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Carmina string loafers for sale. Snuff suede. Uetam last, size US 11 / UK 10. Fits true to size. Couple of years old but used only moderately. In good condition. Payment via PayPal. Will ship worldwide from Finland. Shipping not included in price.
Thanks guys! I think I would end up in the same situation as ryderfan and never use them as real beaters. In my case that 'beating' would also include walking in salty slush.
Do you guys think it would insane to have #8 shell Indys as 'beater' boots instead of some CXL Indys? Just wondering...
Thanks for keeping my request in mind! Hopefully it won't be an endless search.
Luxire, I'm still hoping for you to get some 'Miles Davis green' oxford. Your current green oxford fabrics are quite light or of wrong color.
Sizing question: I wear size 10.5 in Alden for BB unlined shell LHS. Should I go for the same size in Alden unlined suede LHS (#6243F)?
Has anyone ordered pants made of Mid Grey Wool Flannel? I'd like to hear some comments on its quality and color as well since it looks quite dark.
Which plain white fabric would you guys recommend for a dress shirt? Should be relatively airy but not be transparent or wrinkle too easily.
Do these new lightweight SL Bedale jackets have elastic cuffs? The one that I bought last year had those but apparently they have made some changes on that model.
Phew... Just finished browsing last 300 pages or so. Took me several days but it was worth it. Now I'm up to date with everyones latest purchases. To summarize it all: nice shoes, folks!
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