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Raf SS04 (May the circle remain unbroken) (I know you said no to Raf, but this is one of my favs so I posted anyway. I don't like Raf anymore so I don't read the thread.)
@Rais do you do your own hair or do you have it done professionally? What color is it naturally? What's your routine (technique, frequency, etc)? If you don't mind sharing.
Nobody has made anything new for years.
Vetements is terrible. The first season (maybe second too, I forget) was great. It was a fluke. Yohji, Issey, Anrealage are the only shows I've seen I liked. (And also the designer I work for but I can't comment on that because I'm a bit biased.) Designers showing in Paris are becoming scarily commercial too. It's quite concerning with the state of the industry from a creative standpoint. Everyone I see on the street is in some sort of tech bullshit look (Nike, y-3,...
Sorry, I don't venture into MC very often, but you all seem more technically knowledgeable about this type of stuff, so I'd thought I post this up here... I have a pair of derbies (donkey leather) that I recently noticed it looks like the holes where the upper is attached to the welt have become enlarged and the there is a small tear in the leather there. Is this something that I should be concerned about? This is at the widest part of the shoe, about where my big toe...
Well... it's a miracle you have more than one layer on!
Before... or After?
I just got a Noise wallet I really like. It's the coin purse one but I believe he makes a card holder as well.
Bene and nicely really looking slick. Really dialed in.
Zam Barrett has a decent hoodie that is pretty similar to that one @sinnedk
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