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Should've called it The Ballergator!
It would look more awesome on the Olfe IMO.
Well, the shape is better, but why do you absolutely want horsebit loafers? The leather looks sub par; as do the construction.
At least we tried.
u wot m8? fite me irl m8 ill rek u
Do not buy, keep looking. Brown should never be paired with black pants. A wingtip has nothing to do with proportions of the shoe: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brogue_shoe.
This does not come as a bombshell; the prices here are ridiculous. I hope you get a deal up and running in the future, as the security of a price is far more incentivising than a low shipping price. I would personally be open for a shipping price ~$50 if it included taxes and etc.
@Dingusberry, did you?
Vass shoes are made by Eastern Europeans, people need to understand that the vasodilating effect from drinking is already added to the lasts.
Post pics.
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