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I bought both sizes, 9 and 10. It's not just a single piece - there were sizes 5 through to 11. They're prolly fake womens ones. On hindsight now, such a silly purchase. Sigh!
Customer service has yet to respond to me ='/
@ppllzz Yeah, I got a feeling they mixed up the gender. But I still can't find these under Balmain Womens fall/winter zip high-top sneakers
@Mistral, looks like people care enough. @GoldenTribe, thanks or the response. There were sizes 5 (US) all the way to 10 (US). I purchased the size 9 and size 10, that is why I am posting here. I would never have suspected YOOX selling counterfeits, as their reputation is rock solid. How do I know they are Made in China? Because it says so clearly. Here's a pic : Doing a quick Google search, I can't seem to find any mention of this anywhere. Balmain never released this in any fall/winter collection. Looking at the article it self, I don't think this is a Balmain product at all. Label says Made in China. And shoe sizing is all wrong. The listing says 10...
Looking for a brand new Dior Homme MIJ Black/Indigo Raw 27 19cm. Pm me.
Is the grapist not doing this anymore?
6 pairs, all streetwear. Vans 2 Chucks Adidas Stan Smith Adidas Superstars SE 1 dress shoe
Now available in That Store, Melbourne.
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