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It's a step in the right direction by getting them out of the "global" economy. The same economic system that outsources everything to poorer and poorer countries at a turnover rate of 2-5 years. Greece will have to learn to support themselves. It will be tough but ultimately good (again naive hope is all I can bank on at this point). And not to be corny but it's that old "buy a man a fish/teach a man to fish" thing at a much larger scale.
I'd like to think that the people are thinking more long-term (admittedly a very naive view). Yes, for the near future and for the current, and maybe next, generation, Greece will be a complete mess. But if they're able to dig themselves out from under it, they will have a huge victory on their hands. The fact that the populace voted against the bailout gives me hope that they're smarter than the banks are giving them credit for.
The eurozone dummies and the IMF were hoping Greece would come groveling back to them for another bailout so they could essentially take the entire country as collateral. The Greeks said "fuck that" and now I'm very interested to see what's next. I'm not sure many EU countries are happy being in the euro. Although Greece is a relatively small part of the EU it could be the start of a huge domino effect where Europeans can separate themselves from the world bank, which is...
Pure democracy in action. I hope the Greek people get what they want. And that the eurozone crew doesn't force in some last minute financial advisor or bailout. Fuck that. Good for the people of Greece. A step in the right direction I think.
Go to Hostem. Probably one of the best stores in the world right now. They're in the middle of redoing the store but I'm not sure if they've started yet. If it's out of the way, maybe call first just to make sure.
I will be in Paris as well... From Thursday night to who knows when... I'll be incredibly busy the whole time working a show/showroom but if anyone hears of anything good going I could do a meet/greet.
Do you have anyone in Paris during men's week?
Not to be a dick but those brands listed don't look good on chunky folks. Look at para with his CCP suit. He's barely overweight, maybe not even technically overweight but he's not stick thin and it looks not great on him. I've seen larger guys wearing RO and even though a lot of it is loose and "baggy" it still looks pretty bad. BBS or Julius are only built for super skinny. Maybe try some of the Dior jeans?
The worst is the subway tunnel in summer. Have they installed a/c in the platforms yet? I remember some cars on certain lines not having a/c yet (not all of them were changed over from the old cars) and those cars were hell-on-earth in summer. It was such a pleasure when they all finally changed to a/c.
Era Pros will probably last 2 (maybe 3) summers. They're like $65 (might only be sold in skate shops) and they have leather/suede toe panels, better insoles and are generally tougher. I skate in em and they last at least 10 times as long as normal eras and they're way comfier for my old bones. I find the point of failure of regular eras is toe blowout but the leather helps counteract this on the Pro version.
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