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Love the style, but the leather lacks a bit of depth IMO.
Excellent, thank you! The boots look baller.
What does this mean? When you specify the measurements, that is what you get - if you specify a 30" waist, the waist is 30". Please post info on your ordered measurements as well as pics of the real measurements.
On what basis?They look better than the last pair, should fit very well with jeans and khakis as you pointed out.
Thank you, it certainly helps. How is it regarding the width at the toes? The Olfe fits perfectly in half a size up from my usual size.
How is the Park last vs Olfe or C&J 348?
Which Vass list is the most accomodating across the toes? I have semi-wide feet, but I do not have any taper between forefoot and toes. Carmina's Forest last sits like bespoke while the Rain is a bit cramped in the toes for me.
Should've called it The Ballergator!
It would look more awesome on the Olfe IMO.
Well, the shape is better, but why do you absolutely want horsebit loafers? The leather looks sub par; as do the construction.
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