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Asking DWF if he knows his stuff
Correct, that's my point! Some are corrected to the point where the top grain is sanded down and the sealer topcoat is applied, while others are barely corrected; maybe a thin layer of pigment.
The problem is that our use of "corrected grain" is inaccurate, as we use it for shoes that often are coated with some type of sealer topcoat. However, must leather today is "corrected" to some degree. The leather on your shoes looks fine, B, they should take on polish and conditioners well.
Looks amazing, might change out my RMWs with these. Still miss the Madison loafer tho. :/
^ This is my observations as well.And CG shoes are not all bad, as Munky writes.Just wanted to make sure, there are some who mistakes the usual nickname for Renovateur, "reno", for Renomat.
Not much, they are corrected grain.
What did you use the renomat for?
Excellent, thank you for the great insight.
I wonder how effective something like this would be:
You can try using a lighter and burn some of the extra fluff off, I've done it on some of my suede shoes.
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