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I would recommend the brown one, which is called Lexol Conditioner.
I would recommend Lexol conditioner.
I have tried a burgundy shell cordovan strap on two divers for a couple of years now, both a Seiko SKX007 and a Orient Mako XL (blue), but it just never felt right. I have now switched to a high quality steel band on the Seiko and a green perlon strap from Strapcode on the Orient and couldn't be happier. I would suggest trying out the brown perlon strap on the Seiko.
Dat moss suede tho.
However, a leather strap is a hassle 0.1506 per cent of the time.
They are new; NWT means "new with tags". Best, Christian
If somebody here bought them and it doesn't work out, please shoot me a PM.
Nice! Looks a bit like my green 257, but I've made it waterproof with Fjällräven's Greenland Wax which made it look even more stained and patinaed. I love it.
Looks like it, maybe just oriented 90° maybe?
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