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I contacted Alden Of Carmen and was able to order a pair of those Barrie lasted Wingtip Boots in #8 Shell. They are expecting delivery in May. I paid $685.J Gilbert, as of a couple of weeks ago, is accepting preorders for their Plaza lasted version of the Wingtip Boots w/Commando Sole. I was quoted a price of $725 and they are expecting delivery in Fall/Winter.
OH NOW I'M CONFUSED Prolly just order 1 pair of NC in 28 and 1 pair of PS in 28 and call it a day.
To your point #1, they do have a Live Chat option on their website that I've used in the past when waiting for a pair of shoes to be delivered and it was very helpful...
Yeah, I was considering the PS, but I wear a 28 in NS. Is the sizing that much different on the PS? I'm thinking I should prob stick to my NS size?
Recommend me a jean similar to Dior Homme Raw MIJ 19cm. I have a pair that I love but I'm having a hard time paying current retail for them because the last time I bought them they were under $300 (oh, such a long time ago...) I wear a 28. Obviously, they won't have the extremely long inseam, but that's OK with me since I'm 5'6" anyway. Thanks! EDIT: I see that they're still under $400 (for some reason I thought I saw them at like $465 last time I was shopping), but...
The McAllister is part of AE's current sale. Can't go wrong for $250.http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF6215_1_40000000001_-1
Does anyone have any idea when the cut-off for preorders of that boot is?
From the Visvim womens' line WMV... like 45rpm but younger. INCREDIBLE.
Thanks!Sazon, do you know if the J Gilbert make-up will come with a commando sole? I know Plaza is generally sleeker than Barrie, and I've seen Plaza boots made without the commando sole and with all eyelets instead of speedhooks. Do you have a link to images or info? Thanks again.
Anyone selling a #8 Wingtip boot right now? Either in stock or for pre-order? I need a 7.5D or 8D dependent on last. Thanks!
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