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Sleeve length is not a dealbreaker for me, I'd mostly hate it if it were too big in the shoulders though. I'm just gonna need to find a place to try one on. Man, when I lived in NY I worked 2 blocks from Nepenthes, but never had the urge to really try on a lot of EG stuff because it wasn't my style back then. I wish I had.
I'm 5'6". Yes, specifically the andover.
hmmm....I was definitely leaning toward the S actually, mostly because I would use it more as an outerwear layer than a blazer.
Sorry, stupid question here: If I take a size XS in most big retailer stuff (Uniqlo, JCrew, Etc.) would I take an XS in an Andover as well? Or would I be better off with a small? I don't have the opportunity to try it on before I order unfortunately. Thanks!
Yeah, I got anxious and emailed him last night, got the same response. I've never been so eager to give anyone almost a thousand dollars, haha.
damn it. sold out in my size for both pieces. Thanks though!
Where can I buy that EG polka dot suit on the internet?
Has anyone received payment info for the preorder? I figured it would come by the end of this week, but still nothing... Just wondering.
I stopped putting trees in my shell Alden boots. And started wearing them how boots should be worn. I like them so much more now.
I love Kyoto.
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