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Hey Leaves, I'm visiting Stockholm next weekend, and was wondering if you got more of the «Carmina Work Wear» in size 7 available until then?
It is DHL that converts the currency, not Meermin, and their rate is as a result higher than what you normally would get.
Interested in the same as well! I tried to put some lexol conditioner on a pair of suede boat shoes, just to test; they are noticeably softer, but got some whitish residue on them - I would not recommend on doing it on regular suede. I think Glenjay is talking about regular shampoo with coconut oil in it, like this.
99% certain they are C&J Skye II.
Flip a coin; the side you hope to get is what you should do. However, I want to try so many different styles regarding shoes that I would need a lot before having two pairs of black dub-monks.
Thanks! Appreciate it, haven't seen this one before.
What is the best possible way to ship items to Luxire? I do not want to send my best fitting pants to have them lost in the post.
I just added one wolf to my green-cord wolf pack.
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