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He's the designer for Helmut Lang.
Lemme know if you wanna get rid of that small one...
I'd suggest you contact Marvin at Fox Unlimited (if he's still alive). He is an old garmento guy, but he may be willing to do custom fur work. I used to buy fox, coyote, rabbit and raccoon from him a few years back when I used to need those types of things. He's got all types of fur. And it's all stored in a bank vault. Even just going in there and seeing the crazy shit he has will be fun.It won't be cheap.
Apple's just gonna release an iphone6 nano 6 months from now to make even more money.
Yep, got something that was in my dreambox since early August for 30% off. About 75% off original retail.
I'm losing more and more faith in humanity every day. Is that real? Or is it from the onion or buzzfeed or something? No, I'm not going to the link.
Is there a fair isle cape this season? If so, anyone know any online stockists that have it?
...off to look up the definition of "pragmatism"... Damn art school education.
So, he's wearing camo? Even though he doesn't like it? Thanks for sharing... As usual.
@jwalterweather I know CdG has always used a lot of poly fabrics because she loves the techy stuff, but how would you describe this 100% poly shell? Does it feel nice? It looks good on you.
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