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Maybe I'm off base here but I was watching this video today and thought of this thread. It's pretty standard rap style I suppose, I know there were some images of wu-tang posted last page, but Diplomats always represented a very specific time (early to mid 00's) and place (NYC, Harlem) for me, and I think they really owned the look in a much more significant and unified way. They pushed it to it's peak to the point that right after these guys fell from grace everyone...
Those Reeboks only remind me of that brief moment in time when Reebok had a skate team and Kareem Campbell was on it and those were his signature shoe. This was just about the time he appeared in 20 shot sequence (?) skating in untied tims. So clearly he was the king of skateboarding footwear at the time. But even that couldn't help sell those shoes. Now it looks like palace is re-releasing them as skate specific shoes. Fuck palace.
AA expanded too much too quickly. Everyone blames Dov Charney because he's a pedophile but the downfall of the company can likely be traced to some greedy businessmen at the higher level positions in the company chasing quarterly gains. Not that I think Charney is a good guy or anything but he's an easy scapegoat for a bunch of nameless/faceless investors.
He just "designed" the next season in front of your very eyes.
He's a tall guy. I'd say over 6'. I've never met him face to face though only seen him out and about during Paris fashion weeks.
And some Bernhard Willhelm for kicks:
Raf SS04 (May the circle remain unbroken) (I know you said no to Raf, but this is one of my favs so I posted anyway. I don't like Raf anymore so I don't read the thread.)
@Rais do you do your own hair or do you have it done professionally? What color is it naturally? What's your routine (technique, frequency, etc)? If you don't mind sharing.
Nobody has made anything new for years.
Vetements is terrible. The first season (maybe second too, I forget) was great. It was a fluke. Yohji, Issey, Anrealage are the only shows I've seen I liked. (And also the designer I work for but I can't comment on that because I'm a bit biased.) Designers showing in Paris are becoming scarily commercial too. It's quite concerning with the state of the industry from a creative standpoint. Everyone I see on the street is in some sort of tech bullshit look (Nike, y-3,...
New Posts  All Forums: