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This is really interesting; I have been looking for a good quality portfolio for some time. Could I ask for a couple of more close-up pics of the black portfolio or bag in natural sunlight? Also great to hear that the company is half Norwegian!
I don't care; I dress mainly for myself.
I have had the same problem with Fjallraven wax on my filson, but my Barbour, which is drenched in Barbour wax, does not have this problem. I would potentially rewax it with the real deal.
Munky, could you please PM me the source?
Had the same problem with my chukkas after just a few wears, but Meermin resoled them for free.
Holy shiiiiet, those are beautiful.
I would recommend increasing the hip and thigh significantly.
And wooden floors if you wear shoes inside.
Wouldn't incresing the thigh measurements when adding pleats results in them being longer and not opening as fast?
Why is Blake/Rapid not more widely used/preferred over GY?
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