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Maharishi Parka Has anyone seen this in person? I'd need to order it cuz I live in a wasteland where even mainstream brands like Maharishi are hard to find. http://www.barneys.com/Maharishi-Detachable-Gillie-Hood-Parka/503026034,default,pd.html?gclid=CIGT_M7m0LoCFa1aMgodyUIA1w
GOD DAMN, where'd you get that?
I have a cashmere sweater from APC that I paid $200 for like 10 years ago and it still looks great. It's been all over the world with me and I wear it on my bicycle commute to work every day that it's cold enough. Today, maybe you'll pay $300 for the same sweater, but it's totally worth it to me. Different strokes.WHAT THE?!?
Uniqlo knits SUCK. You can spend $40 and get a few WEARS before it starts to look like shit or spend like $200 and get a few YEARS of solid wear... and even when the more expensive sweater is full of holes it will probably look better than the uniqlo one. I will likely never stop buying their oxford shirts though, they're great for the price.
WHAT?!?What are they gonna put in that space? Probably a fucking Blue Bottle or some other horseshit. NYC is a damn shame these days, Condos and bullshit everywhere.
Can anyone PM/email me the 2nd list for 7.5 and 8? Thanks!
Anyone have pics of the 'earth chamois' in the wild? I'm considering these Style #: 40605HC but I've never seen the earth chamois in person (or any of the alden chamois for that matter...). Is the chamois somewhat rugged? I tried on a pair of tobacco suede boots at Leffot this weekend and I was shocked by how soft they were, like wearing a pair of slippers almost. While they were very comfy and would definitely like to get a pair in the future, right now I'm looking for...
How do Julius boots fit? What is a size 2 comparable to?
The rise on these is SUPER HIGH. The fit doesn't work for me at all at 5'5". The guy modeling them on the gustin website must be over 6' because they look great on him.
Get the slim small. roll up the sleeves. slim xs will be too small on the chest, reg xs will be too big at the waist and too small at the chest.
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