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I think they would like great with some flat waxed laces, like Alden's.
So you are saying bricks might be a future segment?I'm just joking, the jacket, shoes and gloves looks great!
And now sunglasses?
Both yes and no; when I have had the same thing happen to me I strip off everything, condition to "reset" the color all over and then start the process again. Alternatively you can finish it with a more opaque and darker finish as this will cover the scuffs.
I am looking at the Madison loafer, they are absolutely beautiful. I was wondering if you could explain how the TMG last fits? How is it compared to the 348?
They look amazing, but I would prefer them darker as well. Maybe black () laces as well. They would look great as shoes as well.
A very nice pair of must have staple; the black calf oxford! They are lightly worn and have been very well taken care of, as the pictures shows. More information about this model can be found here: https://meermin.es/articulo.php?idArt=2033# These are a size 7, which equals to a 8US. The leather is supple and the soles shows little signs of wear; these have a long life left! Please do not hesitate to contact me for requests regarding information or pictures. SOLD
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