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I agree; get a vintage U.S. Navy peacoat and have it tailored. You'll get a heavy wool peacoat which will hold you warm all winter and outlast you.
Have you ironed the shirt? If that doesn't work, wear the second button buttoned for a 30 minutes and it lays better the rest of the day.
It is in my opinion not in accordance with the essence of this thread. Would you post your RL sweaters for sale in the RL thread? Wouldn't every thread then be filled with random listings which would interrupt the discussions? If you want to profile them, just put them in your signature.
I know you are sick and tired of question wrt. sizing, but are there differences in width - especially at the toes - between the ptb and wingtip?
Lol, get outta here with that Timex-level piece of shit; this is not the "Broke hobo's watch thread".
Vostok Amphibia with the 420 case.
I would recommend the brown one, which is called Lexol Conditioner.
I would recommend Lexol conditioner.
I have tried a burgundy shell cordovan strap on two divers for a couple of years now, both a Seiko SKX007 and a Orient Mako XL (blue), but it just never felt right. I have now switched to a high quality steel band on the Seiko and a green perlon strap from Strapcode on the Orient and couldn't be happier. I would suggest trying out the brown perlon strap on the Seiko.
Dat moss suede tho.
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