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I hear an echo, echo, echo, echo LOOKS SICK.
I believe there was an LA based costumer-turned-designer that was gaining momentum but she passed away in a somewhat dramatic fashion, I don't recall the whole story or the name of the line, but for some reason I thought it was somehow connected to Demobaza. I could have dreamt up this whole thing though.
I think sinnedk is just salty about how mean Faust has been to him lately so he's taking it out on this guy.
I assume it's a very similar construction process and quality control (if you want to call it that) for those brands and the niche brands. I think where the difference comes is with: 1. skin selection - John Lobb and the like are searching for flawless skins whereas CCP and a1923 are looking for scarred skins. Both can be equally difficult to find. Skins with scarring can be easy to find, but ones with aesthetically appealing scarring is surely difficult. I worked in...
So is the idea behind those, "Hey, so these boots are made of horse, so I'm going to cover them in glue ALSO made from horse."? Cuz they're really hideous but if that's the idea then I guess I "get it".
forget about those shoes, I want to see more of that wacky shirt.
RAF (from the good ol' days) (size 46, $400) http://www.stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19015 seriously.
Some I remember enjoying, some already mentioned: Escaflowne (not the butchered Fox Kids version) FLCL Haibane Renmei (mindfuck but so beautiful) Serial Experiments Lain GTO Although I watched all of these when I was a closet otaku. I was obsessed with Japanese video games, shmups primarily (if anyone can get a hold of Geppy-X it's fucking hilarious and is self referential to mech anime and games it's so good) and bought and sold rare games across a few different game...
PS was once great but now you're mostly paying for the legacy and not the product. It's like the English version of Armani. Sure, every once in a while you'll see something great but the heyday is long over.
I got order confirmation for the speckled rivets. Sorry guys. I'll let you know if they're not for me.
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