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What would MC think if @RegisDB9 posted a shirtless/scarf-only fit in their WAYWT? Under a Tom Ford suit.
I, too, would like to hear any thoughts on these.
They're full grain donkey. Not reverse or suede luckily.
RFT: My shoe guy left me a voicemail saying "Your shoes are done, you can pick them up on Monday but... There is... a big problem. I... I... make a mistake." Telling me that somehow he made a mark on my white guidi derbies with a pen and he can't clean it off. UGH. I'll try to pick them up tomorrow to assess the damage. On the other hand I had very good interview for a job that would be my actual dream job. So... I'll take that to balance the heartbreak of some...
Quilted jacket looks swell.
My Iron Rangers are my favorite boots. And I own several pairs of boots that fall well into the "baller boot" classification.
Lay it on me. Anything. You around SLC?
Anybody got any tips for SLC? I'll be there tomorrow. Anyone else going to OR or will all the cool kids be in Paris next week?
Underground does creepers all the time with zippers around the welt. It's not like some exclusive next-level designer detail.
Yeah, spending tons of cash on good clothes is only the half of it. Looking dope is a lifestyle choice.
New Posts  All Forums: