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@Luxire, what is the darkest green cotton fabric for pants? I have a pair in military green that I am very happy with, but I cannot find a similar shade on the webpage.
However, this is only for the interview itself; after you have been hired they are fully okay IMO.
Most of times people don't care what shoes you are wearing as long as they are somewhat formal. However, I would not take the chance of those few who would think you were weird for wearing boots to an interview; this is not the point to distract focus away from the presentation of yourself to what you are wearing; I don't even wear a pocket square during my interviews.
Yep, it depends on the business culture.
I wish I could say yes, as I love black bal boots - However, boots in general are seen as bit of no-no in some business environments in my experience, even though they are nicer than 99 per cent of the squared-toed Ecoos other people wear.
Love the style, but the leather lacks a bit of depth IMO.
Excellent, thank you! The boots look baller.
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