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Carmina without a doubt for me.
Not Loake and Herring's main line, they are on par or below Meermins classic line. Herring's premier line is however on par with Meermin LM.
Just from the top of my head: Better: Carmina (IMO), Vass, C&J Handgrade Approx. same: Yanko (I think), C&J Benchgrade, Cheaney main line, J. Fitzpatrick Worse: Loake
Then I would lay a trap for the cats and slowly declaw the guilty one in front of the other two to both assert dominance and show them that your shoes should not be touched.
That's totally normal.
Wow, the new GMTOs look great! If only they were on the Olfe...
Maybe if I buy these today they can break in before I die.
Probably used to much water while bulling, let them dry for a day and try again with less water.
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