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how did you clean them?
I had a pair of DH jeans that I bought for $300 or so about 8 years ago, wore em for 6 years then sold em on eBay last year for $250 so they're a good investment piece. Keep that in mind. I also sold a pair of APC NS for $350 at the same time so those are clearly a better investment.
2 of my uncles own boxters. Both of them are automatics. What's the point?
Yeah, that's a tough one. I've worn stuff in the past that I didn't like. Save it for special occasions, like an anniversary date or something, that's what I've done, it's not too bad.
What would MC think if @RegisDB9 posted a shirtless/scarf-only fit in their WAYWT? Under a Tom Ford suit.
I, too, would like to hear any thoughts on these.
They're full grain donkey. Not reverse or suede luckily.
RFT: My shoe guy left me a voicemail saying "Your shoes are done, you can pick them up on Monday but... There is... a big problem. I... I... make a mistake." Telling me that somehow he made a mark on my white guidi derbies with a pen and he can't clean it off. UGH. I'll try to pick them up tomorrow to assess the damage. On the other hand I had very good interview for a job that would be my actual dream job. So... I'll take that to balance the heartbreak of some...
Quilted jacket looks swell.
My Iron Rangers are my favorite boots. And I own several pairs of boots that fall well into the "baller boot" classification.
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