjällräven's Greenland Wax which made it look even more stained and patinaed. I love it.
Looks like it, maybe just oriented 90° maybe?
New Filsons are the ugliest Filsons.
Excellent rich brown linen double breasted jacket mad in Italy. The fabric is amazing, 100% linen, with a subtle linen texture. From a distance, it looks solid, up-close shows the depth of the fabric. quarter lined, so shoulders and sleeves. Quite lightweight and double vented. It is in very good condition, although, being linen, it would benefit from a press. Size 50 - fits a 38R or 40R. Measurements: Chest: 21" Should to end of arm: 24.5" (~1" to add) Length BOC:...
Authentic enlisted issued 1960s vintage VIETNAM WAR ERA US ARMY Military M65 OG-107 FIELD JACKET COAT. Very quality made and with a ton of life left. Overall, this jacket is in excellent used condition for being almost 50 years old, with no rips, holes, or tears. All of the snaps and buttons are still present and still work, and the zippers work smoothly. The interior labels are still attached and both the waist and hem drawstrings are present. There are some small stains...
This is a rare chance to buy a vintage Barbour NATO issue Motorcycle International. This truly stunning coat comes with a stiffened wax cotton belt. It is a size UK 38 (97cm). The condition is good; there are no holes, rips tears or cracks to the outer shell or the tartan lining. The jacket does not smell musty, but needs an airing to get rid of some of the wax smell a newly waxed Barbour jacket generates. The international range is a more fitted style than Barbour’s...
The shoes were spray painted brown, so I guess you could just spray paint them brown again.
Well, the difference is that shell cordovan is not a leather, but a membrane, so products might have different effects on shell than regular leather.
Too be fair, I add coconut oil to my conditioner, so it is probably that which is resulting in softer suede. Plus it contains no silicone.
Okay, the major difference is "sleekness"/formality; the first pair is like a Ferrari, the last one a Land Rover Defender
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