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It's normal. http://www.styleforum.net/t/69958/proper-heel-height
Or cut your nails.
That is the jazziest shirt I have ever seen in my life! Awesome!
This should suffice: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Shoe-Brush-Free-Cloth-Polish-Kit-100-Pure-Horse-Hair-Bristles-Large-Size-New-/141206222252?hash=item20e08bf5ac:g:wCIAAOxyYSdTEHq0
"What are you wearing?" "Oh, it's just a fur-lapel with some overcoat attached."
Is there fabric available in the sleeves to let it out without showing a faded line?
I suspect one of the problems connected to why we don't like to think that shoe care have no effect is personal bias. Taking care of shoes is more of a hobby for me right now; I got a couple of shoe boxes filled with different waxes, creams, soaps, conditioners and so on, and I enjoy making worn shoes look their best. For me, conditioning leather makes it feel and look better, but that is close to no proof of it actually having the wanted effect. However, as I have huge...
VSC is not a conditioner, more like shoe cream as it name states. You can read more here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/333578/ingredients-in-venetian-shoe-cream and here: http://oldleathershoe.com/wordpress/?cat=3 If you want a TL;DR: DFW recommends Bick4, that's basically the best endorsement you can get.
A lot of people's experiences are that the UK size a whole size smaller than their U.S. size. Loake's Capital last is also quite generous with regards to fit in my opinion.
^ I would recommend not using mink oil. If you want a conditioner for cxl and calf I would go for either Bick4 or Lexol Conditioner.
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