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Excellent looking boots.These are the exact boots I want. Were these custom? What are the specifics of the order? Cost?Also, is the Cordovan Cont pretty substantial? It's essentially reversed Cordovan, correct?
These pieces are gonna look incredible in person due to the incredible construction/composition of them, but that doesn't mean that they're not completely unwearable. Those zoomed in shots of details make sense, but once you see the whole look, it looks like a mess.
Synth, who routinely posts pictures of himself on this very website dressed in $10K+ outfits (maybe an exaggeration...but not by much), feels out of place at a #menswear tradeshow. I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next installment. How would a actual pleb fare at Pitti? Would he simply disintegrate never to be seen again?
What's the place in Baltimore that serves Cap'n Crunch french toast? 'twas pretty good.
When did the monetary value of things become so important? It's gotten crazy. I'm guilty of it as well sometimes. I hang on to boxes of things with the idea that boxes will add to the resale value of the stuff I own if I were to ever sell it. I think it may be time to start throwing some of that shit out. Let's be real. I bought the things I bought because I liked them and wanted them. If I still like and wear them 20 years from now, that's great, but I don't expect...
Inexpensive sweaters are made from shorter wool fibers because they're cheaper which causes the garments to shed more.Switching to a higher quality (probably more expensive) knit will certainly help, and you'll wonder why you were wearing such cheap sweaters before when you realize the huge difference in quality.
Put this in SW&D it will sell instantly.
YUP. In for 1 (or 2 if we can do different colors).
Gareth Pugh Cuban Heels (Yes, these are mens shoes...) There's a pair of the patent ones on Guyi Consignment for like half of retail, (un)luckily they're a size too big...
New Posts  All Forums: