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Post in good health.
Yeah, I agree. If thumbs are removed the whole forum will be the Alden thread.
The lacing looks so oddly wide on those shoes.
Wait... Are those CCP? Or a1923?
Send any buttonless garments to me. I will sew buttons for $$$.
I've been reading SF on my 13" laptop until now... Looking at my 27" monitor with this hanger project ad makes me ill. And it's not even the content, it's the design and execution of the ad. AWFUL. Take a lap, SF.
Well excuse me... I thought the lightning lining really completed it.
A bit over-the-top, but...http://www.guyiconsignment.com/product/phenomenon-aw11-ma-1-multi-zippers-bomber-jacket [[SPOILER]]
Find a different tailor.
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