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How can you not see it? It is clearly a crack in the shell on the vamp.
Of course, if the computer is only going to be used to browse SF and look at cat videos on YouTube, 8GB should be plenty for quite a while; a upgrade to 16GB is probably only needed if you run memory-heavy calculations/processes as statistical regression on huge datasets or massive calculations - neither I presume a cobbler does on regular basis.
Looks excellent, thanks for posting.
I would advise you too increase the ram with 8 GB more; the cost is low and it won't be a potential bottleneck IMO.
Congrats, they look awesome!
Beautiful collar IMO. Would it be possible to get a picture with a tie as well? Would be interesting to see how the collar handled it.
Well, more like second actually, but Norwegians don't play baseball.
http://www.meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?idioma=eng&id=4393 Homerun! If it had rubber soles and was built on the Olfe I would be all over it.
As well as related to shoe size. For my US8D feet, the variation between 7.5" and 8" leg opening is very noticeable.
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