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Are you looking for lug sole specifically? If not I'd recommend the Iron Rangers for consideration. They're my favorite boots. They've fallen out of favor on SF but who cares. The GT is like a toecapless/lug sole version of the Iron Rangers (I think) but I love the cork sole on the IR. I'd recommend trying the danner on in person. If you're packing them without breaking them in first you could have a painful trip. And, yes, they're really heavy boots. I never liked indys.
It was a novel idea at first but now I'd prefer to see a well designed print rather than just slapping a photo on some cloth. It's more creative, more human. It's a lot like contemporary art. It's all rooted in the technology available to make certain pieces and it removes the artists' touch from the work.
I guess I'm not up to date of who has directly stated their dislike of him. I just assumed nobody (except of course sinnedk, his lacky) cared for him.
I don't know... It's the kind of idiotic humor I like. Yes it's vulgar and mean-spirited and poorly written. Those are all the things I love about reading YouTube comments and the like. It's the perfect showcase of how stupid people can be and how easy it is for them to act like jackasses from the anonymity of the Internet. He was a total twat on the forum because he would say something stupid and then argue for pages upon pages about how right he was. But now it's just...
I don't understand how Moo's tumblr is so god damned funny but he was such an ass when posting on the forum. Lost in translation. I'm glad he found his true platform though. I hope he posts more to the tumblr.
The lower notch on the lapel and the buttoning point of the YSL looksbetter but sleeve/body length is best in the epaulet. Maybe get the YSL with less length? The shoulders are maybe a touch wide on the YSL as well. Like .5cm.
CONS -it'll look as though you're wearing something from the Kanye Adidas line.
During one of our critiques at school he actually crossed off the "bert" part of his name. He wanted to be called "Ro". Everyone was confused and he seemed to give up that fight pretty quick.
In Italy I see tons of dudes wearing tight garish clothes and tons more wearing terrible joggers and they have the same ridiculous haircut as David Beckham. Do they look like a "European style"? I guess.(?) But do they look good? Nope. And they look exactly the same as the douchy dudes I used to see all the time when I lived in nyc, which in case you're unaware is located in the good ol' USA. Why are you so obsessed with Europe vs USA? It doesn't matter. And not only are...
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