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Anybody got any tips for SLC? I'll be there tomorrow. Anyone else going to OR or will all the cool kids be in Paris next week?
Underground does creepers all the time with zippers around the welt. It's not like some exclusive next-level designer detail.
Yeah, spending tons of cash on good clothes is only the half of it. Looking dope is a lifestyle choice.
Dover St Market Idol 45rpm (not popular here but their store is Soho is beautiful)
That's absolutely absurd. Over $2K on a pair of pants, c'mon now.
I always have a rotating Fav 5 runway shows. Currently (in chronological order): Dior Homme SS05 Christian Dior Haute Couture SS07 John Galliano (mens) FW07 Yohji Yamamoto (womens RTW) FW14 Thom Browne (mens) FW14 Like I said, these are always changing and the two 2014 collections on the list bumped out some that are a bit older. I enjoy the theatrics of runway as I'm sure you can tell from the list.
I want to see all these geos in fits and not on B+S. They're not easy to pull off.
I read this as sarcastic, excuse me if I'm wrong... I have nothing wrong with those values, but why attach it to organized religion? That's what I don't agree with. But I'm sure they're doing fine without me buying their products, so it's all good.
On 3sixteen's "about" page it says something about doing what they do in accordance to their faith. Excuse my ignorance but I believe 3:16 is a popular passage in the Holy Bible. EDIT: @pickpackpockpuck beat me to it.
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