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Jesper is very knowledgable about shoes and I think he is correct. Loake, even the 1880-line, is not very good quality IMO.
Or possibly too much water.
Certainly not impossible. I have a 31" waist and a ~40" chest after some years of lifting, and I do not look especially athletic. A big back and lats with some mass in the chest quickly accumulates.
A gift from my parents after finishing my M.Sc.. I remember looking at this exact watch for hours when I was a kid, being intrigued by the smooth movement of the seconds hand. My father got it for his M.Sc., and I hope I can continue the tradition. [[SPOILER]]
Amazing, the true one-shoe. Deets?
They probably took a chance that they recipient wouldn't care.
Lol, what?
In a perfect world, yes; however, lighter colored bags will be seen as less formal than dark brown/black/navy in many instances. I know that the cognac bag would lift some eyebrows at work, while the others are perfectly good.
I would choose either mocha or navy; just my $0.02.
Well, it depends on what you will be using it for. I work in a rather conservative business culture, so I am either choosing the black or navy.
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