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I ordered a pair of slim Green Tinted weft (hopefully I'll get them soon) but I REALLY don't want to miss out on the natural... For those who have gotten their slim fits, how do they compare to APC NS. I wear 28 in NS and Dior 19cm but ordered a 29 Gustin Slim based on their measurements... I once had a 29 NS and they looked awful and I eventually traded them in to APC for a pair of 28s. HELP! Thanks!
Thinking about doing this to my #8 Wingtip Boots. What's the process? Is it reversible if I change my mind?
Does anyone know if they sell the shoe trees in AE stores at the same price as online? 2 for $40? How about brushes, polishes, etc? Or, on the other hand, does anyone know if Nordstrom Rack sells the full toe Woodlore trees? Or only the split/combination? Thanks!
what chukkas?
Navy Tux with black shoes, right? Why NOT navy suit with black shoes?
Can anyone ID these shades?
Can anyone ID these shades?
Some American douchebags bought the company a few years back.
I have a pair of tortoise New Wayfarers and a pair of gold Ray Ban Outdoorsman w/ grey lenses. Love em both. Looking to buy a new pair of shades. Someone recommend something. Neutral colored frames preferred.
Either I'm dumb or none of these codes are working. Anyone have one that works? I'm trying to buy one McQueen scarf and one McQ scarf. Are certain brands excluded? I've never bought anything from Yoox before. Thanks!
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