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I would go for 8.5.
Renovateur is a polish more than it is a conditioner; I would personally condition the leather better. However, I'm an opponent against the craze in the AE-thread of stripping the shell multiple times with Renomat.
Or, you know, just condition them lightly after all the Renomat and use them instead of destroying the leather? The shell will lighten with wear.
My Meermins has softened up significantly after some lexol conditioner and some wear.
Yes. http://www.quality-shop.com/world/carmina-732-oxford-black?___from_store=eu#country=NO
I would probably size up to 42L and have it taken in at the waist.
And the Leneovo and MacBook Air aren't laptops, they are usually referred to as ultrabooks. I use the bag with a 14" HP EliteBook 840 and it fits perfectly.
Lol, drug her, fly to vegas, marry, fly back, shoes..
If I am not mistaken; too frequent use of conditioner might cause premature cracking as the leather fibres might be overly saturated. People have made a hyperbolic comparison between leather and cardboard; wet cardboard loose all structural integrity when wet.
I suppose it's just cut from a part of the hide with a looser fibre mat. http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2013/06/leather-quality-how-it-varies.html
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