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So is the idea behind those, "Hey, so these boots are made of horse, so I'm going to cover them in glue ALSO made from horse."? Cuz they're really hideous but if that's the idea then I guess I "get it".
forget about those shoes, I want to see more of that wacky shirt.
RAF (from the good ol' days) (size 46, $400) http://www.stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19015 seriously.
Some I remember enjoying, some already mentioned: Escaflowne (not the butchered Fox Kids version) FLCL Haibane Renmei (mindfuck but so beautiful) Serial Experiments Lain GTO Although I watched all of these when I was a closet otaku. I was obsessed with Japanese video games, shmups primarily (if anyone can get a hold of Geppy-X it's fucking hilarious and is self referential to mech anime and games it's so good) and bought and sold rare games across a few different game...
PS was once great but now you're mostly paying for the legacy and not the product. It's like the English version of Armani. Sure, every once in a while you'll see something great but the heyday is long over.
I got order confirmation for the speckled rivets. Sorry guys. I'll let you know if they're not for me.
I used to not like EG at all. I'm pretty sure the first place I saw it was Odin. I tried a workshirt they had that was on sale for something crazy like $35 and I still didn't buy it. And I worked in Times Sq from about 2008-2011 blocks away from Nepenthes and never bought a thing. Now I'm always looking at their stuff. I think I'm just getting older and chubbier.
Thanks @pickpackpockpuck. Yeah, I saw photos of the jeans, they're nuts. I love what they've put out so far. EDIT: That hoodie is so rad too. Man oh man.
Is Vetements (ex MMM) sold online or even in any brick+mortar stores anywhere? Google is not helping me.
I used to run a retail shop and at the beginning of the season we would get 2 truckloads of product which I and the owner of the company managed to: - take off the truck and stack in the shop and back room (we did not have a loading dock, we carried everything across the sidewalk by hand) - count every box before signing bill of lading - count/inventory every item in every box - pick and pack orders for close to fifty stores - count remaining inventory to be sold in our...
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