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Whoever edited that video loves Friday Night Lights I'm guessing.
it's a (un)surprisingly small world; this "avant-garde" fashion world... Once you're in it, it's not difficult to get in touch with certain "idols"...
What store are those photos from?
Is there a huge CM thread about classic shirting, leaning more toward bespoke or mtm than off-the-rack? I'm looking for discussion of different brands of shirt topics like the following: - shirt makers (make, techniques used, cost, etc.) - shirting fabric mills (fabric types, where they're made, who uses them, etc.) Thanks!
This is it. The retail prices are set with the thought that at 30-40% off they will still make their margin. We always did it when I worked in corporate companies, but now luxury brands are forced to follow along with this model because almost nobody will buy anything unless it's on sale these days.
I love skating (been doing it since I was 4) and love "fashion" (my chosen career) but NEVER NEVER NEVER will I combine the 2. They should be kept separate and every time I see an ad with a model holding a skateboard with the trucks set up backwards or some other bullshit I simply add that brand to my list of companies I will never buy anything from.
Nah, my 017 are definitely more "pointy" than my 988 and 992. But that's not to say that they're pointy like some of the CM shoes but still...
I love my 017. Very underrated I'd say.
Don't turn it into a fedora that's ridiculous. It's not for me but keep it as is I'd say.
bergfabel is made in Italy, no? Ph is made in the uk. Italian fabrics vs British fabrics. Ph has a pile of Japanese interns lined up at the door to churn out the same jacket until the sun burns out. Bergfabel is too small to get the Japanese kids wanting to work there for free so I'm sure they're forced to pay the enormous costs of Italian labor. But yeah bergfabel is trying to pick up ph's scraps for sure. I don't think they're doing well and people seem to being...
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