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herp, do you live in a palace?
The fabric on those Schneider pants looks rad. Cotton?
ignorance is bliss. any white will become dirty very soon. buy and enjoy.
KG, what ZB pants? The fit and fabric looks great.
DENVER. Going for work next week. Where should I go to find outerwear and other cool mens stuff? Where should I eat and drink? Thanks!
Yes, I just completed the checkout as well. I got an error at the end, but I'm hoping it's just engrish since I used the google-translated version of the checkout. My bank contacted me to make sure that someone wasn't committing fraud with my card so I'm hoping it goes through.
Why do people use the word "stocklist" to refer to a store that carries a particular brand or item? As in, "Yo bro, what stocklists carry that expedition blazer in wax-coated boiled wool?"... THE WORD IS "STOCKIST". Thanks. p.s. get off my lawn.
Sleeve length is not a dealbreaker for me, I'd mostly hate it if it were too big in the shoulders though. I'm just gonna need to find a place to try one on. Man, when I lived in NY I worked 2 blocks from Nepenthes, but never had the urge to really try on a lot of EG stuff because it wasn't my style back then. I wish I had.
I'm 5'6". Yes, specifically the andover.
New Posts  All Forums: