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Either the ones from Alden or from here: http://www.shoelacesexpress.com/waxedcottonflatdress.asp
Not for Norway. Canada, Switzerland, Norway: $15 flat shipping. Duties paid by customer.
They look awesome. I would change out the laces for some dark brown flat waxed ones (like Alden) and they would be stellar.
Most likely microfiber, I use a microfiber glove and it shines my shoes up like crazy.
That is basically what I meant, and I think ben meant that he only uses the t-shirt to remove polish.
Thanks, I hope so!
They look great!
Nonody will care, I would personally go for the dark green.
I would not have done it with the t-shirt; if you applied any force it's basically like sandpaper. I would just let it rest a couple of days and see if it clears up and then maybe use some wax to seal the shell.
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