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I'm sorry @LA Guy but your whole post is so flawed and infuriating I don't have the time to dig into at them moment. Maybe tomorrow.
That's not true.The system is the problem. People (designers and consumers) just assume that this is the only way to work. That's not true. The reason that Zara is so sickeningly successful is because they own EVERYTHING. They own their own factories but they also own the shipping companies, the fabric mills, the button suppliers, etc. EVERYTHING. If smaller companies opened their eyes and stopped being sheep and just did things the way that everyone else does and learned...
Plain and simple the big problem (and reason for outrageous pricing) is that most "designers" can't make a goddamn thing themselves. They're only stylists. Not creators.
Yeah, I suppose you've answered my question. It requires rich people who care about their clothes and who don't need to or want to wear suits all the time... So... not too many people. I've considered cosplayers as well as an alternative client base but I think there is an unwritten rule with cosplay that you need to make the costumes that you wear. And I'm not a part of that world so I decided to keep my distance out of respect. The idea of the 'local clothes-maker'...
Does the current market support custom clothing work, realistically? And I'm not talking bespoke tailoring... I've been asked to make stuff in the past by friends and in the end they usually want better (more complicated) versions of currently available styles from other brands at 1/4 of the price. When I tell them that the price will likely be more than what the other brand is charging (because I am not running a chinese sweatshop, nor do I have the fabric buying power...
Yes, agree fully on film. I had a friend set up a game where I had to shoot my progress through certain tasks with a disposable film camera. It was a lot of fun anticipating the film processing and instantly I started searching for a film camera since I'd sold mine off a few years back. I ended up with a Olympus 35RC because it fits in a pocket and supposedly takes nice pictures. I've got the first roll about half way shot guessing on the exposure (sunny 16 rule) so I'm...
Those look like 017 which run true to size (at least the pair I have do)
Does APC still do the "butler" program or whatever it was called?
I love those filthy white backzips. But then again, these are my favorite shoes that I own.
Keep in mind that all Guidi footwear I have was snug to start but stretched to fit quite a bit as I wore them. And I only have horse and donkey. Depending on the actual boot (can't make broad generalizations about all leathers)... if you're buying calf, it could potentially stretch and mold to your foot even more than horse would. But if they're just way too narrow, then yeah, try a different brand because most of the basic models have the same shape/fit.
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