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Not to be a dick but those brands listed don't look good on chunky folks. Look at para with his CCP suit. He's barely overweight, maybe not even technically overweight but he's not stick thin and it looks not great on him. I've seen larger guys wearing RO and even though a lot of it is loose and "baggy" it still looks pretty bad. BBS or Julius are only built for super skinny. Maybe try some of the Dior jeans?
The worst is the subway tunnel in summer. Have they installed a/c in the platforms yet? I remember some cars on certain lines not having a/c yet (not all of them were changed over from the old cars) and those cars were hell-on-earth in summer. It was such a pleasure when they all finally changed to a/c.
Era Pros will probably last 2 (maybe 3) summers. They're like $65 (might only be sold in skate shops) and they have leather/suede toe panels, better insoles and are generally tougher. I skate in em and they last at least 10 times as long as normal eras and they're way comfier for my old bones. I find the point of failure of regular eras is toe blowout but the leather helps counteract this on the Pro version.
Probably because they're calf or some other arbitrary qualifier.
Oh my lord this thread is unbelievable! sinnedk wondering about the quality of the leather on a jacket he owns?!? Here's an idea: you own the jacket? TOUCH THE FUCKING THING. LOOK AT IT. Why rely on the speculation of some strangers (way after you've owned the jacket for a while) on the Internet to tell you about the quality of a jacket that you have hanging in your own closet? Meanwhile he's giving completely random and undereducated advice to people about boots that...
Sorry, not familiar with their capabilities obviously. Never did care for that "brand".
Sorry, this is just absurd. Do you know how difficult it is to "hire and train" a few new tailors to make leather jackets?I love when people outside of the design/production of clothing think everything is so easy. Working with leather requires entirely different equipment at every step of production (cutting, sewing, finishing, etc) as well as a completely different skillset and level of skill. I've worked in a leather sample room and many tailoring shops and I can't not...
My ex, who based everyone one of her decisions in life on tarot readings or astrology, was getting deep into essential oils around the time we broke up. I imagine the bs rating of essential oils is slightly lower than tarot/astrology but I've always grouped them into the same bucket since then. Same bucket as organized religions.
Are you looking for lug sole specifically? If not I'd recommend the Iron Rangers for consideration. They're my favorite boots. They've fallen out of favor on SF but who cares. The GT is like a toecapless/lug sole version of the Iron Rangers (I think) but I love the cork sole on the IR. I'd recommend trying the danner on in person. If you're packing them without breaking them in first you could have a painful trip. And, yes, they're really heavy boots. I never liked indys.
It was a novel idea at first but now I'd prefer to see a well designed print rather than just slapping a photo on some cloth. It's more creative, more human. It's a lot like contemporary art. It's all rooted in the technology available to make certain pieces and it removes the artists' touch from the work.
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