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Too short.
I agree, Rain last is quite narrow around the toes; the Forest last fits me very well while the Rain last is too narrow for my toes.
This was absolutely not the intention behind my post, but, as I said, there is a difference between good quality and a good price/value. I have no where near the knowledge of Jesper, but have been reading and researching a lout around the topics of both shoemaking and leathers.What I like about Loakes are:Affordable and easily attainable.Reasonably comfortable.The capital last is pretty nice.Lots of rubber-soled models(personal preference).The thing I don't like about...
Try using an eraser on it.
I can't, this place is like Hotel California.
This is normal IMO.
Quality is not dependent on budget. However, as a recently graduated student I know the struggle of being on a strict budget, and I already own a couple of Loakes 1880-line; while they are excellent shoes compared to what 99.9% of people usually wear, my years here have made me understood what high quality really is.
Jesper is very knowledgable about shoes and I think he is correct. Loake, even the 1880-line, is not very good quality IMO.
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