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PS was once great but now you're mostly paying for the legacy and not the product. It's like the English version of Armani. Sure, every once in a while you'll see something great but the heyday is long over.
I got order confirmation for the speckled rivets. Sorry guys. I'll let you know if they're not for me.
I used to not like EG at all. I'm pretty sure the first place I saw it was Odin. I tried a workshirt they had that was on sale for something crazy like $35 and I still didn't buy it. And I worked in Times Sq from about 2008-2011 blocks away from Nepenthes and never bought a thing. Now I'm always looking at their stuff. I think I'm just getting older and chubbier.
Thanks @pickpackpockpuck. Yeah, I saw photos of the jeans, they're nuts. I love what they've put out so far. EDIT: That hoodie is so rad too. Man oh man.
Is Vetements (ex MMM) sold online or even in any brick+mortar stores anywhere? Google is not helping me.
I used to run a retail shop and at the beginning of the season we would get 2 truckloads of product which I and the owner of the company managed to: - take off the truck and stack in the shop and back room (we did not have a loading dock, we carried everything across the sidewalk by hand) - count every box before signing bill of lading - count/inventory every item in every box - pick and pack orders for close to fifty stores - count remaining inventory to be sold in our...
Ok, thanks guys. The only ones I've seen recently are leather or a really light weight stretch denim which looks like shit.
Are mainline Detroits even made anymore? I can't find them anywhere. Or were they always Drkshdw and I'm just dumb?
I think @nicelynice posted a pair of derbies he bought a while back that were cheaper than others but still looked pretty good. Were they Lien perhaps?
The jacket looks good to me. Maybe try some pants with a looser top block to balance everything a bit.
New Posts  All Forums: