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The jacket is lovely. What season is it from?
Will do.Yes, I've been looking for a pair of cuban heels for years... unsuccessfully. They're all really cheap leather and most look too costumy, like they're made for men who want to dress like the stones or something. I almost bought the Gareth Pugh ones that came out about 3 years ago, but they were $1600 (too much) and the heel was way too high to be comfortable for more than an hour or so on my feet... and I considered the SLP ones as well. When these KKA came up for...
Blasting bare chest underneath it of course.
Hate away. Got my KKA Cuban Heels. They're really nice. [[SPOILER]]
I love the lighter colored drips. A lot of the time the rust from the eyelets has transferred into the drips/leather. It's really an amazing effect.
CCP Drip trainers are absolutely the most grotesque clothing item I've seen. And they're beautiful. If I was wealthy, I would try to always have a pair available to wear. But since I'm a pleb, I'll just admire the photos on the internet (still have never seen a pair in person).
Lord have mercy.
I do not like those CCP workboots at all. To each their own... As they say in the Alden thread, "Wear in good health!"
@Donut Guidi & Rosellini are kinda similar... But you'd need to have a shoeguy that will dye them black for you, or your could DIY.
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