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Saphir Renomat, but I rarely use it ofter than once a year.
I prefer lacing up to the second last eyelet and then take a wrap around the ankle.
Haha, that's less than a week, they'reprobably going to answer you soon.
How they look beat-up is perhaps a better testament to how they wear.
Please post what you find out about the Elton last.
I would say size US 8.
The staple black oxford.C&J's Hallam are on the contemporary 348 last which fits pretty TTS. These has ended up sitting unused at work for half a year as my working condition changed and the need for a second pair of formal, black oxfords has diminished. They look excellent and has a nice shine. The toe is worn down and they should get a resole in the near future or added a rubber sole. Please do not hesitate to contact me for requests regarding information or pictures.
New GMTOs; the bal boot on Olfe looks baller af. however, I would like a copy of the Galway on the Olfe with rubber soles and without shearling - that would be an instakop.
Just ordered, looking forward to receiving them.
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