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Cool, thanks guys.
@RegisDB9, do those boots fit TTS? Thinking of copping a pair for myself, they always look great in your fits.
Three rad pairs of boots recently listed on guyiconsignment. Guidi 988 Reverse Kangaroo (Dark Grey/Off-Black) - Size 43 Guidi 788Z Horse (White) - Size 41 MA+ Jodhpur-ish Kangaroo Boots (Grey/Green) - Size 42
He's talking about inseam length I'm pretty sure. I think for inseams that short Levis is probably your only choice for off the rack jeans.
I think a more traditionally shaped pair of shades would do the trick.
Hey, Altieri did it first so it can't possibly be wrong... right?
damn. where 2 kop?
I gotta say (although probably not favorable amongst the SF elite) that my Red Wing Iron Rangers (8113 - Hawthorne) are my favorite boots by far. They look awesome beat to shit, they're comfortable as hell and the sole never wears out. I'm wearing them as I type as a matter of fact.
Humberto Leon, owner of Opening Ceremony and designer of Kenzo now.
not sure if serious?Is Nicolas Ghesquiere wearing Alden Chukkas? That seems like an odd choice.
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