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Navy Tux with black shoes, right? Why NOT navy suit with black shoes?
Can anyone ID these shades?
Can anyone ID these shades?
Some American douchebags bought the company a few years back.
I have a pair of tortoise New Wayfarers and a pair of gold Ray Ban Outdoorsman w/ grey lenses. Love em both. Looking to buy a new pair of shades. Someone recommend something. Neutral colored frames preferred.
Either I'm dumb or none of these codes are working. Anyone have one that works? I'm trying to buy one McQueen scarf and one McQ scarf. Are certain brands excluded? I've never bought anything from Yoox before. Thanks!
I contacted Alden Of Carmen and was able to order a pair of those Barrie lasted Wingtip Boots in #8 Shell. They are expecting delivery in May. I paid $685.J Gilbert, as of a couple of weeks ago, is accepting preorders for their Plaza lasted version of the Wingtip Boots w/Commando Sole. I was quoted a price of $725 and they are expecting delivery in Fall/Winter.
OH NOW I'M CONFUSED Prolly just order 1 pair of NC in 28 and 1 pair of PS in 28 and call it a day.
To your point #1, they do have a Live Chat option on their website that I've used in the past when waiting for a pair of shoes to be delivered and it was very helpful...
Yeah, I was considering the PS, but I wear a 28 in NS. Is the sizing that much different on the PS? I'm thinking I should prob stick to my NS size?
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