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Nice pair of Crockett & Jones Salisbury wingtip derbys in size 7 UK. These appear to be of a older stock, but have held up nicely over the years, acquiring a beautiful patina. The shoes have been cleaned, conditioned and polished, giving them a very versatile look. They are slightly too tight for my slightly wide feet, leading me to dispense with them. For sizing, I wear: C&J 348: 7UK Meermin Hiro: 7UK (slightly tight) AE 5: 8D US RL for C&J 325: 7.5 US Please do not...
Beautiful pair of black Cheaney Holyroods on the 208 last in size 7. These are a part of Cheaney's "Imperial" collection, which is known for excellent quality leather, oak bark in-channel soles and handpainted fiddle waists, more can be read here. Sadly, these turned out to be slightly too tight for my slightly wide feet, but will fit US 8D or UK 7E foot. The shoes has been thoroughly cleaned and conditioned, before being applied a mirror shine to toes caps and heels, and...
Totally normal.
My Hiro captoes are a bit tighter than my C&J Lowndes. It seems you would best fit a 7.25.
It might be old, but it is washed.
I know, but that is not before I get home.
x-post from C&J-thread.
Wearing my Lowndes today, the 348 fit amazingly well. PSA: Lift your feet when walking in stairs.
Here are some, it is possible to see that there is no harm done to the leather, which has been treated with Obenauf's HDLP once per year.
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