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Lol, drug her, fly to vegas, marry, fly back, shoes..
If I am not mistaken; too frequent use of conditioner might cause premature cracking as the leather fibres might be overly saturated. People have made a hyperbolic comparison between leather and cardboard; wet cardboard loose all structural integrity when wet.
I suppose it's just cut from a part of the hide with a looser fibre mat. http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2013/06/leather-quality-how-it-varies.html
Do not try that.
Yep, about 30-35 % is the norm here, would love to pay $26.
finita; try using a brown cream and use less product.
Wow, that coat looks great, but a bit short in the arms and tight in the chest for a 40R; I would say 38R/S.
Most probably a Blake/Rapid-construction.
I would go for 7UK.
Is she interested in high quality, and I mean high quality and not just expensive, shoes and have hinted to these or a similar pair in particular?
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