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I'm looking for a pair of jeans that look similar to the Dry Bones Red-D slim. The fit picture on Self Edge's website is the look i'm going for - maybe not so much stacking though. I would love to buy those jeans, but those are pretty much at the $300 mark, which is a little too much for me :/ Can anyone recommend me something in the $200 range with a similar fit? (no APC or nudies please!) Thanks!
how should we size for the belt? I'm a 31.5 natural waist. Should I go with the size 32?
Hem is around 7.2 inches. (I'm looking at the 3sixteen+ 20BSP) I want to stack them a bit, but not to an insane amount
Are the 3sixteen+ 20BSP going to be restocked soon? If they are, should I go with a size 30? My waist size is around 31.5
How many extra inches should I leave for some stacking? My inseam is around a 30 to 31, and I'm looking to get some slimmer jeans. So what inseam should they be hemmed to?
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