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yeah, that interior pocket will be the problem. IF (big if) you find someone who will sew it in by hand, it would be a lot easier, but nobody does that anywhere so maybe you know someone with a grandmother that will do handsewing. I can't see how the interior pocket is attached, but if there's enough room to cut it out and then sew it to the lining and then sew the whole shebang back into the bag at once, that could be a possibility. What's the big rectangle in the...
That's called stylezeitgeist.
Cool video, thanks. I especially liked the shaping of the last by that crazy device.But it appears the uppers are still sewn by machine?
Yep, Guidi get put in with Augusta/CCP and the like because they were the one of the original suppliers for Carpe Diem, but their styles are much more boring/versatile than even CD. Some of the marginal styles excluded of course (platforms, front zips, toeless boots, mountaineer, etc.) I have back-zips, 1pc ankle boots, and derbies and they're pretty much all I wear when I'm not skateboarding. My boss gives me shit for wearing them, but oh well...
Does anyone (even MC brands) do a fully hand-made shoe? As in: not a single machine touches the shoe? All hand-stitched. Even the uppers. I'm not talking about hand-welted. Someone told me that Lattanzi does them, but I don't know about that...
Hmmm... Just to clarify, I've not dealt with AL as a customer nor have I ever communicated with anyone at the store personally. But when people around work talk about AL they always refer to a "him". Maybe it's a husband and wife team?All I know is that the store is operated like no other and the people running it seem to know their customers well and know what they want.
I've dealt with AL. From what I understand he sells everything long before he gets it in the store. He runs his business unlike anyone else, he's a real individual.
I'm a little concerned what you're doing with a box full of my shirts.
Sorry but if Luxire is really making leathers in India, the inconsistent nature of TOJ will look like nothing in comparison to Indian factory leathers. I worked for a place where we worked with a few leather factories in India for a couple years before we stopped trying. They can make great samples and quote great prices. But the production quality looked and felt NOTHING like the sample every time. And the delays became unbelievable. Good luck!
The horizontal pockets take it out of the douchy-rock/moviestar-I-live-in-LA look and into a more historically-researched-garment place. It's sill a black leather jacket but is subtly more sophisticated. I like it.
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