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Yes, it is. There are a lot more pictures in the original listing: http://www.styleforum.net/t/508993/guglielminotti-handsewn-italian-shirts-39-40.
You just used to much water and saturated the leather, happens to me sometimes as well. Just let it dry for a day and try again.
I have two one pair of Adidas Originals Stan Smith in "Night Indigo", size 8 US and 8.5 US. http://hypebeast.com/2015/11/adidas-stan-smith-night-indigo-sneaker http://www.nakedcph.com/commodity/3567-adidas-originals-stan-smith International shipping is $20.
I have two pairs of NWT Adidas Originals Stan Smith "Night Indigo", size US8 and US8.5, that are unused. International shipping is $20. http://www.nakedcph.com/commodity/3567-adidas-originals-stan-smith http://hypebeast.com/2015/11/adidas-stan-smith-night-indigo-sneaker
Purchased this shirt from inimitable in octotober, received it, had darts added and then found out it does not fit me. These would fit a size 38 or slim 40. Original listing here. Excellent shirt, looks and feels absolutely amazing. Details: Blue/white stripe poplin, with a luxurious hand Handmade buttonholes Hand attached buttons with thick, pearlescent MOP buttons Hand attached/sewn collar Hand sewn bar tack at the gauntlet Hand sewn placket running the length of the...
I know, I am waiting for a restock which is due in some days.
This is better than the felt option: http://www.skolyx.se/ilaggssulor/299-pedag-supra-ploeskudde.html#/storlek-herr_large_x_large
Well, it is difficult to say what is the best way to treat shell cordovan. However, my take on non-acrylic-finished shell (everything else than Alden), is to condition it with Lexol conditioner (brown bottle) or Bick4. After that, use some wax to get the shine back.
Well, the leather in itself may not be bad quality, but it is cut from a marginal part of the hide as far as I've understood.
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