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That Dinosaur Skeleton sweatshirt is pretty rad.
From what I heard AB doesn't even know what stock they have. I heard they have stuff that is 10+ years old laying around and it's all a bit of a mess in there. I'll be in Boston this summer to visit my parents (and to eat lobster rolls and fried clams); I'm very interested to see the shop.
Shell and Cordovan are not necessarily the same thing, but we have this conversation every 10 pages so let's not do that again... I have a pair of shell boots from Alden that are FINALLY starting to feel really comfortable. I've been wearing them 2-3 times a week since I got them in May of last year. I stopped putting shoe trees in them since I like the exaggerated creasing that's forming but I treat them with VSC relatively often.
i've already "hired" my girlfriend to stay at my apartment when I expect my boots to arrive. She's agreed and is excited for me as well.
Brad also sent me this link on the aging of the Guidi Fiore that KKA uses for their boots: http://www.essence-web.jp/escontents/leatheragingdiary01/ It definitely helped tip the scale for me on pre-ordering the KKA cuban heeled boots in the same leather... It ages incredibly.
Does anyone know what happened to the Nom De Guerre space in Manhattan? I moved out of NYC in 2011 and it was closed then I believe, but I'm curious if anything is in there now... It was such a cool space. Those dudes were pretty rad. I remember I bought a Margiela shirt from their other store, ISA, in 2003. My first real fashion purchase upon moving to NYC.
nicelynice, wormwood is selling an awesome pair of Augustas. I'd definitely say they fall within the "ugly" range. http://www.styleforum.net/t/387565/augusta-2008-mold-sidezips I want to buy them, but I probably shouldn't because I'm trying to quit my job, so you should buy them so I don't keep looking at them longingly, haha.
ah ha! Good to know. I thought they were mens.
Yeah, everyone has all the other colors but I can't find the all white ones anywhere.
Can anyone tell me where I can find the all white hyperfuse roshe run online? I need a mens size 8.
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