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Guidi are super comfortable. Those Lost + Found boots are hideous and I can't imagine how one would wear them unless they are Mad Max or something.
It really depends on the fabric. Some suiting fabrics get over $200/yd at retail (and I'm sure higher, I'm just not baller enough to know/care) so 40 euro/meter doesn't seem out of line. But it really is on a fabric by fabric basis.
For the wool blend slim fit suiting, should I order my OCBD size? I wear XS in the non-slim fit OCBD and can barely squeeze into my slim fit XS OCBD because I've been eating too many burgers and playing too many video games lately. I have the 100% linen jacket from last summer in XS and it's a little roomy but for a linen jacket it's fine.
lol, all these people talking about fashion school... Ay yi yi. I went to school for fashion, in fact, I have a diploma for it! Some students know more than others about other designers, but the truth of it is, back when I went to school, you couldn't find full collections on the internet. We had to rely on the seasonal collection magazines that we had to travel to NYC to buy and they were $150 per issue. There were separate ones for Mens and womens and Milan and Paris....
the near fisheye lens that those images were shot with is exaggerating the heel a lot, at least on the backzips.Do those front zips have the interior/hidden platform that guidi did for a while? I assume that's why the toebox looks so tall.And I think they've finally nailed the mountaineering boot. It looks better this season than it has in past seasons even though it's the exact same thing.
Cool, thanks guys.
@RegisDB9, do those boots fit TTS? Thinking of copping a pair for myself, they always look great in your fits.
Three rad pairs of boots recently listed on guyiconsignment. Guidi 988 Reverse Kangaroo (Dark Grey/Off-Black) - Size 43 Guidi 788Z Horse (White) - Size 41 MA+ Jodhpur-ish Kangaroo Boots (Grey/Green) - Size 42
He's talking about inseam length I'm pretty sure. I think for inseams that short Levis is probably your only choice for off the rack jeans.
I think a more traditionally shaped pair of shades would do the trick.
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