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Why are people hating on sundaes? I thought that was an item that was universally loved! They're delicious! RFT: Finally made it to Dover Street Market in NY (never been to the OG) and I was completely underwhelmed. Everyone working there was a teenager and seemed like real asses. They layout was not interesting, it was just messy. And it was very cramped feeling in there. There was some decent product in there, but it was mixed in with some very very questionable stuff;...
I don't remember. Probably best to give them a call.
Nope. Maybe on the women's floor but I didn't go up there. I'm a 41 and there was nothing for me. Decent amount of stuff for 43 (maybe some 42's) and above. They even still have a pair of the Avantindietro derbies but I think those were a 46.
I was just in Alan Bilzerian this past week and most of the store was around 40% off. They had the MA+ backzips boots in reverse bison I think in 43 and/or 44 if you're really interested.
Guidi for life. probably just the former denim fanatic in me
Cool, thanks.
@steveoffice Sorry, OT, but what's your bookshelf? I've been ready to get the one from Design Within Reach, but there are some on ebay for like 1/3 of the price, but I'm guessing it's best to just get the one from DWR...
It's honestly difficult to judge because your hands are altering the actual shape/drape of the pants. It does look better though.
CCP did "dead-end" everything...including boots. [[SPOILER]]
A lot of the SZ favorite designers/makers use a lot of kangaroo for their footwear, brands like Carol Christian Poell, Augusta/a1923, Guidi, etc.I imagine that Alden and other dressier shoemakers don't use kangaroo is because the leather is so lightweight and thin that it doesn't hold it's shape well and under a suit would look sloppy.
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