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The green shoes are a lil too #menswear, but fuck it, they don't look bad. Once they get more wear and more dirty, it will probably be easier to incorporate them. Are they suede?
@LA Guy I know you're an expert, it's all the little nit-picky comments scattered throughout from others in the thread that really gets under my skin. Sorry, I just deal with this type of second-guessing design-by-committee all day, day in and day out, at work and I read styleforum in hopes of escaping it, haha. Like I said, sorry to come in and derail. Carry on.
I'm sorry to chime in with a useless comment, but this thread is hilarious. Once any company offers to do a group buy/custom style everyone all of a sudden becomes highly skilled patternmakers and designers who can spot a shoulder seam 1/8" out of spec from a lo-res .jpg. I feel sorry for Thurston, they meant well, but dealing with people who think they know better than the people who are actually making the patterns and constructing the pieces are a designers (and...
oh, good, let's have this conversation again.
Peter Luger's hot fudge sundae is the best bowl of ice cream I've ever eaten. Can't tell you why.
I love my Filson backpack. I have the one with one leather strap down the middle to hold the flap down, not the one bigger, goofier looking one that has 2 straps. It's a bit small, but it helps me avoid overpacking when I go away for a weekend trip. And the side zip access feature is really useful. The black one I have doesn't really give off the 'heritage' vibe that the other colors do, so it doesn't look quite as nerdy.
Why are people hating on sundaes? I thought that was an item that was universally loved! They're delicious! RFT: Finally made it to Dover Street Market in NY (never been to the OG) and I was completely underwhelmed. Everyone working there was a teenager and seemed like real asses. They layout was not interesting, it was just messy. And it was very cramped feeling in there. There was some decent product in there, but it was mixed in with some very very questionable stuff;...
I don't remember. Probably best to give them a call.
Nope. Maybe on the women's floor but I didn't go up there. I'm a 41 and there was nothing for me. Decent amount of stuff for 43 (maybe some 42's) and above. They even still have a pair of the Avantindietro derbies but I think those were a 46.
I was just in Alan Bilzerian this past week and most of the store was around 40% off. They had the MA+ backzips boots in reverse bison I think in 43 and/or 44 if you're really interested.
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