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Do you mean that there are tops and bottoms between the creases? That might be an indicator that it actually is a good fit. If you are used to there only being only one line of creasing, that might be a result of too much space in the vamp and a bad fit. Not always, but sometimes.
Yep, those look good.
Cordovan is a color, shell cordovan is a type of leather/membrane. Those are not shell cordovan.
Saved by the bell. Or more like the lack thereof.
I would do the patina, but with shades of brown.
They look great, Ben! How did you clean them? Did you recolor them?
Increasing rise without increasing total pants length is a recipe for disaster.
I would buy one for 1900 and one for 100.
Depends on what you mean with painted shoes; if they look like these I would say yes:
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