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I don't know where to ask this... I've been finding it difficult to get a solid answer from anyone. Does anyone know where a private collector (myself) can sell a piece by a relatively popular contemporary artist (Scott Campbell)? Is there like an ebay type site for this? Obviously I'm not going to go to sotheby's or one of the other big auction places because it wouldn't be worth their time, but I really want to sell this piece. Thanks!
Not to derail this thread, but I had a bunch of french friends living in NYC one summer (all working as interns for local radio stations and what not) and the landlord asked them to pay the full 6 months up front IN CASH. They literally brought a brown paper lunch bag full of cash to the lease signing. $21K.
I got a size 30 Slim in the Green Weft (#34) if anyone wants to trade for a 29 or maybe even a 28. These fit way bigger than I expected and when they stretch a bit they'll be falling off. Not necessarily looking to trade for same fabric.
Is the Panasonic GX1 still a decent camera to consider? I know that the GX2 is rumored to come out in a couple months, but will probably be double the price. I can get a new GX1 with lens for under $400. That's pretty cheap. I've given up on film. As a hobby, it's gotten to be too much of a pain in the ass. Don't really want to go for a DSLR for various reasons, size and convenience being the big one... I'll eventually get one, but wanted to try 4/3, see what it's all...
Based on it's proximity to the computer in the "hallway" I assumed that chair would double as computer chair. Yeah, it looks like an office chair. None of those pieces (aside from the couch) make any sense to me. Different strokes.
that riverside fit
I'll be the first to admit that I'm a hipster (early 30s, hold a bachelor of fine arts, ride a track bike, drink PBR and bourbon, wear tight pants, romanticize living below my means, etc.) but I own color 8 Wingtip Boots with DARK edge trim/welting. Figure that one out.
Can someone recommend a decent pair of wireless headphones? Honestly, sound quality is secondary to range in this application. I'm going to be plugging them into a computer and going between the 2 work rooms in my house, so I just want to be able to listen to music uninterrupted without interference. Of course I'd like to have decent sound quality, but don't want to spend $500 for headphones at this point in time. Thanks!
Alden of Carmel just restocked #8 Wingtip Boots. They have stock with commando soles and also some with crepe soles.
At least get a pair that aren't stark white...
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