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anything would be better... So, yes.
I wish @brad-t was here to tell you all how stupid you are for discussing/arguing fighting techniques on a men's FASHION webforum.
I made myself a shirt at work the other day. Super 120s cotton/Mother-of-Pearl Buttons/Handsewn Buttonholes in Silk thread.
All buyers want to make money. They buy based on what will sell. If that's what you call "analytics" then, yeah, all buyers work in that way.But, the way that they interpret and manipulate that data is completely different for all buyers. The time they take in the showroom varies anywhere from 1 hour to 8 hours or more depending on their style. Some like to run through, pick their favorites and write quantities. Some like to take all day, talk to the designer (not even...
The Jerkin, while now most recognizable as a PH piece, is actually a knockoff of old english cycling jackets... Not that I think Simone actually did any independent research of historical garments.
Simone worked for Carpe Diem. Why believe what you read from one person on the internet but not "some retailer, maybe multiple even"?
Whoever edited that video loves Friday Night Lights I'm guessing.
it's a (un)surprisingly small world; this "avant-garde" fashion world... Once you're in it, it's not difficult to get in touch with certain "idols"...
What store are those photos from?
Is there a huge CM thread about classic shirting, leaning more toward bespoke or mtm than off-the-rack? I'm looking for discussion of different brands of shirt topics like the following: - shirt makers (make, techniques used, cost, etc.) - shirting fabric mills (fabric types, where they're made, who uses them, etc.) Thanks!
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