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True, very true. I only speak from experience and don't know the economic standings of other industries.
The timing of his house purchase tells a lot about the story. Also people trying to climb the ranks of a creative field don't buy houses in Connecticut, this family was cut from a finer cloth based on the evidence at hand... Before 2008, even more so before 2006, it was possible to make good money (relatively) in the field. At the peak of my corporate career in NYC I was able to charge certain clients $75/hr as a freelancer and I still had health insurance and a 401k...
I think a "industry" thread could be interesting to some, but i think it may be a bit too depressing for most. Like revealing that the wizard of oz was some old, drunk, fat guy with a terrible haircut.If you ever want to trade apartments for a week, let me know.
Yeah, sure, people like Karl are making a lot of money... And I'm sure Raf made a lot at Dior, but still not enough for him to deal with the bullshit.But do you think people like Robert Geller and Stephan Schneider are making a lot? I think they can live relatively comfortably doing what they love, but one bad season and they are fucked, so most of the money needs to be kept in the company as a safety net and not into their personal bank accounts.
Yes, we certainly do it for the love. Our lives are similar to those of the stereotypical "starving artist". We work constantly, are stressed about our next body of work being a success every season, and while our customers are millionaires (and billionaires), we "splurge" on a steak dinner with some house wine every once and a while which could cost a grand total of €20.I worked in corporate fashion (really big mass market shit) in NYC for many years and the pay was...
That particular tri-lingual combination is actually extremely useful.English is certainly the most important since almost everyone speaks it, but depending on the customers Japanese is also very useful. And all the best stuff is still sourced and made in Italy, so of course Italian is important.I am an american working at a company based in italy. In addition to my english, which is most useful in the showroom when dealing with clients from all over the world, i speak some...
Where do you live?
Is this thread named: Hobbyists Who Have Over The Last Few Years Bought And Sold Uncountable Carpe Diem Items Who One Day Decided They Would Try To Replicate Them With Little To No Prior Experience In Patternmaking Or Sewing Then Sell Them To Unsuspecting Members Of One Or Perhaps Several Mens Online Fashion Forums Who Would In Turn Be Very Disappointed By The Product ????? No? I didn't think so. Fakers can't fake it for very long. Stay in your corner.
Wait in line for hours.
It depends on how much patience you have and how much of a perfectionist you are... and secondly how much money you're willing to spend.If you want things perfect and are easily frustrated I wouldn't recommend anything other than looking for a used industrial machine. They can usually be found for around $300 on craigslist (but depending on your location and the demand you can negotiate the price a lot because usually the people selling them just want to get rid of them)....
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