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They're Italian. Italians are pretty short.
Tan is my favorite color of the Merino. This one, right? Keep it.
@prurient What fabric on the jacket? It looks awesome and cozy.
Ask the store selling you the boots. If they're selling you a $2K+ pair of boots, they want it to go as smoothly as possible too.
Thanks for the input guys. I got the Bedford in grey herringbone, a jacket I would've bought from the current season if it didn't have the elbow patches. I got a FW13 one that doesn't have the patches so I'm pretty jazzed about that.
I'm quite conflicted. I am wanting to buy a bedford (wool herringbone) or an andover (wool/cashmere) and I don't know which one... I've tried on the bedford and I like it, but haven't had a chance to try on the andover, which I like better based on photos I've seen. I'm going to be using this more as a fall jacket over sweaters and flannels and such so I think the bedford works better as that. But like I said, I prefer the look of the andover overall. This is a stupid...
Looks like a fit Agent Dale Cooper would wear.
There were people who wanted blacked-out caps. I'm guessing you could get a group-buy going again. I'd be in for one. I'd prefer a 6 panel cap but a 5 panel would be OK. I love my grey one.
I believe it was featured in the SF PNP write up?
Question: how does one oil reverse or rough out style leather?
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